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    all credits gone?

    Also, hope that helps.

    all credits gone?

    It's a money grab no doubt! Sometimes I have to wait a few hours and the DLC cars I should have will appear for free. Give it a whirl if you havent. We are all getting effed on this DLC stuff on all games, not gonna argure with that! I already bought the game, why isnt it complete! I am not a fan of this modern world.

    all credits gone?

    Thats disappointing, I dont like when any racing game doesnt live up to the hype. I think everyone is pandering and developing for the PC master race and forget about the consoule players, see project cars!

    all credits gone?

    I dont wanna be that "after the update its working for me guy", but its working for me. Everything has been restored and seems to be normal. I'm gonna have to call in tomorrow and rally it up to make up for this weekend! CM some heads up would be nice next time something similar happens! Hope it works for everyone that was having "the problem"!

    all credits gone?

    WRC 8 is out tomorrow in the states here, wonder if you have to be "online" to play single player? Just saying.
  6. Yeah I'm in that group that has had everything wiped, just waiting to see what happens! I wonder if WRC8 will play career mode without being "online". Food for thought.
  7. So maybe tomorrow I'll be able to play the game that I own?

    all credits gone?

    Yeah super thrilled about it as well! Wish they were giving us a heads up about it. Hope they fix it or at least fill us in! Would like my credits, cars, achievements, and season passes back.
  9. Cant connect to racenet, all cars and money are gone, whats up? Any eta on a fix or even letting us know there is a problem? This is very unDude.