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  1. We've started up am internal Championship within our clan and I have a few questions regarding the points system for the Championship. I've attached a screen shot after our last event for review to the questions. 1. initially we started with 2 people, so first got 2 points and second got 1 point. later others joined so first place would get the total of those joined at that time. Which devaluates the first place in the initial event. 2. When we've had a full complement of racers, with the exception of projectpatt9 who hasn't competed. For example #3, first gets 7 points, then there is this mysterious jump to 5 points and down, then 2 people get 1 point. The same follows for the following 2 events when 2 people didn't race. In all 3, everyone completed the event as far as I can see, so confused about the points. Forgive me if it's been explained elsewhere, but I can't seem to find anything, so point me there.