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  1. arionsilver

    F1 2019 will launch but crashes shortly after [SG]

    Here is the answers to your questions. Verify your local files on Steam and try launching the game. I already did that, as stated in the first post. Disconnect your large monitor and boot your PC with just the 1920x1080 connected. Then delete the F1 2019 hardware settings file (if it exists) and then launch the game. I did try that, but also did not work. Check whether the hardware settings file has reappeared since trying to boot the game again? I believe they were showing up, but I have since formatted the PC. Let us know if you have made any changes to the hardware setup at all From the previous successful launch to now, no changes have been done to the hardware. As stated above, I've formatted the PC and installed Steam, F1 2019 from scratch. F1 2019 works perfectly fine, as expected. Some background process was crashing F1 2019, but I am afraid I do not have the means to test it any longer. So, from my point of view, this issue has been resolved. Thank you for your support.
  2. arionsilver

    F1 2019 will launch but crashes shortly after [SG]

    Hi @Hoo, Hardware settings file was not backed up, so it doesn't exist anymore. But deleting it and reinstalling Steam did not work. DxDiag info is attached. DxDiag.txt
  3. F1 2019 will launch and a black screen shows up. On the taskbar, I can see the game launched. A few seconds later, the game finishes. No crash dump or error messages are shown. Latest Steam version, using a GeForce 1080 Ti with the latest NVidia public drivers. Local files have been verified to no avail. Deleting and Re-downloading game also did not help. The same issue happens with F1 2017 and F1 2018. Games used to work perfectly a few weeks ago. Since then, latest Windows updates, Steam updates and various other updates have been applied. Checked windows logs, and found multiple error entries. Crash information for one of the errors is attached. Edit: found extra info in another log entry, so new files have been uploaded (crash1, info1, report.wer). crash.txt crash1.txt info1.txt Report.wer