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  1. Fluxburner

    Logitech G29 Wheel.mapping bug [R2]

    Firstly What is the point of continuing updates on any title if you are not going to actually support the main bugs and issues?! Instead of just ignoring this problem get someone to fix it already ! We have waited patiently for this to be addressed it was a problem created by the developers earlier patches on one of the most popular periphery entry level wheels on the current market. The Logitech G29! Why is this not getting addressed yet? it's such a simple fix hardly a brain drain, just turn the mapping bind back on for the wheel in the code for god sake! Patch Version 1.10 , 1.12, 1.15, 1.16 and now 1.18 have all been implemented and it is yet to be fixed. Hardly good enough for a supposed supported title, and whatever the excuse it's obviously not being considered at all. Using this wheel in game currently without that button binding correctly is an absolute pain in the backside and needs fixed come on guys stop already give us a break and cut the **** and sort it out it's nearly Christmas and this happened 4 months ago and 5 patches since? What do we have to do get it sorted, contact Logitech as well and get them to talk to you guys so maybe someone will actually listen do something about it and take notice ?
  2. Fluxburner

    Logitech G29 Wheel.mapping bug [R2]

    I lodged a support ticket way back when heard nothing back at all? We are a few updates past the issue update now and still no acknowledgement? Pretty ordinary I think for probably the most common sim wheel going atm.
  3. Firstly hello guys 1st post. Question, since V1.09 update patch on F1 2019 PS4. there is now a button mapping issue on my G29 Logitech Wheel? The RA Wheel, (red dial) won't bind a map, when turned clockwise only?. But Anticlockwise and the center button on the wheel still bind ok. Anyone else suffering from this issue perhaps? I tried reinstalling the game and it works again and binds as normal, but as soon as I update the game to the V1.09 patch it won't map again. Everything else is fine. I also tried F1 2018 & other games, and RA wheel maps fine. Where is best place to lodge with Codemasters this bug? It appears to be a patch bug to me as was all working fine before V1.09? Cheers, all feedback on this issue welcome.