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  1. SquirrelEsquire

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Xbox Gamepass has kind of turned things on their heads in the past year or so, probably making any past sales metrics irrelevant regarding future plans. I wonder to what degree that will influence things as the future is looking very subscription based.. which frees up funds to potentially allow more players to upgrade to wheel & pedals. Then you've got them hooked 😂 Forza Horizons has been the (free) gateway drug for a lot of people to get into Sim racing. I'm surprised Microsoft haven't been more aggressive in buying up studios like SMS to capture that prolific post-Forza spending people do when branching out.
  2. SquirrelEsquire

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    If this is some cheap attempt at flattery by codies to try get me to return to the forums.. .. Well I guess it worked. Well played. That being said, if the squirroo turns out to be a lie .. I may just have to start collecting nuts- and they will be the variety that will be sorely missed.
  3. SquirrelEsquire

    Shifting gears without released the throttle

    Might just be PCars2, but I think there is a noticeable delay when shifting in the H-pattern cars which makes it easy to stall them if you're too quick on releasing the clutch and hitting the gas before the stick has actually shifted. I'd like to get back into it, but got sick of wasting my 60mins practice session stalling cars and trying to get my head around the absurd stock tunings. Pretty sure the same work experience guy who tuned the Audi Quattro in DR 2.0 did all the tunings for PCars2.... after smoking a teener of bathsalts.
  4. SquirrelEsquire

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Seriously though- Your concerns are shared with most of us. It's difficult because the majority of players don't post on the forums, and the majority of developer resources are focused towards new content and acquiring new players from that hidden majority. As a result, the voices of some people seem disproportionately louder in comparison to the general consensus. It's frustrating because DR 2.0 is the best Rally game out there, yet the popularity of the genre doesn't seem to justify a close relationship between players and developers. That's probably because DR 2.0 has a skeleton crew of staff working on it in comparison to titles like GRID which have such a wider appeal. I think we'd all like to see some more community cohesiveness when it comes to the most pressing issues that need to be addressed, then maybe the developers would take us more seriously. (Just look at the asphalt debate, it's entirely subjective and seldom ever has anything useful that developers could look into. Meanwhile the issues such as FoV and co-pilot calls; where people have gathered data & have specific implementable change requests, get eclipsed).
  5. SquirrelEsquire

    Great update👍

    The turbo whistle has me worried that DR2 will now be re-classified as R18+ for containing strong sexual themes...
  6. SquirrelEsquire

    Shifting gears without released the throttle

    I think I want to marry the guy in that video Are the 4 gear NASCAR transmissions dogboxes? I encountered them when learning about drift setups in Forza and they worked well. Is it possible to emulate them in DR2 by adjusting ratios to get rid of the other gears? 6 gears seems unnecessary and distracting in rally.. The no-clutch shift from 1 to 2 tutorial I saw was regarding overpowered cars without TC, to minimize the initial stationary race start burn-out and keep the turbo spooled (pretty sure it involved an Audio Quattro in PCars2). They seldom shifted back to 1st gear for the remainder of the race. I went back to using AI controlled rolling starts. First corner carnage is bad enough without the added joy of stalling the car 9 out of 10 race starts..
  7. SquirrelEsquire

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    I think I actually worked out why this happens... the absence of a Caster tuning option means you have to use fairly extreme Camber tuning on the rear to get proper grip on turn out. Combine that with some rear toe-in and RWD's will straighten out like a train. It's confusing because it feels a lot like having very stiff rear sway bars, when really it's the rear camber doing it.
  8. SquirrelEsquire

    Upcoming dash cam?

    The secret to getting away with being a whiney b*tch is to simultaneously be hilarious and adorable. It's a bit like cyber domestic-abuse **waits for this post to get 20 likes** re: dash cam I had fears it may not suffice due to FoV limitations; I'm yet to try it though. It should bridge the gap regarding cockpit views where adjusting the seat position wasn't consistent with all cars however. re: dash dials If a tighter FoV is the #1 priority for consoles, then UDP support should probably be the #2 concern. (If you aren't familiar with UDP output and the f'ing amazing apps that exist which allow you to use your smartphone/tablet as a customizable live dash, then I highly recommend doing some googling & youtubing) re: console performance I believe the source of frustration here is coming from Xbox One X users. I think we're possibly getting shafted because Xbox One S, PS4, & PS4 Pro are the consoles suffering the performance issues... (By some accounts the Xbox One X is actually outperforming the PC versions regarding HDR10 support? is this true? )
  9. SquirrelEsquire

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    The tutorials / rally school section of D4 are worth checking out for newcomers (That is if you're getting it free on Gamepass). ... the soundtrack is way better too 😊
  10. SquirrelEsquire

    Shifting gears without released the throttle

    I recall watching a video recently on race start technique where it suggested power shifting from 1st to 2nd? I can't clutch / H-pattern shift to save myself 😂 Sim racing & rally have only ingrained techniques that destroy the gearbox...
  11. SquirrelEsquire

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    Maybe it's a lack of specifics, I never play Rally Cross so perhaps have a skewed view of things compared to someone who primarily RX's. @Johnnnn FH4 player here too. The way I throw my Bugatti Chiron across the Scottish countryside isn't all that different to dirt rally 😂
  12. SquirrelEsquire

    Shifting gears without released the throttle

    The extra revs might be compensating for turbo lag?
  13. SquirrelEsquire

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/10ZrglPBeSp5JrSZsmMVrzaQrHoEXXlk9/preview Monte Carlo PTSD
  14. SquirrelEsquire

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    If it's just some sort of EQ filter being used to muffle the in-cabin sound, then it may be possible? (PCars2 sort of does that when you have the helmet setting enabled). If the game was called TaRMaC Rally 2.0 I could understand the disproportionate focus people tend to have on the asphalt handling. Likes: Fairly punishing if you try to get away with gear shifting mid-corner without rev matching. Also fairly punishing when it comes to preventing other torque pre-load dif related spinouts if you're prone to lifting off the gas rapidly. Dislikes: Tricky to tell if asphalt is dry or icey. Snow patches on otherwise dry asphalt are like slipping on a banana. (Are they supposed to be ice? or was Mr Plow just lazy and missed a spot?)
  15. SquirrelEsquire

    Kenya & Japan back in WRC 2020 !

    I think Australia had hopes of making ourselves the permanent location of the finals, so comes as a bit of a surprise. (Also odd how NZ has been sent back to the 10th location?) I suspect it had more to do with influence coming from Toyota and Japan. Similar situation downunder. Rally gets plonked down in a tourist town between 2 major cities to further complicate logistics assuming people will flock to the middle of nowhere like they would to see V8 Supercar track races. Some events really are shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring the obvious- having a driver from your country in the championship. There's the lack of domestic popularity problem in a nutshell right there...