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  1. SamuelMcSamFace

    Paying to retry?

    “One tiny mistake that may cost me a second is something I have to live with because I am not prepared to pay for delivering my best performance.“ Imagine what it’s like being an actual racing driver where one tiny mistake could cost you the race, your career or your life and you have zero opportunities to redo it. For me, this limit on retries adds a tiny fraction of that risk that is so inherent to motorsports and which the ability to retry indefinitely destroys.
  2. SamuelMcSamFace

    Paying to retry?

    Personally I think the changes are a really good thing. It makes it more like real racing, where if you mess up you mess up. Anyone can get a good lap time with infinite retries but to do put it all together with limited chances takes a bit more skill. It's not like to can't practice as much as you want in single mode beforehand.