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  1. Johnnnn

    DiRTy Gossip

    On Youtube I saw the same but official one has it 😄
  2. I wondered too if the team has 2 people 😄 It's not about we'll get anything free because it was paid already. Would be nice to have new polishing DLC without any new content but fixing everything. The game is great and could stay with us for many years.
  3. I played 1 and then 2 immediately and graphics in 2 looked much better. It's possible they needed some performance. But you can't call clear day that one 😄 It's normal foggy morning.
  4. Johnnnn

    DiRTy Gossip

    Today I played some tarmac stages and how I wrote here recently, I don't feel enough feedback from tires so it's not possible to drive it properly. It is the same with wheel? Because tarmac physics is maybe not that strange but there is no feedback for me.
  5. Johnnnn

    DiRTy Gossip

    How are the new cars different from the old ones? Because it looks like the same cars again to me 😄 I understand we'll get Mini, for instance. But in rally, every new car is different. Is it the same with those? Edit: I saw some old version of the forum so I probably have my answers now.
  6. Why we need to wait for any fog info? If it's design, then OK. If it's broken, then OK. I love Finland but it would be nice to know something about the fog. This is like Forza again 😄
  7. Johnnnn

    DiRTy Gossip

    Isn't the problem with FFB too? I can't tell what is going on with my car on tarmac so it's hard to drive at maximal grip level. I am too slow or out of track. Not much fun 😄
  8. Yesterday AI challenge was unbeatable for me 😄 It would be nice to see what diff it was. Maybe you think rallycross?
  9. Johnnnn

    DiRTy Gossip

    I am driving in New England now and pace notes are OK (until 4 right into 3 left (and 3 right into 2 left in opposite direction) situation :D) but 5s are different too. Sometimes I can go very fast and sometimes it's much slower. I don't know 😞
  10. Johnnnn

    DiRTy Gossip

    One would say it's not real because not enough fog 😄 But I have a real question. I just did daily in Poland and some 5 looks like 3 to 4. Is it me or Poland has sometimes misleading info? I don't drive there too often so I am not sure. Other stages after some time looks pretty good from pace notes perspective (not many errors).
  11. Johnnnn

    STI NR4 not as slow as it seems?

    That's a good question. Where is any in-game telemetry? It's not Need for speed 😄
  12. Johnnnn

    WRC 8 vs DiRT Rally 2.0

    Maybe we should have access to some issue tracker like normal SWs have. You can create your issue, add comments and see the status. Because forum is a bit useless as a tracker. It's better than nothing for sure but everybody can see the problem now. I don't care about cockpit wheel but what is the current situation with it? Hard to say.
  13. Better to fix the game completely and some small tuning. The content is already huge.