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  1. petro1319


    Well; it should. I think we should wait to hear from the devs themselves though. In this world we're living in I don't think anything is automatic anymore. Especially with the upcoming EA takeover.
  2. petro1319

    How many times can this game crash??

    You hope EA tests it? Have you ever played an EA game before? 😂 Fact of the matter is the whole gaming industry is guilty of this practice. It sucks bigtime.
  3. petro1319

    F2 2020 in My Team and Carreer Mode

    No response. I don't expect there to be one either. In career mode last year I don't believe the updated F2 roster pulled into the mode either. I just don't understand the design decision. What's the point of putting updated F2 drivers into the game, if you can't use them in the new My Team mode that lets you hire drivers from the F2 pool. Why would anyone think it's a good idea not to allow that? At this point F2 exists only as Grand Prix mode, Time trial, and online. Big deal. Heck, you can't even start a career mode as an F2 driver with the new 2020 drivers. It's illogical and there was quite a bit of negative feedback here about it when F2 2020 cars finally arrived and all we heard were crickets. Not sure you'll get an answer now & not sure you'll see it change with the EA takeover incoming. Heck, at that point we'll probably see F2 as a paid DLC pack once EA gets involved. I'd love to hear a response too, but I highly doubt we'll see it if we haven't already.
  4. petro1319

    F1 2021

    I suspect this EA takeover news will be too late to really have an impact on this series for 21, but who knows. That being said though, What am I expecting of F1 2021 and beyond? More microtransactions. Think pit pass is terrible? just wait. That's EA's model. Some goofy "ultimate team" card collection type mode, to generate more revenue. Also EA's model. A copy and paste of F12020 with new liveries. Also EA's model. An expansion of the "casual" gameplay mode to cater towards the casuals and kids. That's where the money is. Also EA's model. News of some cinematic first person type mode.. now that could be interesting but I think it's a ways off as it will take EA some time. I think there will be some positives that come from the takeover, we may not see them next year which tells me F1 2021 will likely be a copy/paste from Codies. I doubt there is going to be much change in direction here this year given the unknowns of the change coming. Sadly, I'm not expecting much from F12021 with Covid still lingering and causing shut downs and the impending EA takover.
  5. petro1319

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    Is it really going to matter though if/when they ruin the rest of the experience? I highly doubt they'll bring it back, they're not the same company now as they were then.
  6. petro1319

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    Well that was my point though, if people think it's not sim now and it's arcade... just wait until EA gets ahold of it. It will be even less Sim and more arcade, and more copy/paste every year. They're not going to put the effort into the physics models and how the cars perform etc. etc. NHL hockey series is a great example.. I mean... snoop dogg joins the team for guest commentary... Yes, you read that right. If the sales numbers aren't great for this title either it could even disappear or see even less support. NHL is evidence of this, the death of the Tiger Woods/Rory McIlroy golf series as well. Only benefit here is an exclusive license may keep it alive. They dropped a nascar game with a license as well though, so there's alot to be concerned with when you look at this news. Oh, and if people think 2k was going to nickle and dime them, so will EA. They'll spend more time developing an "ultimate team" mode than they will developing the actual game if it means more revenue. I say all this as a player, and enjoyer of several EA titles as well. Really though, the way EA does business if you want to play a sports game you dont really have a choice. They're not bad games, but they're not what they could be or should be either.
  7. petro1319

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    The problem though; EA doesn't do the sim style game that most people around here seem to be looking for. So your online experience may get better, but the racing likely wont.
  8. petro1319

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    Not a fan of this announcement. EA's nascar game was pretty decent back in the day though. But yeah, those of you hoping and wanting more of a sim experience are not going to find that with EA. That's just not their cup of tea.
  9. petro1319

    Upgrades for Williams/Haas/Alfa

    Yup. The order they are at the start of the career/myteam mode is the same order they'll be in when every team is maxed out performance wise. It's at that point now in my career mode. Although 3 departments are currently hit by regulation changes which may shift if up a bit, but in another season it'll be the same. It really defeats the purpose of having a career mode. If you were a Williams fan and wanted to build them up to the best team in F1... you essentially never will because you will eventually max out at a lower performance level than everyone else. So.... what's the point? I'm sure its contractual as to why they can't allow fluctuations, but... it is what it is. Here's the kicker... with all teams maxed out currently... Guess who's #1 overall? .... Ferrari. 🙄 Great idea for the GP mode so they're balanced with reality, but in career modes let them be free! lol I do agree though, they need a boost becuase they're not that far behind the pack anymore. Well, maybe Haas is, but that's another story
  10. petro1319

