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  1. Pay to retry is seriously frustrating. Like many other people complaining about the game, I will probably end up deleting it. Race weekends are my favourite part of the game, duels are monotonous, single is too easy. I liked being able to restart so I can keep trying to figure out the best line though the pack and fight for position. I hear the argument that this is more authentic because you cant retry in a real race, but c’mon we’re playing this on a phone or iPad, I don’t play because it’s real. If I want real I’ll drive a car. This was a gem of a app, good game play for not that much in return maybe a few ads here and there. The fact you didn’t have to invest in the mobile game made me a bigger F1 fan, it let me see the courses so I had a better insight before watching the actual race. But nothing is free, I understand, but at least try to steal my data not my money.