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  1. nuNceP

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    Nope, G29 without assists. But Singapore to me is a track where I have to lower difficulty, surely not raise it.
  2. Just curious about how I fare. I would really love not to use Flashbacks, but most of the time due to AI sudden movement (especially backmarkers), first corner chaos or just for the sake of not throwing away a whole race for a small mistake I tend to use a good 7-8 flashbacks per race weekend. How about you? Be honest it's anonymous! 😛
  3. nuNceP

    Overtaking round the outside is too easy

    I find that for the first time AI is actually fun to race against. For once in F1 games they are actually varied, make mistakes, have different lines. I would love to see a bit more struggle in certain situations and for them to make player-like mistakes at lower difficulty levels, but this year I can honestly enjoy the SP gameplay.
  4. nuNceP

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    How on earth is Singapore 87 on a base diff of 70? Am I missing something? The chart looks pretty much inverted.
  5. They had to back off and stop leaking oil through the intercooler. The fact that FIA hasn't sanctioned them but instead found a secret agreement, has probabiliy something to do with the fact that other teams used such methods aswell , but Ferrari had found a better method to exploit a loophole in the regulations and agreed to disclose to FIA. That's probabily also why they took the bigger hit. Thinking that F1 teams are all playing nice and by the rules is ridicolous, they are constantly edging legality and that is why FIA has to constantly release technical directives. As soon as they discover a loophole that cannot be clearly punished due to grey areas in the regulations they make it clear what is legal and what is not. From then onwards teams will adapt and change their development. Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, etc... all try to push their cars on the edge of regulations (Double Diffuser, DAS, various aero devices) and then it is up to FIA to decide.
  6. My guess is that considering the engine is the same in quali and race, the impact of high power output modes has to be still taken into account. Say, you might theoretically push more in quali but have such a big impact on the engine components that it's just too risky/not worth it.
  7. nuNceP

    Learning Curve

    As a general tip I would tell you to concentrate more on consistency than speed when learning any new racing game or even starting out on a new track. Missing the apex at a specific corner? Brake 10m earlier, and go on until you can consistently do clean laps. And do yourself a favour and use only TT until you are really confident with understanding what is happening. Proper racing games have many nuances that can overwhelm you when learning. In F1 games many have to do with overheating tyres and tyre wear which I would recommend taking out of the equation when starting out. And use the default setup for now, keeping in mind that each track has some peculiarities when it comes to how cars behave (low grip surfaces, bumpiness, off camber corners) which might confuse you even further. I would say stick to Monza with a default setup and go around the track until you can consistently (5+ laps) hit more or less the same sector times. Overdriving the car is a very common issue in F1 games, due to high downforce masking out driver mistakes much more than in a GT car.
  8. nuNceP

    Safety Car delta guidance

    Didn't notice the Suggestions forum! Could maybe a moderator move the threat to the appropriate section?
  9. nuNceP

    Safety Car delta guidance

    One of the things I really struggle with, and I guess other people do too, is staying withing delta time during SC and ESPECIALLY VSC deployment. The numerical value is just impossible to follow precisely while driving and I always end up losing 3-4 tenths on restart after a VSC. Could we have an analogue slider which would IMHO allow for a much smoother experience? Ideally it would also be moveable to a central position, allowing the driver to closely follow the track. I know in real life they have an engine map of some sort and don't rely on manual distancing, but even a different type of guidance could do and would be easier to implement I guess.
  10. nuNceP

    Need help with slow corners grip

    Please note that a loose differential (low values) will also give you less understeer when accelerating out of a corner. This has been very useful for me on Hungaroring in MyTeam due to many slow corners that are taken at half throttle.
  11. nuNceP

    No german circuits anymore?

    I hated Hanoi at first, but I generally don't like learning new tracks in F1 games. But, after a career race there I have to say it's quite an interesting circuit, with the first and last sections being quite challenging and demanding on both car and driver. The only thing I dislike about it is the lack of any elevation changes, but overall it is an enjoyable circuit! 🙂
  12. nuNceP

    Practice program gates

    I really dislike that practice program. I find that I have to drive in an unnatural way to get purple on all corners. Would actually prefer to have more wiggle room on how to approach a corner on some circuits.
  13. nuNceP

    Braking struggle

    I will add another note. Are you by chance using DRS\slipstream or deploying ERS? These will change the speed you are approaching a corner and you will need to slightly change your braking point depending on how much additional speed you are carrying from the straight.
  14. nuNceP

    MyTeam contract renewal

    Well, if was given the chance to have save games in the office that would have helped. Unfortunately, once I clicked on that second upgrade I wasn't able to revert it, even though it was just commisioned and the delivery will be next week. It would have been enough to have the possibility to undo the upgrade request and get back the money, heh sucks big time.
  15. nuNceP

    MyTeam contract renewal

    Hello, I just noticed, after spending almost all my money on department upgrades, that my second driver's contract is due to expire next week. I will not have enough money by then, what will happen? Will I be able to go ahead on a negative balance?