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  1. I could certainly support that idea as an option.
  2. Agreed. The sounds in the chase cam sound awesome this year. I don't ever remember them sounding this good, but I typically don't drive in this view. However I usually cycle through them to just stare at how nice the cars look especially on the grid. Hearing the sound in this view though makes me want to drive that way which is a good thing IMO.
  3. To your first point, you're wrong. It just happens to be what I deal with quite often in my daily life at work, but whatever. Continue with your condescending tone towards your customers; that's fine as there isn't much need to discuss the EULA side of this here any further. Again, I was genuinely asking the question for a reason; because I'm seeking an answer. It was stated some are overheating, some are simply shutting down which implies no overheating issue. So... yes, how exactly do we tell? My console is on right now simply downloading Microsoft Flight Sim updates; it's warm an
  4. Get a grip? I'm using a product from Codemaster's that may or may not be overheating and/or damaging my console that I spent about $700 on. I have a complete grip on the situation here; thanks. Quite frankly I think it's you and the team at Codemasters that need to get a grip on the situation here. It certainly can be replicated. It's happened to me more times than I can count and always during the post race celebrations or in replay mode when the game seems to suffer visually and performance wise. I can't give more information than what I already have in my bug report because it shu
  5. Typical response... good luck enforcing that. You guys are just now documenting the issue two weeks later that it's your BROKEN game that is overheating consoles. You expect that to be my fault? Good luck with that one guys. Maybe make an official statement on the Codies twitter account to warn people who aren't visiting the forums? Or, are the developers just content to let it potentially ruin people's consoles who may not be aware? This is the response we get? What a joke. There's no other way to put it. Your EULA agreement don't mean a thing when it causes property damage.
  6. Overheating? So... should we stop playing the game if that's the case? If so; what are you guys going to do to make this right for those of us who have spent cash on a product we can't use that's putting our $600 consoles at risk?
  7. I'll wait to hear it from them thanks; it's their responsibility. Surely it can't be serious if they haven't done or said anything about it. It's 110% on them; so it WILL be their problem. I'll leave it at that
  8. But that's exactly the problem. It shouldn't be unrealistic to have literally game breaking bugs in a game. Pre-order, or day one purchase, or even week 1. It's ridiculous to think that would be a realistic expectation. I'm really not sure why you're defending this position. I get it, that's how it is now but that is exactly the problem and the fact that we accept it and think that way is the whole problem. Anyways, were going around in circles like a Nascar race here; so there's not much point. 😄
  9. I don't get any adrenaline rush playing crash fests online anyways; for me it's all about My team and driver career.
  10. So it's not being realistic to expect to be able to play the game I bought; regardless of pre-order or not? Okay... 🙄
  11. The way i see it; it's their problem if it does. Especially given the fact they're not giving us any direction at this point.
  12. Flat out? No. But it's pretty much what is being said with people saying we should expect it now based on prior experience etc. Call it what you will, but that's being accepting of it.
  13. Nice job Codies. Thank you for getting this out. Thank you for fixing it without the need for us to restart our saves as well. Nicely done. Now us XB-SX players just need a fix for the game freezes that shut down our consoles.
  14. But that still doesn't make it acceptable. The good news is 1.04 hit my XB this morning so I can at least load my career saves again and thankfully they load fine where I left off. So thank you for that Codies. Now my only issue with the game is the killing my console problem which to be honest is far more of an issue than saved games loading or not.
  15. My original bug report for this a few days ago has been tagged as "with developers" so that is at least positive.
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