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  1. petro1319

    Xbox voice commands

    It's an MS/Xbox "problem" that doesn't support it other than with kinect
  2. petro1319

    McLaren Livery getting overlooked?

    Usually the updated liveries come with the performance update if my memory serves me correctly from past games. I wouldn't say we WON'T see them. It's possible. The folks developing the Nascar Heat games have found a way to get alcohol and tobacco sponsors into the game, and they're quite the big step down from Codemasters. That game ships with placeholder sponsors (usually the drivers name) instead of the actual brand then they make you put in your birthdate for age verification purposes. Once you do all the alcohol sponsors are available, along with the "generic" versions. So, I wouldn't say we won't ever see them in game because it is possible. Others have done it. The question just becomes will F1 and Codemasters actually do it. Personally, I don't see why they can't but I'm sure it's a licensing issue among other things. Definitely possible though.
  3. petro1319

    Career mode team switching and car differences

    Run a regular single player grand prix with a Williams, or Haas. Run the same race, same weather etc. with the Ferrari or Mercedes. I suspect you'll notice the same feeling you are describing here, just lessened a bit possibly. My opinion on the matter is what you're experiencing is the McLaren running a bit "stiffer" (for lack of a better word) and the Ferrari that's alot more "free". Why? It's the difference in development and performance from one car to the next. I personally feel it's a bit more amplified in the Career/MyTeam mode. I'm in Season 3 in one of my Me Team modes, and Season 1 - Race 3 on another gamesave. The drivability/handling of my car in year 3 which is pushing to be #1 on the grid when compared to the drivability of my 2nd last ranked car in the Season 1 game save is quite noticeable. You will notice the same if you start a career save with the Williams, and halfway through the year switch to Mercedes. It'll be a light and day difference in the handling/performance of the car. That's what I think you're experiencing here. I find the lower ranked cars on the grid drive like a dump truck, the top 3 drive like an F1 car. OK, maybe not the best comparison, but you get the point I bet.
  4. petro1319

    Completely unfair

    Would you rather just race the next 5 seasons in the mode with a maxed out car that never changes and makes the whole R&D component of the mode useless? Think of it this way... the 2021, now 2022 complete new car design just hit your game. Time to suck it up and build yourself a new car and start over. Guess what, the rest of the teams will do the same. So earn those R&D points, adapt those parts and build your car the best you can. I'm confused why you're complaining about something that's designed to give the longevity in the mode, and also in a nutshell mimics real life F1 in a way
  5. petro1319


    While a performance update would be nice, what I want is performance caps removed in career and my team mode. I dont want all teams to be maxed out and williams is still last on the grid in terms of performance after 5 years, or 7, or however many year's you've played until they max out. I want caps removed (if they do exist this year as in the past) and I want the mode to have a living, breathing performance world with no caps on how strong a team can get, or at least if there is a cap it's the same for all teams.
  6. petro1319

    Pit Coins

    I got a message from Xbox Live today telling me I hadn't received my coins (I know! lol) and it gave me 2 codes to redeem. One for the original $15k bonus, and another for $5k as a bonus for the mix up. Nice job Codies. Thanks for getting this resolved with MS
  7. petro1319

    Ditch Hanoi bring back hockenheimring

    I'm a huge fan of real F1 races at Hockenheim, but as much as I like it, I didn't enjoy driving it. Especially Sector 3. So narrow. But that being said yeah... as much as you liked it I probably disliked it and I still prefer it over Hanoi.
  8. petro1319

    The Mercedes is not full black

    Looks like it's just the lighting to me creating a reflection that makes it look lighter than black. Same thing happens to me visually when I drive my black car on the roads.
  9. petro1319

    Whos fault is this at Spa ? ( discussion )

