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  1. SquirrelEsquire

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Xbox Gamepass has kind of turned things on their heads in the past year or so, probably making any past sales metrics irrelevant regarding future plans. I wonder to what degree that will influence things as the future is looking very subscription based.. which frees up funds to potentially allow more players to upgrade to wheel & pedals. Then you've got them hooked 😂 Forza Horizons has been the (free) gateway drug for a lot of people to get into Sim racing. I'm surprised Microsoft haven't been more aggressive in buying up studios like SMS to capture that prolific post-Forza spending people do when branching out.
  2. SquirrelEsquire

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    If this is some cheap attempt at flattery by codies to try get me to return to the forums.. .. Well I guess it worked. Well played. That being said, if the squirroo turns out to be a lie .. I may just have to start collecting nuts- and they will be the variety that will be sorely missed.
  3. SquirrelEsquire

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    I think I actually worked out why this happens... the absence of a Caster tuning option means you have to use fairly extreme Camber tuning on the rear to get proper grip on turn out. Combine that with some rear toe-in and RWD's will straighten out like a train. It's confusing because it feels a lot like having very stiff rear sway bars, when really it's the rear camber doing it.
  4. SquirrelEsquire

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    The tutorials / rally school section of D4 are worth checking out for newcomers (That is if you're getting it free on Gamepass). ... the soundtrack is way better too 😊
  5. SquirrelEsquire

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    Maybe it's a lack of specifics, I never play Rally Cross so perhaps have a skewed view of things compared to someone who primarily RX's. @Johnnnn FH4 player here too. The way I throw my Bugatti Chiron across the Scottish countryside isn't all that different to dirt rally 😂
  6. SquirrelEsquire

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/10ZrglPBeSp5JrSZsmMVrzaQrHoEXXlk9/preview Monte Carlo PTSD
  7. SquirrelEsquire

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    If it's just some sort of EQ filter being used to muffle the in-cabin sound, then it may be possible? (PCars2 sort of does that when you have the helmet setting enabled). If the game was called TaRMaC Rally 2.0 I could understand the disproportionate focus people tend to have on the asphalt handling. Likes: Fairly punishing if you try to get away with gear shifting mid-corner without rev matching. Also fairly punishing when it comes to preventing other torque pre-load dif related spinouts if you're prone to lifting off the gas rapidly. Dislikes: Tricky to tell if asphalt is dry or icey. Snow patches on otherwise dry asphalt are like slipping on a banana. (Are they supposed to be ice? or was Mr Plow just lazy and missed a spot?)
  8. SquirrelEsquire

    Fantastic game - some feedback and requests

    I'd love an audio option for gnarlier in-cabin sounds. You sometimes forget just how amazing the audio is when you have external cams disabled.
  9. SquirrelEsquire

    The DiRT Roadbook

    ooh yay my "clutch pedal as brake, brake pedal as handbrake" experiments can continue
  10. SquirrelEsquire

    Audi Quattro

    I've found the major culprit with 4WD/AWD tends to be related to Centre dif settings. In this case you've got both Viscous dif and Torque bias to contend with, so it's very possible to end up with unpredictable understeer and oversteer simultaneously. The going advice is to 'tune to your strengths' to make up for lost time, but not every stage has a linear profile. You effectively make the easy sections easier, and the hard sections harder with that approach to tuning. Cars like this magnify the effect of such a tuning bias, and the result tends to be 'Terminal Damage'. I call it 'The Monte Carlo' effect
  11. SquirrelEsquire

    Audi Quattro

    Evil stock tuning. If you've started out with FWD & RWD cars, don't be surprised if your driving goes to **** when moving on to AWD.
  12. SquirrelEsquire

    RSB and LSB not working

    I recall reading that the g920 firmware was programmed by the PCars devs. Not sure if true, but would explain why these buttons only work for it. (Last I checked they don't work for me on Xbox PCars2 however?) God it would be amazing to have these buttons work. I'd happily settle for the both of them triggering e-brake in DR2. Right hairpins are a pain if using default B button. Find myself using the clutch pedal for brakes, and the brake pedal for e-brake. Imagine things are even more desperate for you F1'ers when it comes to button options.
  13. SquirrelEsquire

    The DiRT Roadbook

  14. I'd love UDP support for console to use phone as a simple speedo & gear indicator. A customizable HUD ala PCars2 could work too. Current widget is too big and too far away. Turning head to look at it breaks depth perception and creates a weird little moment of vertigo. I'd say the less realistic scenario is having no idea what gear you're in. Real life drivers have the advantage of peripheral vision and non-fused neck vertebrae. 😂