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  1. SquirrelEsquire

    Upcoming dash cam?

    @PJTierney Wouldn't it be far easier and functional to just unlock/extend the seat adjust movement range universally? Being FOV-locked on console will cause the new dash camera position to suffer the same interior scale and eye-level problems that we currently experience in helmet view with the restricted seat adjust range, it'll just be at the other end of the spectrum. (In PCars2 you can literally noclip the driver position forward through the dashboard, or reverse back through the seat... it's like being a poltergeist 😂)
  2. SquirrelEsquire

    Logitech G920 Lsb Rsb Support [SG]

    I recall reading that the g920 firmware was programmed by the PCars devs. Not sure if true, but would explain why these buttons only work for it. (Last I checked they don't work for me on Xbox PCars2 however?) God it would be amazing to have these buttons work. I'd happily settle for the both of them triggering e-brake in DR2. Right hairpins are a pain if using default B button. Find myself using the clutch pedal for brakes, and the brake pedal for e-brake. Imagine things are even more desperate for you F1'ers when it comes to button options.
  3. SquirrelEsquire

    Dirt rally totally transformed by this setting..

    My driving has improved insanely since getting wheel settings where I like them (aka, ditching dodgy soft lock). FFB feels way better too. Now using 40 saturation / 360 degrees range of motion. 0 linearity (Need to experiment more, but prefer things linear atm). Way less fumbling of handbrake button (default B) and paddle gear changes when the wheel doesn't exceed 180 degrees left or right. Thumb doesn't get nearly ripped off as much either 😂
  4. SquirrelEsquire

    The DiRT Roadbook

  5. SquirrelEsquire

    Watching of the road

    A bit like the 'Turn head towards Apex' function in PCars? I wonder how beneficial it would be in a rally setting... I imagine 'don't cut' corners could be a source of trouble. I hate to say it, but the cockpit drift-cam function in Forza is actually incredibly useful for getting a feel of the weight of the car and how much the back end is sliding out 😂 It's based on the car physics, so wouldn't require analyzing every track corner and inserting apex focal points.
  6. SquirrelEsquire

    Please add in car gear indicator for all cars

    I'd love UDP support for console to use phone as a simple speedo & gear indicator. A customizable HUD ala PCars2 could work too. Current widget is too big and too far away. Turning head to look at it breaks depth perception and creates a weird little moment of vertigo. I'd say the less realistic scenario is having no idea what gear you're in. Real life drivers have the advantage of peripheral vision and non-fused neck vertebrae. 😂
  7. SquirrelEsquire

    Dirt Rally 2 Co Driver comments at end of stages

    Would a community recorded pack be out of the question? Variety of accents would be fun, and minimal effort required on development side. I'm sure there's a script containing all the calls. Hell I'd pay money for a kiwi co-driver just to hear "Unseen hearpun lift after crist!". I'll volunteer to do an Aussie one in the style of Russell Crowe: "ken oath mate.. need a drink after that shocker" "P***** that one in, they don't stand a chance" "pull over ya silly c***, back left tyre is f*****" - .. maybe a little too realistic 😂
  8. SquirrelEsquire

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Yes! I love that dashcam. Much easier to judge and move the TV/monitor to a good distance from eyes. Best thing is having steering wheel in a more realistic position if mounted to the same surface the screen sits on. (No more MacGyver antics to compensate for the TV stand throwing wheel height off)
  9. SquirrelEsquire

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Just you wait until I get on the sauce and start posting X-rated DR2 themed fan-fic prose at 4am on a Saturday. "Hard, right!", he cried.. yet how I yearned for something so much more harder than an uphill hairpin. The tug of my e-brake was of little solace as I braced for the impending slush stage before me..
  10. SquirrelEsquire

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Input on Inputs!

    TL;DR - I suspect Logitech borked up G920's in a recent (July?) patch, related to the device ID/name. (based on google results from PC users, I think Xbox has same issues. Wonky menu lock, soft lock, 'steering device changed' message every time you start a game, etc.) So after 3 weeks of wrapping cars around trees and considering getting tested for Parkinsons disease, I finally disabled soft-lock and set steering saturation to 60.. Turns out I can drive afterall 😕 Is G920 calibration and/or soft-lock f'd on Xbox? Or have I fallen victim to a lack of tooltips..? (Worst thing is I made this discovery after a bottle of wine. +100 Drunk driving XP)
  11. SquirrelEsquire

    Upcoming dash cam?

    🤣 Have you heard the WRC 8 co-driver? I'd rather have Cthulhu riding shotgun. Props to them for having a 'bring your creepy uncle to work' day, but letting him in the recording studio was a bit much. Probably too distracted sampling all of those lawnmowers for the engine audio to notice..
  12. SquirrelEsquire

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Input on Inputs!

    Xbox with G920 here, and absolutely loving this game. I really hope you bring these options to console, it's slightly painful to know what we're missing out on (UDP, FOV, limited seat adjustment especially). FFB and other input quirks barely register on my radar by comparison, the quality gameplay outshines them. Next generation Xbox is due within a year or so, and there is a big emphasis on backwards compatibility which is encouraging. It brings things more into line with the PC development, and away from the 'end of lifecycle' trash treatment console games have historically received.
  13. SquirrelEsquire

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Thank you! I'm excited to reveal a Lovecraftian novella inspired by the real-life events of a lone console gamer stranded deep in the New England rally stage wilderness. Tormented by his inability to judge distance; unable to reach the door handle within the non-Euclidean BMW M1 prison he finds himself in, 'A Dashboard Too Far' pushes the very limits of the FOV-horror genre.
  14. SquirrelEsquire

    Upcoming dash cam?

    ... I thought I was the only one living with this shame... forever hiding my insatiable hunger for more and more overscan... ..smirking in sadistic glee as that pathetic, little, speedometer, drips off the edge of my screen like an infantile Salvador Dali impersonation... ..while unbeknownst, a pixelated horror from the deep grows larger and larger... ..consuming all until there is nothing left but the cold, black, ASCII void...