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  1. Angrypostman

    LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND.......... GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!

    Shame the guy cant drive properly! Would be good to see a clean lap. I still like it though. And with my x31's i think the sound will be good.
  2. Angrypostman

    TT vs Career Setups

    On the odd track like cota and spa my tt and race setup are nearly identica both 1-1 wings and 11-11 springs and very quick, only change the gears for race setup, but every other track I can't run 1 1 aero or 11 11 springs, I drive no assist with microsoft ff wheel, and all my tt setups are my race setups and my whole setup drastically changes, but I can never run higher or equal front wings to rear wing. Eg at silverstone I am running 3 frontwing and 5 rear, and my balance is 4-4 and springs 4-4 height and 6-1 stiffness. Even my camber settings are different on most tracks. Germany I run 7-11 wing combination. My setups work great for my style of driving, I like to be smooth. But I know other guys on control pad who can use 1-1 wings everywhere and be fast. I do a decent job I think with my setups as I am usually in the top 100 on most tracks and on some I am in the top 30. I was worried 2013 was going to be like 2012 where 1-1 11-11 setup was going to rule again, even in the wet! But am relieved that I personally have to run much more realistic setups.
  3. Angrypostman

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I race in cockpit view with all osd off, which when im in a race in career mode, can cause a little problem for me, as I do 100% distance and have to keep pausing to look at the race director to see how close I am to pitting. And to possibly try an undercut on the AI infront. So therefore I would like my race engineer to maybe update a little more on how the race is going and tell me what lap im on, say every 2-3 laps or maybe have an option on the dpad of my wheel that will let me just see what lap im on. Maybe replace the brake bias option which to be fair I have never used. Another thing would be on the steering wheel I would like to see when the kers is not being used, a continuous sector timer, so you can see in qualifying if your infront or behind pole time at any point of the track. And I would love to see the new steering wheel computers from 2014 season mercs put in the game. And one last thing for cockpit view is to make sure there are no cockpits like williams, where you can't see your mirrors. Other than that side of things, I think the handling I the wet really needs looking at. I run no assist and in 2012 inters were a nightmare! I could race in my league ok but in dry and full wet I was perfectly fine! 2013 inters been sorted but now full wet is worse than anything I have raced before. It really effects my championship aspirations. But on the whole I think CM are doing a good job.