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  1. Special stages brought from the old games? That is all
  2. I’ve noticed since update 1.9 the sound is great when on replay and runs in 7.1 but when in gameplay it only runs in 7.0 For some reason there’s no output to the subwoofer. I’m still to try it in 5.1 and 4.1 surround to see if it’s only in 7.1 which has the issue.
  3. Is there a way to adjust the in car camera positions further than default? Something like modify a .cfg file or something? Only asking as some cars are fine but some cars the seat position is far too low and I like to see my dash looking through my wheel and not over my wheel or halfway up my screen. Is there a way of doing this? I didn’t want to play around with files as I don’t wanna get kicked from my career progress.
  4. I also noticed that the water splash has no effect either. Not water on windscreen or loss of car control. It’s as if the water splashes aren’t there.
  5. PC, Steam, Oculus Rift, 8700k, 32GB Ram, Zotac 1080 amp extreme. Dirt Rally 2.0 Deluxe edition. Don’t know if I’m being stupid here but I’ve had Dirt Rally 2 since Preorder and only today when my friend came over and had a go I noticed the monitor is displaying one full view (full screen) and another of the same view but in the top left corner overlapping the full screen view??? I’ve never noticed this before and wondering if I’ve c**cked up somewhere? Pretty sure it’s not doing any good for the performance issues that this sim already has regarding VR...🤷🏼‍♂️ https://youtu.be/R3b9LbOpcpE