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  1. I absolutely love the graphics! Platform: PS4 Nick: iamthevp
  2. That was close finish! Platform: PS4 Nick: iamthevp
  3. Finland is fun! (and scary sometimes). Platform: PS4 Nick: iamthevp
  4. Career mode, pro difficulty. I still make some mistakes here and there, but I think I did well in the finals 😎
  5. Some of my latest snaps featuring some older cars Platform: PS4 Nick: iamthevp (VPRP_CZ)
  6. My take on Finland and the legendary Escort MK II
  7. Let me join in: Can we have a Xsara and/or better sounds for Fabia, please? 🙏
  8. Finland is MAAAAAAAAAAAAD! Platform: PS4 Username: iamthevp (VPRP_CZ)
  9. Group B time. Platform: PS4 Username: iamthevp (VPRP_CZ)
  10. This stage in Greece has it all. Downhill is scary as hell, hairpins are getting tighter, there are some jumps and bumps... Very challenging in dry conditions, let alone in the rain! 🙂 Plus I love the trackside replay, which to me has a different feel compared to other locations. 👌
  11. Everybody jump! 😮 Platform: PS4 Nick: iamthevp
  12. The legend ❤️ Platform: PS4 Nick: iamthevp
  13. Platform: PS4 Nick: iamthevp Hunting the playstation trophies!
  14. Trying out the new cars! Peugeot = Sweden was obvious, because Grönholm claimed his 1st ever WRC victory in it.
  15. Love this stage! And this car! And the new livery!
  16. A couple of my latest shots. Name: iamthevp Platform: PS4
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