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  1. Johnnnn

    Project cars 3 steering lag

    It depends. I know you and nobody else who can see it. One fix is open settings for controller because "it just works" isn't true. Other is fix but we are talking about SMS... My thread on the official forum: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?69018-Controller-input-lag
  2. Johnnnn


    It needs next-gen patch with 60 FPS badly. I bought it with season pass to support them but it's not playable in 30 FPS.
  3. Johnnnn

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    ACC is a masterpiece!
  4. Johnnnn

    Project cars 3 steering lag

    Wow, at least somebody. I know it's broken but I tried their forum and Discord and nobody cared. It's so easy to see. Try one good game and then PC3. I don't understand the design of it. The game looks solid otherwise but it's unplayable with that lag.
  5. Johnnnn

    WRC 9

    Is it chance controls will be improved? The lag is very strange.
  6. Johnnnn

    WRC 9

    Several stages behind me and it's very good game I can recommend on XSX. The steering lag is bad for tarmac stages but OK for everything else. The weather is great and dynamic one even more cool.
  7. Johnnnn

    WRC 9

    Today I added few hours of driving in testing area... I love free roams so much. The game is great.
  8. Johnnnn

    WRC 9

    LOL, I am just checking the thread and I agree with controller controls. They are just bad but what's worse? Not as bad as in Project cars 3. It's similar lag but smaller (and opposite). I tested different settings and finally have good enough one for arcade rally. Project cars 3 is completely unplayable. It's strange when somebody try to do BAD controls if you have games like Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa Competizione or Forza. Is it really that hard to copy those controls?
  9. Johnnnn

    WRC 9

    I needed just 60 FPS to try it and it finally came. Overall it's good. Physics is not bad, it's like something in between DR2 and Dirt 5. Cars ale light, sliding brakes rather lot but it's fun. Tracks are great, it's so different from DR2. Graphics could be better but I don't care about graphics too much and I like it. There are some problematic parts like strange physics over some track parts and I don't think RWD classic cars has good handling at all. Difficulty really varies but it's normal and the team is probably small. Both games are good and Kylotonn could be really hard racing competition in the future. It's good so many companies are in racing games currently.
  10. Johnnnn

    WRC 9

    Kylotonn really did the playable version so I could try it. Wow, that's so good! I wonder how good were older versions but this one looks pretty good. It's good T2 has some competition. I am very surprised.
  11. Johnnnn

    GRID the most underrated car game

    I know, my friend told me so too. But the past is the past.
  12. Johnnnn

    Dirt 5 released to early?

    I meant something before because I had 2 day pause. I played on X1X where I completed the career and currently I play on XSX. Everything's fine. We can find what it is but it needs more info.
  13. Johnnnn

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    To be fair, I didn't expect too much after everything with PC1 and PC2. They are talented for sure but overall they can't deliver complete product. I liked videos a lot, PC2 has great cars and tracks. So I tried. Before patches the game was very broken. OK, I waited a bit. After patches, it's relatively good and I was surprised. But after that terrible controls arose. It's the only thing I need to tune. It's like they didn't check Gran Turismo, Forza or F1. Every top-notch game has similar controls because it's good controls. They used some NFS mix which is unplayable with their very interesting physics (I like it most of the time). They could add setting for controls to tune it at least.
  14. Johnnnn

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Trophies in racing games are great. I didn't care too much about it but with racing games it's usually great part of the gameplay. PC3 reminds me how broken controller controls has it and maybe I won't never have it completed 😞
  15. Johnnnn

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    I tested the new patch too and Elite 2 works fine now. Tracking of the trophy works too. It jumped from 5 % to 55 % so I have to do time trials soon 😄