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  1. ecstubblebine

    All Stats Reset and Can't Connect to RaceNet

    It seems they've fixed the issue. I think I lost my rallycross progress, but otherwise, I can logon and play so thank you for that Codemasters; now just fix your pricing structure.
  2. ecstubblebine

    All Stats Reset and Can't Connect to RaceNet

    This just happened to me, as well. What gives Codemasters? No "Discrepancy" on my end, I changed nothing except from full screen to borderless windows, it also recently reset my key bindings after the latest upgrade, but other than that nothing. First I buy the Deluxe Upgrade thinking that's it, only to find out, one month later, that I'll have to buy yet another Deluxe Upgrade. I feel scammed, and now you rob us of our credits? If only this sim/game wasn't so frickin' good.... AMD turned me on to my first Codemasters Dirt game - A freebie for buying an APU, So far, I've bought every Dirt game since, plus Dirt 3 just for S&Gs. Please Codemasters get it together, I want to keep feeling justified buying your games.