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  1. Gregow

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    It’s not perfect but that’s how it works in real rally and racing. The racing director determines if the cut is illegal or not. That’s certainly better than allowing for drivers to find the quickest paths off road, which is nothing but exploiting the game.
  2. Gregow

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    There's one simple rule that could be implemented. Cuts with four wheels off the road that give an advantage could be made illegal.
  3. Gregow

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    Do you mean something like you could use reset zones to teleport yourself further along the stage? Anyhow, I would find it sad if advantages can be gained by meticulously exploring the boundaries of the reset zones. So much so, in fact, that I would lose all interest in the championship.
  4. Gregow

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    You're right, that point was from the rules regarding the finals. This one's regarding qualifying though: I can only find exploiting defined in the code of conduct for the finals, but it would indeed be odd to use different definitions so... point 81 c. So I guess CM would have to determine whether these cuts are an intended function of the game, or if the qualifying times set by using these cuts would be declared void.
  5. Gregow

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    And if the cuts at Kopina are not exploits, then I'm a duck. So it's a clear violation of the rules, also known as cheating, and should be penalized. Whether or not it takes skill is irrelevant.
  6. Gregow

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    My take away from that is that exploits could be penalized. I would be very disappointed if the cut shown in that video wasn’t severely penalized. It should give at least a 20 sec penalty.
  7. I hope you add Finnish tango. Other dancing is just too arcade and not real rally.
  8. Speaking of real rally... Group N cars up until 2001 had the following restrictions: No modified brakes, except pads No changing gear ratios, final drive nor differentials No modified suspension geometry or layout, but you could change shocks and springs as well as adjust the ride height So, I guess real rally can indeed have heavy restrictions.
  9. Indeed, if I'm not mistaken there are some karting classes where all the karts are standard issue and all you can do is make sure you're not heavier than the minimum weight. That's it. Now go and be a racing hero. And some of them do... Speaking of tuning cars, I remember way back when my life was either work or spending time in the garage. I was obsessing about getting everything right, to the extent of making aerodynamic simulations. Anyhow, I had ordered a new set of wheels from a guy who was doing pretty well for himself in racing. He was up there at the top in whatever racing series it was, I can't remember which. When I went over to pick up the new wheels I got a closer look at his car. Some of the parts, like shocks and springs, were the most low budget **** you could find. Like, low budget for your family saloon. He just thought they gave adequate stiffness, so whatever. Balance? Well, it was "alright". When I asked him about it, he was like: "Yeah, well... the car will go as fast as it will go. That other stuff just makes it easier to get there."
  10. For the record, my best time so far is 4:25 something. I can cut that down quite a bit with a clean run and improving on some portions, but... even if I get below 4 minutes - which I find quite the challenge - I doubt I could do that in qualifying. I’ll probably mess up somewhere. So, I won’t be in the quarter finals. That’s for sure. Not even close. But, I know I can directly compare my time against everyone else’s. Because everyone else will be using the same default setup. For those who advance, I can see car setups being an interesting factor. And by the way, I do know a thing or two about tuning cars. Quite a lot more than the simple adjustments the game allows you. It’s something I’m very comfortable with.
  11. The great thing about this is it’s only about skill. Yeah, you can feel that you’re too much a pro to race with the plebs, but the bottom line is that the best drivers will qualify. There’s no hiding your flaws behind setups, no gimmicks, no advantages to having spent countless hours fine tuning things. It’s you, a car, a piece of road and the objective of going as fast as you can. And no second chances. Complaining that this is unfair is simply ludicrous. Obviously the qualifying is not just for dedicated, True(tm), simmers. It’s for everyone, on an even playing field. It’s open for everyone and the placing on the leaderboards will mean something for everyone participating. You think that’s contrary to the spirit of the competition? You think it’s counter productive and unfair? Why, because the event should cater to you and your preferences? Maybe you don’t want to hurt your precious ears when hitting the rev limiter? Honestly, what a load of.... If you are as good as you seem to think you are - drive the **** out of the car and qualify for the quarters.
  12. I got into this only two months ago so I have not yet started saving up for direct drive wheels, racing seats and rigs. I did abuse an old MS Sidewinder way back when Richard Burns Rally was new. Got meself a G29 wheel this time. A new T300 should arrive tomorrow. I also need a new chair/seat... Yeah, I suppose it’s time to start saving now.
  13. But I do really want to want to pay for that. 😉 Damn, it would be awesome to have that.
  14. Where did you find the automatic transmissions mentioned?
  15. Regular manual gearboxes can also be driven similar to dogboxes. It’s just harder and a bit slower. Would be cool if that could be replicated in sims.