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  1. So sad. I bought the game months ago but had no time yet. Maybe fix will be in 2021 version 😄
  2. I played WRC9 recently and it's hardly any competition 😄 But I would like to know more about any successor. Is still PJ teasing us only or something real is out?
  3. Wow, that's interesting. I will ask my friend what happened before the loss. He doesn't care to much but I don't want to start the career now 😄
  4. My friend lost his save too yesterday on X1S in 5th season. Is it still a thing? I have F1 2020 but don't have time. Would be nice to have it fixed before I start 😄 I read it here many times, it's not good.
  5. It's funny to like NFS on CM forum. Even the worst game from CM is much better than any recent NFS. OK, it's your taste but it's definately not racing taste. I can see the money in EA games but not the racing/driving.
  6. The problem is they don't buy just for spending money. We don't know the agreement but if you buy something you are the boss then.
  7. Yeah, tapping gas twice is the key because that's how it works 😄
  8. Yeah, will see. But I love games on Ego engine, it looks so good. Graphics is awesome, physics should be very good, handling is good. A lot of assets for it. CM could create a lot of good stuff with it. You can create something like Grid but more simulation oriented. Same assets, just interesting career and you have great game. Maybe EA sees the potential too. But MS could buy anything I think so they should buy it first.
  9. There must a license/agreement for the career. Even EA can't change it I guess.
  10. The problem with recent CM games is they are great but needs polishing badly. CM could be the best racing game company in the world if they improve they processes I guess. And another company could help with it. Who knows what company. If CM quality will go down I still have lazy people from Polyphony digital, really great talents in Kunos Simulazioni and current top Turn10 and PG. But there is a big potential for CM.
  11. What? NFS series is the worst games you can buy today from racing perspective. I love NFS 1, 3, 5 and few others but this? Come on. Ego is miles away from everything. EA doesn't have anything against. It's sad, MS should step in and buy it.
  12. I know, my friend told me so too. But the past is the past.
  13. My problem was with Elite 2. I started to play on normal one and everything works. X1X before, XSX now.
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