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  1. Virtual mirror on halo or option to remove halo completely would be nice. Also fixed cockpit cam or option to make t-cam less fast. It is a bit of a joke that all the F1 drivers use it.
  2. Thanks guys. Going for no assists, 0% AI and a lot of practice til I get the consistency I want.
  3. Is practice in full career mode realistic enough? Cars can do anywhere from ~10-40 laps over 90 mins. In the game ~10-20 seems about max average ability with programs and fuel restrictions in laps and out laps.
  4. It has probably been said before but wouldn't mind some winter testing in career mode.
  5. Hi guys, I have gotten pretty used to the controller. I can do Elite assists with Medium AI. However, starting with a wheel I feel I am starting the game all over again from square one. Do you recommend going back to beginner assists, or persisting with elite? Beginner assists I am still five seconds down on my first run. Elite it is over ten seconds and invalidating laps but it does feel better.
  6. I liked the Jordan team so I would create a similar spirit. But I would like to create a custom team with a custom team name and sponsor/livery options that I race for and can pick a fun driver for such as Button, Alonso, Broadbent..
  7. I agree with creating a team, basing it on the online generic multiplayer car. Also the option to use the online generic multiplayer car in time trial. Also, an option to do career without interviews or too much admin interaction or loading screens in the career. Like an automatic career mode where you just race and things are done for you.
  8. Just an idea but with the 2020 season up in the air, I feel a classic season may be a great idea instead. Like an actual full season from the late 90s or early 2000s. You could even release the title F1 1996 or something.
  9. I'd like a random season to race in, like a 1996 season or something. Also, the option to race a road car around the tracks. Even if it is a safety car in time trial, but yeah a Porsche GT4 would be sweet.
  10. I think while we are waiting on 2020, there should be an option to do a career mode in 2019 with the current drivers, no changes, and no rivals, and the teams performance ranked and projected on how they finished the 2019 season, so it gives you an accurate immersive career experience of the season that just happened or is happening.
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