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  1. I agree with creating a team, basing it on the online generic multiplayer car. Also the option to use the online generic multiplayer car in time trial. Also, an option to do career without interviews or too much admin interaction or loading screens in the career. Like an automatic career mode where you just race and things are done for you.
  2. thatsfine

    Suggest some series

    If you like Breaking Bad, you may like The Sopranos, The Wire, and Better Call Saul. Prison Break is also good. Namaste.
  3. Just an idea but with the 2020 season up in the air, I feel a classic season may be a great idea instead. Like an actual full season from the late 90s or early 2000s. You could even release the title F1 1996 or something.
  4. I'd like a random season to race in, like a 1996 season or something. Also, the option to race a road car around the tracks. Even if it is a safety car in time trial, but yeah a Porsche GT4 would be sweet.
  5. I like the 1996 Williams the most, especially in cockpit around Spa at sunset. Retro.
  6. thatsfine

    Game crashes right after launch

    Thanks. Had similar issue. This solved it.
  7. thatsfine

    Real F1 Thread

    Is there an actual real F1 thread anywhere? I figure it is a bit strange not to have one in off-topic since most here play the game so you probably follow a bit of the sport. This is just for any recent talking points, like for example, Verstappen not slowing down under a yellow flag demoting his pole position. On one hand, I think it could ruin a good race today, as he should have had pole regardless of the last lap. On the other hand, he probably did disrespect safety. But on the other other hand, I feel the FIA only gave him retrospective action due to his press conference answer. Do you think he should have got penalised for overtaking Valterri full speed?
  8. thatsfine

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    I've criticised codemasters a lot but this looks like an unexpectedly good patch. Pro tip though, in the future if you want more gameplay, perhaps make the halloween livery something you can win in a gift seasonal event than have to buy.
  9. The difference is Lewis was racing Trulli for track position. Not to mention under a safety car. I am aware that you have to slow down under yellows and not pass. However, the issue is I am not passing a car racing for position. I am passing a car I am lapping who is all over the place and slowing down on track and a lap behind everyone else in a 5 lap race, and it is telling me to give him the position back, in other words, let him unlap himself again, which is ridiculous. All it needed was codemasters to see that an illegal overtake on a backmarker should not be possible, and even if it is, you should not have to let the backmarker unlap and should just have a warning. This is specific to backmarkers who in reality should be disqualified for dangerous driving as opposed to penalising race leaders for not slowing down and ruining their race to let them unlap themselves. However I recognise the FIA are strict with yellows and slowing down. It is just codemasters are less strict with backmarkers who are squirming all over the track and can't even match the 107% rule so I feel it is unfair to give them leniancy over giving the leaders leniancy, when it only ever ruins the race of the leader. Again, I am not opposed to the strict ruling, but then strictly speaking the backmarker shouldn't even be racing.
  10. I understand that for cars I am racing against, but for backmarkers the blue flag should negate having to hand the position back. The wider point is also sketchy, as these cars are creating their own yellow flags, so I am actually overtaking the incident as opposed to a car seperate to the incident. But even if Codemasters recognised that you don't have to hand a position back to a backmarker under a blue flag, it would be sensible. Personally I don't even feel it is an illegal overtake as 1. I am not overtaking anyone, and 2. They are causing the yellow flag. But point 1 is the main point.
  11. thatsfine

    Is Monaco still unplayable?

    Personally I have to drop down a Skill level (or two) and an Assist level (or two), in order to compete for 1st in a race like my easiest races. However, in time trials I would say it is not my hardest and Japan is harder technically speaking. But I would say it is unplayable for me without adding more assists, although I also recognise if I had the enthusiasm or concentration to practice three times as hard there I may say something different.
  12. Hi guys, This has happened to me twice now and is really infuriating. Basically, I was in 3rd or 4th place in an online ranked race. About 2-3 laps in a backmarker in 13th place spins and creates a yellow flag in front of me, so I overtake him. I then get a warning of an illegal overtake [???] and to hand the position back. During this time the backmarker is behind me and blue flags are waving. I ignore the warning of the illegal overtake, end up finishing 7th or 8th because of it, drop down in skill rating for finishing outside the top half, and also drop down in safety rating for picking up a penalty. In the past I have saw the warning of the illegal overtake [even though it wasn't], chose to speed down below the pace of the backmarker, and also ruined my race in terms of losing pace with the frontrunners. This really shouldn't be happening and is ruining good races.
  13. Hi guys, I have a general question about achievements. For example, I notice on PC I have achieved 50/50 achievements, but on some sites there are 51 achievements. Is this only on PS4, or does a hidden one unlock? Other optional questions are do PS4 and Xbox times go on PC time trials? And if not, is there any way to integrate cross platforms in the future so everyone has the same game? Thanks for any replies.
  14. Hi guys, basically my comfort level on F1 2019 maxes out around Experienced Assists and Hard AI. So to improve I am looking to go to Professional Assists, but even with the AI lowered to easy, I am struggling with the braking and locking up. Are there any suggestions to improve this? I have tried a few calibration settings but I am still experiencing a hard time and can't get it right. Thanks in advance for any replies.