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  1. Thanks Yeah I realised my mistake after compilation . But kind of liked the "open window" Boomy effect. So as per the vid info , as it was set in Australia. I called it my Hommage to the "Boomy Twang" 🤪 ... ( darn.... typed it out loud again )
  2. A bit of Aussie Survivathon practice.
  3. Mr Belowski's excellent Mod "Crew Chief" may well be what you are looking for. Alas this forum is pretty dead in regards to help - most probably due to the age of the game and what little support there is, is targetted at newer titles. Hope this helps anyway. Hope think helps
  4. Unfortunately for you, you cant. Your run time is logged when you enter the Event / stage . And when you have the final "quit to menu" or " continue" at the end. Then ( and only then) will your time be uploaded. If the servers fail during your run .your time is 'sometimes' stored and uploaded when the servers are up enough to accept it. Its hit and miss and not 100% guaranteed. ( for me its circa a 65% fail rate at the moment) Note But you must have pressed Continue or "quit to menu" before the error occurs. However should your PC crash (for what ever reason), before you pres
  5. Will keep plodding through . Slow, steady and get to the finish. Thats my mantra and my skill levels preclude anything else 😄. Shame there is to be no rain in New Zealand. However it will be interesting to see posts for the possible chaos in the latter stages of Baumholder Especially for the cockpit drivers.....
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