    Driver on the left by far. He purposely squeezed him into the wall. To me, it's a textbook definition of why I hate playing online. Everyone online drives like they think they've got a bumper car, or a nascar. I get wanting to win and all, but that's lap 1. That car on the right is entitled to that space. They're essentially side by side and he gets pushed into the wall. Ridiculous really. The worst is when you're closing on someone online, have DRS, and overtake on and the driver in front just starts swerving all over... left, right, left right, it's ridiculous that the system allows it rather than one move only. I get it's likely not easy to program that as a penalty, but it's just maddening to play online. Brings me to another point... Podium Pass. The collection that rewards the Chrome livery has a section of challenges to complete online. Which sucks for those of us who dont/wont play online. No way of getting that car livery if you're me; and that sucks.
  10. petro1319


    It's live on XB. Mine is downloading right now. 1.09gb
  11. For the record, I wasn't saying they should be allowed to use cheats, I'm just saying nothing stops you from using them if you want to. So, if you want to be that guy who cheats.... so be it I guess. I think it's stupid to be honest, but I just think it's just something you have to accept in this mode. It seems rampant, and likely not something they can detect and remove from the boards. The only thing I was trying to say by that is there's not really a way to stop them, so it is what it is unfortunately
  12. I think the fact of the matter here is this... the weekly events are open to anyone of any skill level, using any controller input device and using whatever assists, or even cheats that they want. So to expect otherwise, or to expect everyone is going to do it the same way as you. I think you have a hope for the mode that you enjoy the most that just isn't a realistic expectation for it. I guess you could hope Codies will change they way the calculate the scoring based on assists used etc. etc. I'm not sure there's enough reason to. There's nothing on the line here except for bragging rights. If these things were occurring in Esports events, then it'll get attention. For a mode though with nothing on the line, it's a free for all... just like most online open lobbies are. Unfortunately, it is what it is & people want that 15 minutes of internet fame even if it means coming through a video game. Sadly, that's the world we live in.
  13. petro1319

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    You're right. You shouldn't. When they've already come out and said there wont be new tracks for several reasons you also shouldn't think you're entitled to it, or think that putting any sort of "pressure" on is going to make a difference. There simply isn't time to sort out all of the issues that have been brought up officially, and here by others. You don't need inside knowledge to know, you just need common sense of how today's business world works when it comes to licensing of intellectual property rights first, then creating it in the game second. Again, I'd love to have Mugello, Nurburgring etc. It's not going to be possible, I think we've all known that for months now. Nothing will change that. It sucks, but complaining isn't going to change it, neither is being sarcastic to others and whining about it as if you're entitled to something. The world got turned upside down with Covid, so did the F1 world as a result, you can't just expect, or demand Codies follow suit and delete tracks and add tracks. You want them added so it accurately reflects the 2020 season. So, should we be removing Austrailia? Bahrain? Baku? Montreal? etc. etc. since they're not on the calendar or part of the season now? I'm willing to be your answer is no, and you'd scream and whine about it if they removed them. So why do you think it should be ok to add more in with little to no time, data, resources or licensing matters within a short time frame? It sucks, yes, but it is what it is. The game was marketed as the 2020 season before Covid rolled around, that's what it is. Because the season changes last minute and adds new venues that they have no assets or licensing for doesn't mean it should be included. What you got, is what you paid for. Itd be nice to have, yes, but its just not realistically in the cards no matter what you think, or how much "pressure" you think needs to be applied.
  14. petro1319

    Some stuff

    Yeah, this sounds more like a driver issue than a game issue. Not something I've experienced. It's posts like this that make me wonder why Codies would even have a public form. People who act like this dont deserve the attention of the developers, let alone the time of day. Grow up, present your case like an adult respectfully and maybe then people might have the slightest concern.
  15. petro1319

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    Do you realize how much time it takes to create a track in a game like this? I suspect it's not as easy as just flipping a switch or something. It takes time to create in the game world first. Modeling the track, elevation changes, structures, environment etc. etc. , then you still have to clear all of the licensing hurdles and other F1 and track issues that are likely present. It's just not as simple as that. I'd like to think they could give us Hockenheim since it was in last year's game. Maybe even Nurburgring since it was in a previous game, but that's a long time ago now. So the in game assets might be there, but you still have the numerous licensing issues to deal with. Do I want it? Sure, of course, the more the better. You have to be realistic about it though. IT's not a situation of just throwing more resources or people at it. It's far beyond that.