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  1. It's hard to stomach the downgrade when some of us can run the game easily with better looking trees/vegetation. I can't stand these cartoony/cardboard looking trees.
  2. Trees didn't look good in 2019 either, but 2020 they are horrible. The tracks and cars look good, but man... some corner-cutting has been made. Not a fan, not gonna buy 2020.
  3. The rest of the game looks good to me, but trees and view distance are dumbed down majorly because of splitscreen I'm guessing. https://i1.lensdump.com/i/jYYbYD.jpg Seriously ruins the immersion, Codies still struggle so badly with trees!
  4. I hope the game feels good on high refresh monitors. WRC8 never quite felt right. Other than that, I really liked WRC8. Has rumble trigger support too which Dirt still doesn't. Finland and Sweden better be the 'old' locations to get some love, man Finland has been bad in WRC games for so long now. Looking forward to the new locations.
  5. The game lacks sense of speed, especially inside the car.
  6. In the triggers, yes. Regular rumble works.
  7. There are many things I prefer in WRC8, and some I don't. Rumble trigger support works, yet somehow not in DR2.0 because it's not DX12? Well, neither is WRC8. Weather and time of day, tarmac, sense of speed, stages (for the most part) are miles ahead of DR2.0 for me. The best stages in DR2.0 are remasters, that's really sad. Even then, they kind of lost their soul and look off due to the weather or time of day choices. Extreme brightness is the order of the day for DR2.0 The massive BUT, is that WRC8 does not feel good on high refresh monitors/gsync. It just never feels smooth n
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