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  1. FusionJohn

    Dishing the DIRT - Two Teams, One Future

    A shame for all the VR users as it seems the franchise will continue to not support VR (so I’ve been told). Would be fantastic if everyone could enjoy the genuine licensed game in addition to the Dirt Rally series. Most VR sim racers won’t buy a game if no VR support.
  2. FusionJohn

    Dishing the DIRT - Two Teams, One Future

    Like a lot of us who enjoy Dirt Rally 2, I’m really hoping the simulation aspect is retained for whatever the next dev project will be. It’s the feeling of immersion, the feeling that you’re as close as possible to being in a rally car, that keeps many of us hooked. VR is absolutely essential from the outset in my view (although many will disagree).
  3. FusionJohn

    Dirt 2.0 PC - KEYBOARD ISSUE

    I also have this issue, same as crazyjockey (no Fanatec though). I finally found a way to rename the setup files by opening the game in 2D version at my desktop and editing the file names with my desktop keyboard. The Sim Rig keyboard does not function as a keyboard in VR version or in 2D version (it just rotates and zooms the camera around the car with cursor flashing after setup). The desktop keyboard will not rename files in VR version (say if I climb out of the sim rig and use desktop keyboard to try and rename the setup file). Summary: I save files as "My Tuning Setup" and then later close / reopen the game at desktop only to go back in and rename those saved setups. It's a pain and would be great to resolve.
  4. FusionJohn

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 Bug Reports

    Ok, so that looks like the car plays accurately. The in game menu should maybe be changed then to say manual 5 speed (and forget the sequential). Thanks for the link - I just need £100,000 now and I can get the real thing 🙂
  5. FusionJohn

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 Bug Reports

    I'm sure this must have been reported before but couldn't find it. Subaru Impreza NR4 should be 5 speed manual sequential but actually plays as H pattern manual. The Mitsubishi NR4 plays sequential as it should, so it's just the Subaru that's affected. Steam in Oculus VR mode. Apologies if this is old news.
  6. FusionJohn

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 VR Feedback

    I bought Day One edition and installed into Steam. Immediately had bad stuttering and lag through various updates until a couple of months ago, when it worked OK finally in 2D. Then when VR came out, same thing. I can't run any preset above "low" and even then I have to turn off the settings recommended in an earlier guide (Ambient Occlusion, ground cover etc.) My machine should easily run Ultra but the stutter and lag is extreme, so I reduce settings as above (low or off) until the stutter is small enough to cope with and play (though stage times are still impacted by the momentary freezing). CPU and GPU show low load levels during the game. Platform is Steam VR, all DLC downloaded. Oculus Rift CV1 headset. PC is X299, Intel 7900X cpu OC'd to 4.4 (8 cores) / 4.6 (2 cores), RTX2080ti OC'd using Precision X1 scanner, 32GB Ram, game is installed on C: drive nvme ssd, custom loop cooling CPU, GPU and VRM. Day One edition (standard?) with all DLC. Lots of peripherals - Thrustmaster TX servo base wheel, T3PA pedals (USB connected), TH8A shifter, Heusinkveld handbrake, BBJ button box, 2 x keyboard (1 x wireless), mouse, various sound devices, Oculus Rift (all sensors unplugged except one now for this issue), 3 screens connected in addition to the Oculus headset. I've tried disconnecting as many USB devices as possible. I tried running Supersampling "2" and changing refresh rate manually to 90 from 60 but the config VR file returned to default settings afterwards. Resolution is 1600 x 900 in the config VR file.