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  1. Ah, that's useful, because now my crashes are mostly like this, rather than freezes where I had to ctrl-alt-delete out. What's happening Codies? Are you getting our crash reports? I've submitted the last couple...
  2. So I've had a quick go with the Windows Debugging Tools (insert "I have no idea what I'm doing" meme here) and it spat out the following. Any ideas?
  3. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but since the last couple of patches, VR play has become really unreliable for me? I'm getting crashes and freezes fairly regularly. This wouldn't be too bad, but in community events after a crash I'm advanced to the next stage, and have time added as if I'd retired the entire rally. This has happened 3 times to me in the last few days, it makes the game impossible to play competitively. Not that I'm that competitive in terms of times mind you...! I'd had very few crashes if any in VR mode until very recently. One thing I did notice was that after one of the recent patches, the game wouldn't recognize my peripherals. I had previously installed the 3rd-party 'stutter' patch to reduce the stutters caused by the somewhat daft built-in USB polling, which worked well, but I wondered if this was conflicting with one of the new patches. So I completed uninstalled and re-installed from Steam, and the game recognized my wheel and handbrake fine. But since then it's been crashing repeatedly. Anyway, this means I'm in a pretty much fresh install. I have a .dmp file from one of the recent crashes. I'd happily share it, but it is 6GB...! Platform: Windows, Steam & Occulus modes Headset: Oculus Rift S PC: 2500k, 1060 6GB, 12GB RAM, RAID Sata SSDs Deluxe Steam User Thrustmaster TX, generic USB handbrake
  4. For the no engine sound issue - for me, changing the view fixed it. It may work for others?
  5. Ok, I did more fiddling last night. In the end, I fixed the stuttering using the user-made patch available from GitHub: https://github.com/simonowen/dirtfix/blob/master/ReadMe.md My fiddling had found that the only way to reduce (not stop) the stuttering was to unplug my steering wheel (not ideal!). I tested this by unplugging all USB devices except the keyboard, then holding right/left down and listening to the menu 'click'. It should be a constant 'click click click' as the menu cycles, but it always had a slight stutter - reminded me of Vetinari's clock. Installing the user patch fixed the problem entirely. It seems to work by turning off the USB device polling, which for some reason it does (obviously in a buggy way) every 2 seconds. I guess this means if I plug in or unplug a controller during play the game won't pick it up. As I never do this anyway, this isn't an issue. I'm a bit annoyed that I've had to resort to a user-made patch to fix this issue, especially as it seems to be pretty widespread - and appears to have caused some users to give up entirely and get refunds. Is there any chance the game could be patched by CM? At least turning off the polling outside of menus would mean gameplay is unaffected. Otherwise, I'm now quite impressed with the Oculus version. It does look a bit more 'cartoony' than the Steam VR version, probably because it's defaulted to a lower graphics setting than I'd run it normally - I thankfully don't get easily motion sick, so I turned the graphics settings up a bit before to make the game look a bit less like it's being rendered on a potato - but it is very smooth and I suspect this will make driving easier. I did run into a funny bug where if I started a stage using the dash cam view, I'd get no engine sound. Changing the view seemed to correct this.
  6. I've done some more testing since my post above. I've found that the game sometimes works in Oculus mode for a little while (1-2 minutes) without stuttering, but then it returns, normally mid-way through a stage. Even worse, the problem seems to also effect the Steam VR version now. Like I said earlier, directly after the last patch I had this issue, but it went away after not playing for a few days, which makes it difficult to narrow down unfortunately...
  7. Platform: PC, Steam via new Oculus mode Headset: Oculus Rift S PC Setup: Windows 10, i7-2500k, 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, 2xSSD in RAID0 User type: Deluxe Peripherals: Thrustmaster TX Wheel/Pedals OK, so much like with the last update, I've not got issues with (I believe) USB-related stuttering. This randomly went away last time after a few days for no apparent reason, but it's back again.... I've had half an hour or so's tinkering. So far I have: 1) Updated the Rift S drivers (on request of Oculus application) 2) Tried to disable all non-used HID devices 3) Unplugged all non-used devices. 4) Tried plugging in the wheel after the game has started (a pain in the ass...) The only thing which seems to work is unplugging the wheel, which doesn't really help playing the game...! Any ideas? This USB-related stuttering seems to be quite a common problem, any chance of a fix? Edit: Just a note to say that apart from the stuttering, the Oculus mode seems quite smooth. However, it looks a little compressed - the dark areas of the dashboards seem banded, like a badly compressed jpg or video. Not sure if this is just the trade-off we have to take for smoother gameplay?
  8. Platform: Steam VR Headset: Oculus Rift S PC: i7-2600k, 16GB RAM, nVidia 1060 6GB Wheel: Thrustmaster TX I installed 1.8 today, 1.7 was working fine Now when I try to drive the game stutters badly around every 2-3 seconds regularly. Completely unplayable. The stuttering then carries on into the menus. It's not present when the game first starts. Also the new update reset all my graphics options, which was a bit annoying having played around with them to get them right for my system. Help appreciated!