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    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    My take away from that is that exploits could be penalized. I would be very disappointed if the cut shown in that video wasn’t severely penalized. It should give at least a 20 sec penalty.
  2. I hope you add Finnish tango. Other dancing is just too arcade and not real rally.
  3. Speaking of real rally... Group N cars up until 2001 had the following restrictions: No modified brakes, except pads No changing gear ratios, final drive nor differentials No modified suspension geometry or layout, but you could change shocks and springs as well as adjust the ride height So, I guess real rally can indeed have heavy restrictions.
  4. I often see people say it’s a shame Codemasters don’t have the official WRC license. Now with the release of WRC 8, I’m thinking... Is it because of the license that the choice of cars is so boring? If that’s the case, screw that licensing deal. The cars in Dirt Rally are so much more fun. Especially with the DLC, DR has a wonderful variety of both modern and historic cars. Only thing I would like to see more of in the future, are more older cars and oddities. Please give me a Volvo 240, an old two stroke Saab, Alfa Giulia Sprint and so on. There are so many cool cars that are not necessarily “fast and furious”, but cool and interesting and fun. Codemasters are definitely on the right track in this regard. It’s so much more fun to have a wide range of cars, instead of just the most recent and then a few classics just for good measure. What do you think?
  5. Indeed, if I'm not mistaken there are some karting classes where all the karts are standard issue and all you can do is make sure you're not heavier than the minimum weight. That's it. Now go and be a racing hero. And some of them do... Speaking of tuning cars, I remember way back when my life was either work or spending time in the garage. I was obsessing about getting everything right, to the extent of making aerodynamic simulations. Anyhow, I had ordered a new set of wheels from a guy who was doing pretty well for himself in racing. He was up there at the top in whatever racing series it was, I can't remember which. When I went over to pick up the new wheels I got a closer look at his car. Some of the parts, like shocks and springs, were the most low budget **** you could find. Like, low budget for your family saloon. He just thought they gave adequate stiffness, so whatever. Balance? Well, it was "alright". When I asked him about it, he was like: "Yeah, well... the car will go as fast as it will go. That other stuff just makes it easier to get there."
  6. For the record, my best time so far is 4:25 something. I can cut that down quite a bit with a clean run and improving on some portions, but... even if I get below 4 minutes - which I find quite the challenge - I doubt I could do that in qualifying. I’ll probably mess up somewhere. So, I won’t be in the quarter finals. That’s for sure. Not even close. But, I know I can directly compare my time against everyone else’s. Because everyone else will be using the same default setup. For those who advance, I can see car setups being an interesting factor. And by the way, I do know a thing or two about tuning cars. Quite a lot more than the simple adjustments the game allows you. It’s something I’m very comfortable with.
  7. The great thing about this is it’s only about skill. Yeah, you can feel that you’re too much a pro to race with the plebs, but the bottom line is that the best drivers will qualify. There’s no hiding your flaws behind setups, no gimmicks, no advantages to having spent countless hours fine tuning things. It’s you, a car, a piece of road and the objective of going as fast as you can. And no second chances. Complaining that this is unfair is simply ludicrous. Obviously the qualifying is not just for dedicated, True(tm), simmers. It’s for everyone, on an even playing field. It’s open for everyone and the placing on the leaderboards will mean something for everyone participating. You think that’s contrary to the spirit of the competition? You think it’s counter productive and unfair? Why, because the event should cater to you and your preferences? Maybe you don’t want to hurt your precious ears when hitting the rev limiter? Honestly, what a load of.... If you are as good as you seem to think you are - drive the **** out of the car and qualify for the quarters.
  8. I got into this only two months ago so I have not yet started saving up for direct drive wheels, racing seats and rigs. I did abuse an old MS Sidewinder way back when Richard Burns Rally was new. Got meself a G29 wheel this time. A new T300 should arrive tomorrow. I also need a new chair/seat... Yeah, I suppose it’s time to start saving now.
  9. But I do really want to want to pay for that. 😉 Damn, it would be awesome to have that.
  10. Where did you find the automatic transmissions mentioned?
  11. Regular manual gearboxes can also be driven similar to dogboxes. It’s just harder and a bit slower. Would be cool if that could be replicated in sims.
  12. Gregow

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    Cool, this is going to be fun. So many angry gamers will crash and ruin their laps. 😄
  13. Gregow

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    Have I got it right that you get one shot at qualifying - one run and that’s it? Or can you keep trying until it closes after the 16;th?
  14. I'm fine with assists if it's true that they slow you down. Chase cam is an abomination though, so I'm against purely based on principle. Fixed setups is great but I think it would have been even better combined with not revealing stages and locations beforehand. I've just spent an hour or two improving my time on Kopina, and frankly... this is not rally. It's more akin to circuit racing on gravel.
  15. No one gets to setup the car for their driving style. That’s how it’s fair.
  16. I like it. It evens the playing field. They should just have forced all assists off too.
  17. Gregow

