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  1. I did. I broke my wheel on DR1 and had to learn with a controller. Dr1 is much more of balance than DR2.0.. To me it seems DR2.0 is catering to the new up and coming fans of Dirt 4. Its still difficult but unless youve played through every game in the series from Colin Mcrea to now you really dont know how far this franchise has come and im worried.
  2. LeprechaunDon1776

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Im on xbox now, if only microsoft and codemasters could get along. Anybody know Frank Kelly and the baby blue?
  3. LeprechaunDon1776

    Montee Driving tips?

    Wow i shouldve joined this community when the forums launched. Monte carlo is always my most diffuclt to learn mainly because i love to drive the escort mk2's. The car is a beast to master so days and days of tuning and frustration really makes us embody the rally spirit, thats whats connects all of us. šŸ»
  4. LeprechaunDon1776

    Previously available content (deluxe owner) buy season 3 to play

    Persolly i feel some type of way like fill does but coming the OG Colin Mcrea games through the dirt series and Ken Blocks added flavor to spending hours learning Dirt Rally to now this? I have a busy life I didnt get to do my research on sales expectations but hey i was bummed out i need to spend another $30 to enjoy what i had previously thought i had already owned. Its one thing for Bohemia Interactive to spend 6 years on a broken survival game but Codemasters has been in the racing industry for as long as i can remember. It makes me wonder whats going on. Anyways ill shell out that $30 but compared to the first it seems like a mix between Rally and 4. Im not biting on it like i used to.