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  1. petro1319

    New Miami Track

    I kind of like it from the video. Not sure how it will be for racing though. I wish they actually had it go THROUGH the football stadium though. I'm a Miami Dolphins fan and I could have sworn that stadium used to have openings at both ends which would have made it possible but with the recent renovations in the last 4 years or so maybe that's not possible. Maybe I'm wrong and it never was! lol Either way though I think it would have been kind of cool if they could have had the start/finish line right inside the stadium or at least have the track go through it. I get the reason they want a GP in Miami though, both for Miami and for F1. However I wish they'd stick to actual facilities built for racing rather than improvising tracks though parking lots and such like this. At least then you get grassy runoff area's, gravel runoff areas, track limits elevation changes etc.
  2. petro1319

    Will pitcoins in F1 2020 be carried over to F1 2021?

    I highly doubt they'll carry over. In game currency rarely does. It'd be nice though if they'd give us a "bonus" in 2021 to reward for playing 2020. I think some older EA titles used to do that in the past. I'd assume though that at this point the in game currency will stay exclusive to that specific game it was earned.
  3. So... the 3 new tracks come post launch? How are we supposed to go about playing career/season/my team mode then? OR is this going to be like the F2 2020 content that can't be used in those modes? If so; you can count me out this year. Same with the F2 content. Since it says the game will come with both 20 and 21 F2 content then I assume it's the same as last year. F2 2020 at launch, 2021 whenever it comes down the road. Likely again unusable in career/season/my team. That's also ridiculous and you can count me out this year. Just give us all the damn tracks & F2 content from the start so we can actually use the CURRENT F2 drivers and cars. This is a crazy time, the calendar keeps changing, Canada was on the official calendar and now cancelled. Just leave the track in the game so we can race it, or add it into a custom schedule if we wanted. Same with China. Same with Vietnam. Same with Zanvoort & Nurburgring. The tracks are built for the game. Leave them in so we can play them if we want! MAke the default season calendar match the real calendar and have the custom season option. It's really quite simple... the content is there, just give it to us. And for the love of God please add a McLaren logo or something to the blue portion at the bottom of the side pod on the livery. It looks awful plain blue. If you can't use the real sponsor, put the team's logo there so it at least looks normal. Not plain and bare.
  4. petro1319

    F1 2021 game

    Couldnt agree with this more! In the first year F2 was included it wasn't a big deal the update came later in the season. In F1 2020 though it was not good that they came so late because of the inclusion of My Team mode. The F2 cars came so late which was unfortunate but it also was set so you couldn't use the new updated driver roster in My Team mode making them relatively useless in my opinion. Hopefully they're up to date and included from the start this year to match this year's driver lineup right from the start so My Team mode is up to date, rather than a year behind. I get the incentive of releasing them later in the year... Gives them time to create/update them and also provides new game content part way through the game life cycle to hopefully keep people playing longer, but it really completely kills the in game immersion in a mode like My Team for them to be so out dated, and when you are always stuck using outdated drivers.
  5. I agree to an extent. I think the AI certainly has it's flaws when it comes to aggressiveness. Sometimes it's been my fault for trying to slam the door on them too late, but I find that's when the flaw in the AI programming really shows. I've seen instances where I make my block move too late and get on the brakes going into a turn and the AI just slams into me. You'd think after the initial contact they'd slow down or try some form of avoidance and instead they just continue to try and drive forward with no evasive action. Heck, I've even seen it off the track in a runoff area or on the grass. They just stay in that straight line, trying to drive full speed ahead even though you've made contact, and are now both off track. It's like they passed out behind the wheel or something. I've seen one before where the AI was trying to overtake me at Sochi on the outside. To the AI's left is the wall/barrier. I moved to block too late, my left rear hits the AI front wing, turns me sideways so my front wing is now in the wall, and their front is driving straight into the side of me. Do they stop? Try to avoid further contact? Soemthing? Nope... the AI car just keeps going down towards the turn as if I'm not there. I get that I caused the incident I'm describing above, that's not even up for debate, but what I'm talking about is the action from the AI after the incident. It's like they have no idea we just had a collision and no idea what to do, they just want to keep driving their programmed line it seems.
  6. petro1319