    Tarmac Physics and FFB

    I think the sliding is pretty accurate most of the time. The game does a good job of simulating how the tires shovel dirt and dig down to then “bite”. What I’ve found somewhat lacking, and maybe this is just my lack of skill, is when you try to use a lot of momentum for a long drift. Say for example you’re coming at very high speed towards a hairpin and want to drift the car so you’re essentially going backwards with the nose pointing into the hairpin. I’ve never got that to work because the car loses speed too quickly. It’s like you gain grip exponentially, almost.
  18. Gregow

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    I’m hoping for a silent update with hidden rocks placed strategically. Then there could be an extra leaderboard for highest speed terminal crashes.
  19. Gregow

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - RaceNet Connectivity Issues

    Will try. Sorry for the inconvenience we’ve caused you.
  20. Gregow

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - RaceNet Connectivity Issues

    I just had a great idea! How about the game not resetting progress when there are server issues? Hmmm?
  21. Gregow

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - RaceNet Connectivity Issues

    Yes, all credits, progress and cars are lost. I’m not even sure you can play career any more. With zero credits, you can’t even buy the Fulvia or Mini - can you? And here I thought gamers where just whining about the RaceNet. I see now why so many are upset about it. This is just unacceptable. I hope this gets resolved with alacrity.
  22. Gregow

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    My first reaction was that the force feedback sucks and the cars feel really weird. Getting back to it later, after a reboot, it felt much better but the driving was weird and really punishing. Now, after getting a better feel for the game... well... This is actually really good in many ways. The cars have more "bite" than in Dirt Rally. How the cars handle over bumps and jumps is simply superior. In WRC 8 you cant be as lazy with the inputs going over the jumps and bumps. If you are, you'll quickly end up in a tree. This aspect is way too simplistic and easy to handle in Dirt Rally. Aside from that, I don't know yet which one is more realistic. They're definitely different, that's for sure. I was very skeptical before the launch. Almost all the previews just showed people driving with controllers and it all looked odd. My first impression were negative. Now I'm leaning more towards this being seriously good. As in, it could actually be a new benchmark. I don't know yet but I'm starting to become impressed. What stands out as the biggest issue with the physics is how easily the cars bounce and roll when you hit hard bumps in the road. Reminds me a bit of the first Dirt Rally, except I haven't yet simulated the Apollo program - a common thing in Dirt Rally. While my opinion might change after closer scrutiny I think this game really tries to be a serious sim. It may appeal to the arcade gamers as well and the marketing certainly hasn't shown of the capabilites as a sim, but I think they mean actual business here.
  23. Gregow

    Is the WRC license really a loss?

    Right, and organizations like the FIA can control the rules, regulations and tracks/stages, but.... The true spirit of rally will always be that drunk finn, getting a midnight call from a girl, taking his old beat up Toyota Camry and his best pal 40 miles to Jyväskylä, That's rally, no matter how you formalize it. Of course, it's not just about the finns. You also have crazy Scots, Irish, Spaniards, Germans, Italians and so on - all competing about who gets to that girl first. Take whatever car you have hidden away in your barn and drive the doors off of it. On gravel, snow, ice or tarmac. Don't get me wrong now. I think the current WRC cars are helluva cool. I think the stages/rallies are awesome. But, I don't want a game that is limited to those. Give me a rusty Camry, finn edition, to see what I can do with it. Or an old Impreza, Delta, Quattro or whatever. On top of that it would be cool with current WRC cars (and DR has some R5 cars if I'm not mistaken). In regards to rallies/stages I think it's most important to capture the feel, or essence, of the particular location. Granted, it does feel better if there's some familiarity. But that more like, "I recognize this area". Other than that, it's just about designing them well. I mean, I doubt FIA could stop anyone from making rally stages from random locations in Sweden, Finland, Spain, Scotland or whatever. They don't have to be official. They just have to be good. It's a bit different in circuit racing, I think. I'd rather drive Spa than some made up circuit, that's for sure. But that's very different from rally.
  24. Gregow

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Yeah, same here. I won’t be contending for the top spots. But, when I trie the qualifying I want to at least know where I’m at. And I want whoever wins to be the best driver, not the best cheater.
  25. Gregow

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Yeah, come on guys... that was just a political answer. A better answer would be: “We’re aware of the problem but can’t do anything right now - working on it. Please enjoy the event while we try to fix it.”