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  1. I don't really think they are aware of you and me. After a lot of complaints throughout the weekend (Sunday 19:49 ~ 1+GMT) there is not so much as a fart being funneled in our general direction. Do you have the same problem with the amount and quality of Codemasters' communication in regards to their DLCs? I'm going to guess 'no'! Food for thought;
  2. "I meant to take a short brake during a monthly event. I forgot and fell asleep. Many hours later booted up, found the race waiting and finished. After finish line it was apparent that I was having trouble registering my time. After several attempts a message came up saying something to the effect of that a discrepancy as appeared between server and myself, and that RaceNet would reset the race. I pressed 'ok', it tried to log on for about 20 sec, and then it jumps back to Main Menu. I had about 6,5mill credits that are gone, and I can't access garage. I can access staff and there everything is ok - except I can't do anything since I have no credit? Tried several times, rebooting, launching the game again, but I can't access Events" 2 min later; found out I am not alone. Same situation as everybody