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  1. Melissiah

    Bug cheat or exploit?

    Yeah you are right I should not call them cheaters since I don’t really know what happened, all my apologies. The race was very laggy.
  2. Melissiah

    Bug cheat or exploit?

    The 2-3-4-5 are IA and others are Real drivers. You can see this as their last name are in caps. Too bad I havent kept my pictures of the official result and the screen that show they only completed 5 laps and used only one set of tyre...
  3. Melissiah

    Bug cheat or exploit?

    Nah the points are worldwide but the podium are the 20 racers. The 4 guys who finished before me (cheaters) are on this picture. 2 of them have the tag in pit beside their names (in french) thanks for trying tho
  4. Melissiah

    Bug cheat or exploit?

    I finaly won my 1st online race this weekend in weekly monza event. To my surprise I wasnt on podium and I had no penaltys. I finished 5th... ***? I looked at stats after the race and the 4 drivers before me stopped at pit after 5 laps and stayed there idle for the rest of the race. How can you win a 13 laps race when in log you only completed 5 laps? On this picture it shows me as 1st and more than 22 seconds before 2nd...