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  1. Recruitment closed.
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Phife and I am a moderator for the Dirt Rally series in the Apollo Racing Club. We have 160+ members and we are mainly a F1 and ACC racing league, but we do have a solid group of drivers for dirt rally, and are looking for more as our 2nd season is set to start on the 3rd of July with the R5 class. Each driver will select a car from the R5 group at season start and drive that car all season. We will have 8 rounds with 12 stages per event. Each round last 10 days. If you are interested in joining you can go on our website http://apolloracingclub.com/ and fill our short application. You can also join our discord https://discord.gg/UhDjKwT and PM one of our mods or me so that we can set you all up. Thank you!
  3. Phifepher

    Apollo Racing seeks Reserve drivers [PC][NA]

    bump. We are still seeking a few more Tier 2 reserve drivers.
  4. WE ARE ON PC! Apollo Racing Club is a North American Sim Racing community. We race F1, ACC, iRacing,Dirt Rally 2.0. We have almost 150 members and are truly a great community of sim racing enthusiasts. Currently we are about to wrap up season 3 of F1 2019 and move into a short season (5 weeks) before we fully transition over to F1 2020. So now is the time to get in before we are full again. We are seeking reserve drivers only for the following tiers. Tier 2 - Races are Sunday nights 9pm EST. Season begins June 14th. If you're looking for great racing but cant commit to a league full time, then join us in a reserve role and jump into a race when you can. We usually need a couple of reserves every week. If you want full grids, full commentary with some great production, then please join us at ARC! Drop us an application on our website and we will see you on track soon! http://apolloracing.club/ https://discord.gg/yMn5WCg http://twitch.tv/apolloracingclub https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrtGu3a8k6EOH4Nyv7Qdrcg Apollo Racing Club. WE ARE ON PC
  5. Phifepher

    Apollo Racing Seeks Drivers!

    Mysticman22 this is not a full discord name. It should be followed by 4 digits. Like Mysticman22#1234 Please reapply so I can invite you.
  6. Apollo Racing Club is a Sim Racing Community that has been going strong for just short of a year now. W2 are mostly and F1 league with over 130 Drivers! Many of our drivers have begun playing Dirt Rally ( about 25 so far), So we have started a few clubs and are seeking more drivers for both. One is a casual club, the other is a active championship, with tracked scores and stats. Our current Official Championship is running H2 FIat 131 Abarth Rally, There are 3 rounds left this season, but new drivers are more than welcome to jump right in. Season 2 a new class and care will be chosen. In the near future we will have streamed rallies with a commentary team as well. We are also interested in building out a Rally x League soon. We have held a few rally x nights and it has been a lot of fun. So , if interested, please head over to our site and drop us an application. All platforms welcome but you must be in our discord server to take part as that is how we run all our events and track all our stats. http://apolloracingclub.com https://discord.gg/WTJjhbH Phife!
  7. Phifepher

    PC Leagues?

    Apolloracingclub.com American online racing community with 2 dirt rally divisions.
  8. Series date changed to begin this coming friday the 4th. Get in there. up to 20+ in so far.
  9. Hi all, I am Phife, the admin of Apollo Racing Club a racing community with over 90 members. We are mostly an F1/ACC League with multiple tiers ans series running, but we have a handful of drivers that play dirt rally 2.0. We are looking to grow our numbers in this area. We have launched our first official Dirt Rally Series. It will be a Historical Series, Running from March 27th - June 31. The season will cover 6 locations, 12 stages each with a service station every 3 stages. If you are interested in joining please head to http://apolloracingclub.com and fill out our application, its short I promise. After than join our discord and PM Phifepher. https://discord.gg/nQqgJCR
  10. Phifepher

    North American Drivers Wanted.[PC]

    Bump Season starts tonight. 3 seats open. The grid will be full as our tier 1 drivers help fill it in. Full stream with commentators as well. Join up!
  11. Phifepher

    North American Drivers Wanted.[PC]

    Global Spec Racing is a North American league seeking drivers to fill out our second division. We are currently in our mid season break after a very successful first season. If you are tired of online lobbies where you're crashed out every race or in game leagues where you're the only one to show up? Then come try league racing. We offer a competent staff, a full FIA team, full grids in both of our tiers, live streams with full commentary teams. Season 2 begins TONIGHT. Tier 2 has 3 open seats. All races are on Sundays at 9pm EST ( U.S. Eastern Standard Time ). Use whatever assists you like, pit assist is off. If you're new to league racing this is a great place to start. We use a relagation system, so do well in our second division and you could move into tier 1 and race for prizes! Interested? Great. Please head over to Http://globalspecracing.com/register Once registered and admin will contact you and invite you into our discord server. Thanks.
  12. Phifepher

    GLobal Spec Racing: Mid-season enrollment now open!

    Bump. T2 is filling up fast. were at 13 drivers for season 2. Get in while you can , this division will fill up.
  13. Hi there! ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPENED FOR SEASON 2!!!! Global Spec Racing(GSR) is PC F1 League with drivers from across the world, from North America, to the beautiful coasts of Great Britain, and beyond. We’re an inclusive league catering to even the most casual of F1 drivers. We have members of all ages, and skill levels! Come on, what are you waiting for? Jump in the seat and lets race! ****WHATS INCLUDED!**** No pressure, no commitment, fair and fun races, and an FIA with commentators! Practice races OPTIONAL!!!! And whats the best part? SEASON CHAMPIONS WIN PRIZES!!! ****HOW TO JOIN**** We are open to all levels. We only have two prerequisites: Drive clean, and be nice. Doesn’t that sound good? Ready to sign up? Lets go! http://globalspecracing.com/register/ Done registering? Now jump in discord! https://discord.gg/bgyDu4Z Once on Discord, message Phifepher and you will be given access to our chat rooms. ******* THE DETAILS******* QUALIFYING: Short (18min) FORMATION: Yes LENGTH: 50% Season 2 starts on November 6th!!!!! Tier 1: Races Wednesday @ 9pm EST/2am GMT/7:30am IST This division is full. Sign up to be a Reserve driver! Tier 2: Races Sunday @ 9pm EST/2am GMT/7:30am IST SEATS AVAILABLE! HURRY UP BEFORE THEY’RE GONE! So if you're looking for full grids, clean racing, and a great community, then come and join us while seats are available!
  14. Bump We are full teir one and several reserve drivers now. We continue to grow and are looking g to fill out our teir two division by season 2 start which is early November. Join us.
  15. Round 3 last night was a rainy mess in Canada. Grid was full for the second week in a row. We're begining to build out our teir two division which should begin in early November. Please come join us. We can always use reserve drivers for teir 1. Hope to hear from you