    Patch 1.14 | F2 2020 Update

    Can't use F2 2020 drivers or cars in career mode Can't use F2 2020 drivers in My team mode F2 2020 cars come available at the end of the real season. F2 2020 cars only available to use in "grand prix" mode. Seriously, what's the point of this update? Just release F1 2021 with the current rosters of cars/drivers for BOTH F1 and F2. Let us play the game with actual updated drivers in all modes. There really is no point to the F2 2020 cars in their current state to be honest.
  11. petro1319

    F2 2020 drivers not in MyTeam?

    You can't even use F2 2020 cars in CAREER mode it appears either. So, A slight bit disappointing?? It's far more than a slight bit disappointing to me. That's the whole point of having the F2 2020 drivers; so you can build your team and mode with CURRENT drivers, not drivers from over a year ago. Another case for making Codies realize the next F1 game needs to be released with the 2021 F2 driver roster, not just a copy and past of this new update we just got As you said, hopefully there's a fix incoming for this; but given how long this update took to begin with, I'm not going to hold my breath. Used to have alot of faith in these guys but the way this year's game has panned out I'm seeing why many others around here have been beyond frustrated over the past few years. Hard to believe we waited this long for this, just to use them in "grand prix" mode. The good thing about this update is that it's free, I guess you get what you pay for.
  12. petro1319

    F2 2020

    It's pretty sad actually that it's not here yet. It's also pretty sad that it typically isn't included with the actual release since the game releases half way through the real season anyways. Honestly, I'm over it at this point. I couldn't care less if it ever comes out. Real F1/F2 seasons are over; I'm in year 7 of My Team now, so I doubt I'll bother to restart a new one to have current F2 drivers in it... if they even are going to be usable in the career/my team modes. Not trying to be overly negative here, but it's nothing more than a major letdown at this point. They've dropped the ball here there is no other way to say it. Just release F1 2021 with the current F1 AND F2 rosters right from the start. What's the point in releasing it with year old drivers in F2 anyways? Do they really think it breathes life back into the play cycle of the game 6 months later? Most people aside from hard core racing game fans have likely already moved on from the game.
  13. petro1319

    Next Patch

    Might as well just wait till next year at this point. Just release the next F1 game with both current F1, and F2 cars for the start of the season. This mid cycle "update" for F2 is complete nonsense this year, even last year. It's almost December and the end of the F1 season... Too little too late on this matter Codies. Promise may be delivered on eventually, but its just... far too late to matter IMO
  14. petro1319

    Custom Weather in Career Mode ???!!!

    Good idea. Last week I saw Lewis Hamilton request rain conditions in Istanbul. Would make it much more realistic to have one person request the weather, rather than the world or in this case AI make it random. 🙄 To be clear, I'm all for realistic random weather. Program that right, and we're good. In career mode though, if it's balalnced right I'd rather have it random and out of my control. If I can tell the game to make it rain in the last half of the race, then i know when to pit and change tires. That seems kinda of.... counter productive to what really happens on F1 sundays. So I'd rather see random weather, but have my team give me an actual real time weather forecast during the race if rain is in the forecast. Tell me about it as the race is unfolding and let me and my team adjust accordingly. Whats the fun in custom weather? OK... we're in Suzuka. I want a clean dry race because I struggle at this track. Easy finishing result. Does that feel good? Not really. I'd rather have what we have now... a simple forecast... keep checking in with your engineer if rain is in the forecast as to when its coming... I think people that request this just dislike the fact that its random, and they struggle to drive in the wet and hate how it impacts their championship standings. I dont understand the want for a "realistic" simulation game, but wanting the control over weather.. That's as unrealistic as it comes. If you want to race in Bahrain with rain... run a fictional single grand prix race in rain there. problem solved. in career modes it should be randomized. if you want the ability to make it sunny every race... fine... to each their own. but dont ruin the surprise element of weather for the rest of us.