    Career Mode - Driver Market

    I understand I'm just the driver in career mode. That's part of the problem though. Still as a driver with my agent I would have the ability to negotiate my contract with any particular team to be considered as the first or second driver depending on my experience and status. We used to have that functionality in the game as well. Why was it removed? Your point about the driver changes this year is noted but your assumption I'd be mad about that is incorrect. Tsunoda, Mazepin are joining F1, from the F2 ranks. Alonso and Hulk are the only outsiders. The rest of the moves though are logical in the realm of F1. In my career mode scenarios the moves I'm talking about are NOT realistic. The simple fact of the matter is Matsushita, and Aitken are drivers taking seats in my game and neither is even actually a part of F2 anymore because you guys refuse to let us use the new 2020 F2 drivers within career and my team modes when they finally got released. Now are we seeing the problem? In a previous career save I also had to abandon when I tried to move to Ferrari, Leclerc and Bottas were there currently. Because of my move taking a seat at Ferrari Leclerc went to Haas (the 2nd worst team on the grid in the mode at the time-REALLY?!?!?!), and Bottas was replaced with a "fake driver" as my teammate with an OVR in the 50's. Why? Where did Bottas go? He didn't even end up at another team, he was completely off the grid. Why isn't Mick Schumacher, Mazepin, or any other F2 driver being brought up? So your assumption couldn't be farther from accurate here. The moves that are made have no logic to them it seems. Plus, we're stuck with a crop of F2 drivers that are over a year out dated which adds to the frustration and lack of realism. So, sure... I'm just the driver but as I said I'd still have choices as to where I'd want to go, whether I'd be willing to accept a seat as the #2, or #1. Heck, you could even argue some drivers on the grid DO have a say in their teammate as well. As for the solution to play a different mode... Coming from a member of the Codemasters staff; that's pretty ridiculous to be honest. If I wanted to drive for a generic make believe team I would, and I do play that mode. However I wanted to play a second career mode driving for a REAL F1 team and at least have a realistic game world to play within, not one with outdated drivers, fake drivers, disappearing drivers and driver moves that seem to have no sense of logic to them at all. The simple fact remains... what happened to the old contract negotiation mode where these things existed? Why can't the player play the game how they want? At least give the option to override the flawed logic of the system. Give the option to use CURRENT F2 drivers that are in the game, but not in the mode for some odd reason. The solution to play a different mode isn't the solution at all; and to hear that as the solution from someone on staff is incredibly disheartening, but speaks alot to many of the complaints we see on this board from long time players about the direction of the game. The solution is to listen to your customers feedback rather than make assumptions and turn a blind eye to the obvious issue, and to make a mode that makes more sense and gives the player more control of the world they're playing in within a 10 year career mode. Not just say OK player, if you want to drive for a real F1 team in our career mode its our crazy messed up way, or oh well... Love My Team mode, it's fantastic especially for only being in the game one year. Fleshing it out more is going to make it even better. Driver career mode however, took a major step back IMO with the contract features being removed, no use of current up to date F2 drivers, and poor logic for drivers. The point of a 10 year career mode should be for it to be a logical, living world for the player to move through their career and mode improving themselves and their position on the grid; especially if you start with a low ranked team. Instead, it just becomes a complete mess if you try and make a move as the player. I'm simply saying we need a better system to improve the longevity of the mode. What's the incentive for me to play either of my two driver career modes any longer when moves like I've described happen? It completely kills the immersion.
  7. petro1319

    Career Mode - Driver Market

    This system needs overhauled badly. It's so poorly done this season. You can't sign as a #1 or #2 driver. No control over teammates. I get that, you're just a driver. Come on though, in this day and age of video games there needs to be flexibility for the player. Here's why... Going into Season three. Raikkonen is already retired. Vettel just retired. I left Williams to go to Mercedes at the end of season 1. Bottas ended up on the street. Albon moved to my seat at Williams, and Haas signed Aitken. Really? Fast forward to season 3, I want to go back to Williams to restore the glory with Russel. Can't do that though. Vettel retires. I sign with Williams. Russel goes to Racing Point, Bottas back to Merc. Albon to Ferrari, Latifi is now with Haas, and Williams signs Matsushita to be my teammate. I mean... come on. What is that garbage? No matter how many times I close, and retry the same scenario always plays out. It gets even crazier if I try to renew my contract with Merc though, because then it bounces Hamilton out and the whole grid mixes itself up again with decisions that make no sense. Who in their right mind wants to play a game like this? Why is it so damn difficult to get this right, or just give the player the option again?! We used to be able to have to work to 1st driver status; now you have no clue what you're going to be, or you're just always #1... whatever the game decides I guess. You can't pick your teammates aside from the start of the mode. It's gotten this career mode to unplayable for me because no matter what I do, or where I sign it makes a damn mockery of the driver lineup across all teams. Its ridiculous. Give us the control to at least pick who we're replacing at the new team, then let your messed up AI do something with the rest of the grid. This is the second career mode I'll have to abandon now. First time around I started with Alfa, tried to move to Ferrari after Season 1 and Leclerc gets bounced to Alfa, Bottas to Haas, Magnussen is on the street, Grosjean retires. Haas signs Aitken, Ferrari signs Zhou to be my teammate. I mean.. come on. Why even bother? Who wants to play that out? Just give us back control to set the roster wherever and however we want. Hopefully this is something EA allows, along with team ratings, and driver rating customization within the career/my team modes. The way the system currently works is just a complete mess as it basically breaks the mode every single time. Simple fix: Add an owner mode/option. You get to run the real F1 team, just like My Team mode. In control of signing drivers, upgrading facilities, r&D etc. Problem solved. Almost... except for the stupid moves the system will make on its own. At least it's some control though to fix the glaring issues.
  8. petro1319

    Car updates not applied, AI faster or I slower?

