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  1. Virtual mirror on halo or option to remove halo completely would be nice. Also fixed cockpit cam or option to make t-cam less fast. It is a bit of a joke that all the F1 drivers use it.
  2. thatsfine

    F1 2020 Gameplay by Content Creators

    Watched Jimmy Broadbent's video. Found it a bit strange he was praising it being easier to short shift and turn in lower gears to gain time. I realise this is a game hack but in reality it doesn't happen. Hamilton for example in real life gains time by being able to corner in 4th when others corner in 3rd. In game if you are able to corner in 1st to turn when you should be in 3rd you can gain. Just plain wrong. Weird it is endorsed. Especially as top lap times and 110% AI are already too quick for real life.
  3. thatsfine

    Actual number of total weekly event finishers

    For me at least, I start well with good intentions but struggle to follow through on turning up at all. The novelty has worn off anyway. But yes, a lot of any racing is won by simply turning up on time and not crashing and aiming for 10th. It is a boring reality but if you can master it good.
  4. thatsfine

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    I don't disagree with this, and as a noob with an entry wheel starting my sim career on iRacing, Project Cars 2, etc., I am actually having less understanding of the complaints for the F1 game. For example, some reg posters on here turn down their wheel calibration settings in order to handle better. However, when I use the same settings I feel it takes away the edge of the real life experience, because if I watch an onboard of a Mercedes going down a pit straight at Australia it is actually still rattling all over the place due to track effects, wind etc., and yea g-force I don't get to simulate the experience of. However, I do agree with the general premise that anywhere from a GT5, Formula Renault, Formula 1 car type model is actually way easier to handle than for example a basic Mazda MX-5 and this has surprised me quite a bit, although perhaps it shouldn't considering Premier League footballers find it easier playing in better pitches than non-league grass roots. But this is my point in general. Will F1 drivers just always aim for better handling as opposed to better simulation of hard handling? As for the behaviour of finer details I defer to the real drivers. I actually think someone like Norris for example would be best placed in the creation of a game. But maybe that is wrong and it is the random unknown experienced sim racer with a history degree in physics models of all games. Or some developer that just stopped applying for new jobs every year.
  5. thatsfine

    F1 2019 Help - New to this

    F2 impacts not much. You can skip it as well if you like. I think Mercedes driver academy may help with Williams but it is irrelevant compared to hitting team goals. Put the AI below what you need to hit practice goals comfortably. It is ok to do a full season in easy or very easy with assists in order to not get frustrated and quit.
  6. thatsfine

    Practice Sessions

    Cheers, I realise what I got wrong now. I just forgot how to change fuel in set up. Possibly due to practice programs and new wheel controls and it being not so obvious and on different menu compared to tyres etc.
  7. thatsfine

    Wheel Transitioning Tips

    Thanks guys. Going for no assists, 0% AI and a lot of practice til I get the consistency I want.
  8. Is practice in full career mode realistic enough? Cars can do anywhere from ~10-40 laps over 90 mins. In the game ~10-20 seems about max average ability with programs and fuel restrictions in laps and out laps.
  9. thatsfine

    Practice Sessions

    Hello co-F1 players, I am doing a full career mode on F1 2019 and trying to replicate real life. I noticed in real life practice 1 sessions were 26-30 laps, practice 2 33 laps, practice 3 13-17 laps, or something like that for Mercedes at Australia. However, in career mode I do about 13 laps and complete all the practice programs once, get 325/325 resource points, and only have about 20-30 minutes left to somehow put in another 13 to do the minimum required to be semi-realistic. Also, for some reason I can't select fuel load and go out for a pure 13. I'd have to do >2 race strategy programs. I couldn't really be ****** with this. I was just wondering what others do to replicate practice in career.
  10. It has probably been said before but wouldn't mind some winter testing in career mode.
  11. This is a fair point. Even if you took the top 5 complaints from all of them it would be an improvement.
  12. thatsfine

    Wheel Transitioning Tips

    Hi guys, I have gotten pretty used to the controller. I can do Elite assists with Medium AI. However, starting with a wheel I feel I am starting the game all over again from square one. Do you recommend going back to beginner assists, or persisting with elite? Beginner assists I am still five seconds down on my first run. Elite it is over ten seconds and invalidating laps but it does feel better.
  13. thatsfine

    F1 2020 Wishlist Features

    I would like there to be more realism according to F1 drivers. For example, they do not use ERS because it is unrealistic, and they laugh at the idea of up shifting to save fuel.
  14. I also think time trial should be generic the same as the multiplayer car and/or base 11th team car.
  15. I liked the Jordan team so I would create a similar spirit. But I would like to create a custom team with a custom team name and sponsor/livery options that I race for and can pick a fun driver for such as Button, Alonso, Broadbent..