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  1. Honestly; for me it's pretty simple. My hopes are as follows: - A game that doesn't power off my console when playing it which ends up preventing me from playing for 2 months. AKA it works as it should on launch day! - A game that doesn't contain all of the same bugs we waited for months to have patch this year that have now been patch. I don't want to see them reappearing again - Unlimited; or at least significantly increased save slots for Driver Career, My Team, Championship/Season modes. - F2 2022 car liveries, drivers and teams included with RELEASE. Not last year's
  2. You're missing the point. The point isn't about how long or short it takes to get to max development; it's the fact that max development for the teams is the same performance order that the mode starts with. It's pointless. If you want to drive for Williams and you have your AI settings in a realistic manner that you'll finish at the back of the pack if you're last in performance then youll NEVER win that constructors championship because youll always be the lowest rated car/team. Yes you may climb the ranks as you develop, you may even make #1, but as the mode progresses eventually you'l
  3. At the time of the last performance update the red bull car was the class of the field. That's what the starting My Team team order is based on, the most recent performance update. Not sure how boosting the my team car's aero helps, then you'll alwasy end up the best. That's the problem with the mode though in a nutshell; the starting order will always be the finishing order if/when all teams are maxed out on R&D. Once everyone realizes that the main question becomes... whats the point of this mode in general? Team performance shouldn't be capped; it should adjust based on resul
  4. Developers sure have had this one in their hands for a long time now. Guess the silence is deafening.
  5. Good! I'm glad to hear it was a supplier upgrade and not ANOTHER bug in the game! 👍
  6. There are certain components that are provided by your engine supplier. Those are in the Durability section and in the Engine section. You can not buy those upgrades, you must wait for your engine supplier to send you the upgrades. The game should specify if that particular component is a supplier upgrade or not. if it is; thats your problem.
  7. how about none? It was a pointless mode to add and has done nothing but take away from the development of the core modes of the game that are important. Not to mention it's consumed 3 save slots for some odd reason (what's the point in playing it more than once; its always the same story!) which has also ruined the way many play driver career and my team mode. Id rather see the time used on the following instead of Braking Point 2: - fixing the driver transfer system in career modes & including the option for players to have some control - expanding My Team mode so it has
  8. Haha you just can't make this stuff up. Is there even a QA department at Codies?
  9. petro1319

    Season Mode

    It doesn't exist. Technically it does, but if you run another grand prix race outside of the "season" you built then your "season" is erased. Thank Braking Point for that I guess.
  10. Underwhelming. Underdeveloped. Incomplete. Buggy. Similar to F1 2020 with the exception of a mode nobody really wanted. That being said though; still fun.
  11. Ohh; that's all it does? I thought it made the cars easier to drive in ways even outside of the general assists. I also never really notice a difference between full fuel and lower. I do notice the car handling change of course as the tyres degrade, but never really paid much attention to fuel loads having anything to do with handling. Makes sense if it does of course; just never really thought about it.
  12. Just switch from simulation mode to arcade mode? They still have that in the game don't they?
  13. Where did you finish in the constructors championship though? I think you're forgetting where the main source of money comes from in career mode. It's your final finishing order in the constructors championship. So even though you've increased the money option; there just isn't enough earned throughout the season for the AI to really upgrade your facilities on your behalf. While I certainly agree with you that the development system is flawed in driver career mode I think you're missing that key variable here. Also, it wouldn't matter anyways because at the end of career mode when
  14. I noticed today that we actually have 3 save slots for braking point, but only 3 for my team/career combined. WHY?!?!?! Why would you play braking point on 3 separate saves? It's always the same, except for the team/livery you drive. Wow..
  15. Exactly; I've got to agree with Barry here and that was my main point initially. I think F1 got the call right, simply because ending/deciding a RACING championship under a safety car is just the easiest way to kill any momentum the sport has earned itself with this epic season between two incredible drivers. The road to the end was littered with questionable calls in favor of, and against each driver. I do think a red flag would have been more logical than what they did but I think alot of the confusion for Masi and the stewards came from the initial thought of likely not going back r
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