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  1. Besten Dank ! Weiss Bescheid 🙂 und frohe Ostern
  2. Hello, I have some issue, which happens only in Scotland. I am on PS4 and have a german version of the game. Only in Scotland there is some voice drop volume by pace-notes during the race. The difference is only between old pace-notes coming from the previous seasons and new, which were recorder for Scotland. I do understand that Codemaster added the new pace-notes to already existed, but the volume is total different. Please let me know if somebody has a same issue. Maybe I am not alone. I can upload a video if it necessary. BR Dimitri
  3. Duessel

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Still have a same issue. I'm from Germany and on PS4
  4. Same here ☹️ and now even weekly challenge is failed.