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  1. Penthux

    Suggestions to Codemasters

    I've experienced this a LOT. You're right, the penalty system needs revising. I've had penalties when other cars have rammed into me from behind, or just nudged me off the circuit to ruin my chances of beating them. Yesterday I received a 10 second penalty for hitting another car when I was speeding down the pit-straight in Baku - with no other cars within 5 seconds of me and no previous collisions in that race! It just came from nowhere. The driver whose car I was supposed to have collided with did crash out of that race though. However, where you would expect a human to be able to discern who was at fault for an accident/incident/collision quite easily, it might be easier said than done with regards to programming a computer to perform the same judicial role.
  2. Penthux

    Suggestions to Codemasters

    Before upgrading with this 1.10 patch, I was member of a week-day league that I now cannot take part in. The "next event" is stuck on a race that took place 2 days ago. I'm still trying to claw my super-licence back to a modest status after repeatedly being rammed by noobs in ranked mode and being penalised for other player's unsporting behaviour. I get rammed = I get the penalty and lose a SHEDLOAD of rank and safety status points. Is this how Codemasters intended the game to be? i.e. totally NOT like Formula 1. Is there a "bang head on wall" mode to bring some balance to the existing game as it is now? My suggestion is to myself; "Stop kicking yourself in the gonads by playing this game!"
  3. Penthux

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Because "we'll decide what's best for you" [money-driven] individuals are behind the software and not Formula 1 aficionados, and it clearly shows. F1 2019 'game' could have been so much more accurate and 'realistic', had CM spent more time and effort on it. I thought the premise with each new software release was to better what had gone before. Apparently not because F1 2019 'game' seems to have taken a step backwards, judging by its predecessors.
  4. Penthux

    Ranked problem in F1 2019

    Lobbies are full, yes. Full of childish griefers who get their "fun" from ruining your chances by ramming you from behind or especially when you're overtaking. It might be a decent looking game but some of the mechanics and programming [especially multiplayer] is not what you expect from sensibly designed software. The carnage that is multiplayer ruins the experience of F1 in this game.
  5. Funnily enough, I was ignorant of what to expect by playing ranked, and naive in thinking (or hoping) pretty much the same thing as you. I obviously gave others too much respect and consideration to the 'wild fantasy' of hoping that this game attracted the more serious online racers. NOT SO! On my first day of playing ranked I got in with a group of guys from Europe (Holland, Germany, Denmark, France, U.K.) that seemed to enjoy racing fairly and properly. There were a lot of good races and I ended up with a silver "B" grade [72%] super-licence. However, I have since found that this initial day was a rarity, not the general rule. The second day of playing ranked I was perpetually rammed, forced off the track and/or into barriers and/or terminal [race-ending] objects like the pit wall, in ALL races except one where i crashed out. By the end of the second day my super-licence was a Bronze "D" grade [48%]. I did my very best to avoid incidents but the nutters I was racing against weren't racing. They were playing GTA 5 in the F1 2019 game. When I tried to overtake they obviously tried to block (most by weaving) and when i was overtaking they would ram into me most of the time. Some of the time I was rammed from behind on purpose to get me out of the way, and I incurred the penalty! [***?^^] It's a prime example of ruining your chances of achieving better results than them. That's not racing. That's not competition. It's a childish mentality of trying to stop you beating them. Quite a few players laughed, scoffed, or offered some derogatory comment on the in-game audio when they did something unsporting. One player, "f.marci.b" in a Brazil 5-lap race, just drove around ramming into people and ruining the entire event for everyone. I do not understand why anybody would think that this was acceptable or appropriate. Unless they were 12 years old, or an age where that sort of thing seems to be the most intelligent thing they can think of to have "fun" at other people's expense. Ranked races at the moment are a noob-fest of carnage. There simply is NO WAY you can enter a ranked race and expect to enjoy a good competitive event, or other players to be fair and sportsmanlike. NO WAY! It completely ruins the ranked experience and is a blemish on the enjoyment of the game in general. The problem is, how do you stop it? My thoughts in reply to your suggestions are; "- Punish people who keep getting penalties, take away their coins and ban them for x amount of time." = Add points to their super-licence. The more points they incur in a certain amount of time dicates the seriousness of the ban. If you say [for example] when your super-licence has 12 points you are disqualified from ranked events for 7 days. If those 12 points have been accrued in a 24 hour period the ban could be 14 days, if those 12 points were accrued in an hour then the ban could be 28 days. etc. Any financial costs would also be deducted accordingly. One thing I very much dislike is the way "exceeding track limits" is calculated and programmed because it's not consistent or realistic in any way. On some tracks I put 1 wheel over the white line and I'm penalised, and the same thing on the kerbs! Err... that's what her kerbs are there for??? It just doesn't make sense because it's so inaccurate and seems arbitrary. Another thing that doesn't make sense in career mode is the driver deciding what new parts and development is researched within the team. The driver usualy plays no part in anything to do with the design and decisions of upgrades and modifications. The driver just tests any new changes. In the real world that's how it is. The reason why many, many things don't make sense in F1 2019 game is because games-players built it and not F1 fans, and it shows. Geoff Crammond could teach these Codemasters a thing or two about F1 simulators, I'm sure.