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  1. Pacenotes can be edited and you can install different voices for the co-driver.
  2. Walter Röhrl was answering the question of what could be faster than him, in the Opel, to which he replied "a monkey in a quattro". That was him recognizing how good the Quattro was, which was not to say that it was so easy to drive that anyone could win a rally. 4WD was indeed a game changer, but the Quattro was by no means an easy car - overpowered, turbo lag and prone to understeer, as it were. Yes, modern rally cars are much easier to drive. That doesn't mean it's easy to go maximum attack on a bumpy gravel road. Douchebag and diva for not wanting to go airborne half of the time? M
  3. Fast is relative. In comparison to the leaderboards it's very difficult to be fast, because there are a lot of people who are really friggin' good at Dirt Rally. If I were to compare to real life I'm a hell of a lot faster in Dirt Rally and I can do things easily in the game that I may never be able to do in a real car (and I have attacked quite a few gravel roads in my time). If you search youtube for "rally jumps" you'll find many examples of cars twisting and rotating through the air, in ways that you don't see in DR. I posted the RBR video because RBR has been referred to, a
  4. I rather think there is no such thing as good enough. DR2 is good (had I thought otherwise I wouldn't be here) but there's room for a lot of improvement. My main issue would be how the cars rotate and pivot. It's a bit like beating on a dead horse at this point, with the center pivot and all that (or center-ish, as I believe the model uses a center based pivot that moves around a bit). This model makes the cars very easy to rotate and slide, whilst controlling the slides is a piece of cake. I also think there's too much grip, especially on older cars (or rather, the progression of grip as the
  5. Easy does not equal realistic either. Realistic is realistic. As it happens though, rally driving is rather difficult. I find "simcade" to be quite fair for Dirt Rally, as it's a mix of realism and arcade. I personally hope for an overhaul of the physics model, where Codies aim for hardcore simulation in their next installment - something like an RBR for the modern era.
  6. My two cents: Cars and stages: Make it easy for modders. I get that Codemasters would want to milk the title for every extra piece added, but you won't make a masterpiece without good support for mods. Simple as that, unless you can bring hundreds of tracks and every car ever made. Physics: "Simcade" is for stroking peoples egos. If you find a realistic sim too difficult; slow down. I don't get what's supposed to be difficult with RBR and NGP physics. It's intuitive and easy to keep the car on the road if you adjust the speed to the conditions and your skill. Seriously, what'
  7. Heh, sales would tank if Codemasters did that. Perhaps Dirt 5 is more up your alley? Stages in DR2 are plenty wide. Stages like Poland and Finland are like 90% flat out.
  8. Maybe they don't actually like driving, or they would like it more if the physics were better? 😉 As long as it's not at the expense of realism I don't mind fleshing out other game modes. I hope, however, that you don't do an SMS. They downgraded their game and tried to make it more "fun", I suppose because racing wasn't fun to them, and it turned out to be an utter failure. I would hate to see the same thing happen to DR.
  9. It's a shame really. The game is really good but stuff like that can completely break it. When researching VR compatibility I also saw a post from one of the devs (on Reddit, I think) pretty much shrugging it off. So, I don't have any hopes for the next installment unfortunately. I'm guessing they're aiming at the console market primarily. Contrarian as I am I think there's a lot of work that needs to be done with the physics. However, I also think the most important thing is that the devs have the ambition to go in (what I think is) the right direction. DR2 made good improvements on i
  10. After getting an Oculus Quest 2 I have joined the "No VR, no buy"-gang. Considering pervious games have VR support I'd be surprised to see it dropped for future titles, but nonetheless I want to add it here. For me there's no way of going back to a flat panel, and I've entirely stopped playing driving games without VR (like WRC 9, which I think is an otherwise excellent title, up there with DR2). As for the VR-support itself though, VRSS would be a welcome addition and it would be nice if the interiors didn't glow.
  11. I guess that's promising. I don't mean to hate on Dirt just because it isn't my cup of tea but it's good to see more serious sims making financial sense. Seems like it could be the way the market is headed as well, which is great for everyone who loves sims. Not to say that Monte Carlo is realistic but it's an old myth that you shouldn't spin your tires on ice. That's in fact exactly what you should do, especially with AWD or RWD (FWD is trickier as you understeer a lot). Sure, you need momentum as well but if you don't spin the wheels you're not going to generate much force to push th
  12. Well sure, the vehicle (pun intended) of fun in a sim title is primarily the quality of the simulation. It's the idea of getting into the car and "actually" going McRae on a good stage that makes it fun. Then of course you have other aspects like competition, but surely that's secondary as you could compete in any old game. And so, that's why I don't see the point of playing with a keyboard or controller. It's so... disconnected, and it's not like DR offers much in terms of career mode, story or other gameplay mechanics. All it's got is pretty much down to the driving experience, and you
  13. I personally can't see the point of driving a sim with a keyboard. I mean, the whole point is to simulate the real experience and it's not like the career modes in these games are very compelling. With that said though, I don't think it's an issue directly related to physics but rather tweaking the input from the controllers and maybe adding some assists. At least that's what I think would be the right approach. What I really don't want to see are things dumbed down in an attempt to appeal to a broader audience. By that I don't mean exclude players with controllers. Rather, don't try to m
  14. For me the most important thing by far is to make it a real hardcore rally sim. Do a big overhaul of the physics engine, and please ditch the center pivot already.
  15. Guess I'll put this here. Dirt Rally 2 messing with the driver/not releasing it properly after quitting the game. Windows 10 Pro 64Bit 1903 Thrustmaster T300 and Logitech G29
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