    The AI gets faster and stronger as they develop their cars, but so should you as your car improves so you should be able to keep pace with the AI if you have it set right for your skill. Running in season 1 in my team mode as 7th or 8th team on the grid compared to running season 2 as 3rd or 4th you should also be running faster lap times than you did in season one. The car is faster; therefore so should your laptimes & those of the AI. Could also be that you're struggling (and maybe you dont really know it) to handle the car as it gets "faster" and a bit less stable. Ive found your driving style has to change a bit as the car evolves, but it should result in you being faster unless there's some driver error happening there potentially. Also remember, as you and the AI upgrade your facilities your teammate driver and AI drivers get ratings boosts as well, which is also going to make them faster. Especially if it's upgrading their "pace" stat. I believe that is the one that weighs most heavy in race performance, but they all essentially do. You may also just be finding out that you have the AI set too high for your skill level. What is your teammates OVR rating? If it's poor and they're beating you I think you may have it too high. IF they're highly rated and beating you it may just be that they're better, which could be an indication your AI setting is too high. I think the ultimate answer here though the AI is developing, maybe at a faster rate than you improving their performance, and while your car has developed/improved also you're lagging behind them even though you've passed some other teams on the grid. Also, could be a scenario where you just have the AI too high for your own good at this point. I think there's far too many factors at play to really be able to get a solid answer
  9. petro1319

    Driver Career - Williams - A Few Questions/Issues

    For point 1.. Russels ratings just aren't that good in the game if I'm not mistaken, likely part of the reason why you see him so low. You also have to factor in your car performance rating along with facilities. The lower they are, you could put Hamilton in that car and not be first on the grid. Kind of like the IRL argument of what will Hamilton actually do in a Haas, or Williams? So there's more to it than just the teammate driver compared to you. I think if you play around in My Team mode and build up facilities you'll eventually see when you have all facilities at level 3, you'll be applying like +15 OVR to your driver's skill rating. Then combine that with your car performance level relative to other teams and you'll get an idea for how the system kind of works. Hard to explain, but I think if you look into that mode a bit I think you'll get a better idea. As for point 2... Yes, You can push Williams up the field with R&D, but when all teams are maxed out on development (including yours) you'll still be last in terms of performance on the grid unfortunately. It's the major downfall of the career/my team mode IMO. That being said though, if you're aggressive with earning and spending R&D points you can certainly outpace the AI teams and get Williams to the top. I have them currently at 3rd on the grid in one of my driver career modes. Eventually though when everyone maxes out performance wise I'll be back at the bottom. Really frustrating IMO. They need to fix this for future releases but I assume that takes the actual real teams signing off on it. Point 3... I don't bother to always change the AI. I know from reading here and other places though that many people do. There's plenty of resources out there for that, some of which are linked by others here already I see. Point 4.. Not quite sure.
  10. petro1319

    Random Brake Failure

    I feel like I've experienced what you're saying before. I know sometimes it just feels like you hit the braking point like you have in the 30 laps prior but you just don't slow down the same and sail through the corner. I've always just chalked it up to maybe I screwed up and was later than I thought to the brakes and burned a flashback if it was too bad of an outcome. Never really thought of it as a "brake failure" though. However now that I think about it that way reading this I wonder if maybe my brakes were too cool, or too hot causing the lack of performance? Its pretty rare that i see it happen, so I've never paid much attention.
  11. petro1319

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    Have you tried? Curious to hear if it works or not. I'll give it a try later today if I can get this foot of snow shovelled in a reasonable amount of time while trying to work from home!
  12. petro1319

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    I tried it earlier today. No. You can just restart the session, replace any and all engine components still with no penalty. Because you haven't left the garage for the session to start again. If you change the engine components before you actually start the qualy session (and by start I mean actually hit the track, not just be in the garage) there is no penalty and the new component is loaded once you hit the track. Try it, it sounds like that's what you're asking for and it works that way. At least in one shot qualy it does. but no reason why it shoudlnt in regular qualy mode either. But I'd assume if you run Q1, and notice you forgot to change engine components at the start of Q2 then you're out of luck because restart session would take you back to the start of Q1 again... but you could still change the components instantly with no penalty since you'll be at the start of the session again and in the garage still. If I'm not mistaken thisalmost replicates the actual F1 rule
  13. petro1319

    Career mode, correcting mistakes

    Yeah, it's certainly happened to me before as well where I've hit qualifying with a worn component I forgot to swap. Normally though I think you can just pause it, hit restart session and it should take you back to the screen to let you pick the engine components again, no? or do you mean after you've actually completed qualifying and realized you forgot to swap? After you've completed; yeah it's too late without taking the penalty. I'm pretty sure though if you just quit the session, or restart it you get the option to change components and your setup again too. Maybe I'm mistaken..
  14. petro1319


    Well; it should. I think we should wait to hear from the devs themselves though. In this world we're living in I don't think anything is automatic anymore. Especially with the upcoming EA takeover.
  15. petro1319

    How many times can this game crash??

    You hope EA tests it? Have you ever played an EA game before? 😂 Fact of the matter is the whole gaming industry is guilty of this practice. It sucks bigtime.