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    Multiplayer Car - What is it?

    We have been wondering what chassis and engine the Multiplayer car is? Sounds like a Ferrari engine but what Chassis is it based on? We think this would help with car setups when using setups from forums.
  2. RapidPixelRace

    Rapid Pixel Racing

    Hey everyone! We have been sim racing since we was kids and have decided to launch a site to help online drivers enjoy online racing! John RPR - Rapid Pixel Racing www.rapidpixelracing.com
  3. RapidPixelRace

    RPR Championship 001

    Hey, We are here to help F1 fans and sim racers enjoying racing online! With our managed leagues we aim to cut out toxic drivers from ruining races! You can create your driver profile on our website here --> www.rapidpixelracing.com - Then sign up and join one of our leagues. We will be adding more races, leagues and website features as our community grows. Our current league: "RPR Championship 001" runs every Monday at 7.50pm UK TIME. Full race rules and details can be found on the website.