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  1. Johnnnn

    BMW M2 supposed to be in garage??

    Yeah. And pretty cool video but too short. It could be several minutes to celebrate the effort. Still better than nothing and it surprised me a lot.
  2. Johnnnn

    Dirt rally 2.0 on Xbox gamepass

    I think it's like PS+, until you pay, you can play. That's pretty good for MS and casuals. I don't like/need it because I play only few games for years.
  3. Johnnnn

    Dirt rally 2.0 on Xbox gamepass

    If it's base game it's not that big 😄 For finding new fans it could be good. It's sad if the game is not a success. But it's always hard to do quality stuff for demanding players because most players are casuals.
  4. Johnnnn

    BMW M2 supposed to be in garage??

    Exactly, I did weekly challenge with it and it was crazy because in that time I was 5th 😄 (not now of course). I can't play too much so the car is probably good and maybe RWD is not too popular? I like drifting so RWD is pretty good to drive.
  5. Johnnnn

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    But sometimes he's instantly much louder and it scares me a lot and go off track 😄 Sounds like he sees alien invasion or something similar.
  6. Johnnnn

    The DiRT Roadbook

    Price could be the main reason. I think the price is completely fine because the game is not for casual players. You can't sell much so you need to up the price. If anybody has a problem with the price he can buy the competition... oh, what competition? 😄 For instance, on Xbox, only one friend has DR 2. It's strange.
  7. Johnnnn

    Will there be more Seasons than 4?

    Would be great. Game cycle should be at least 3 years so next two seasons make sense. You work on a new game and still have some income from HC fans. But like others said it depends on the sales. I bought S3 + S4 almost day one so my money are in their hands and I hope they will use it. I haven't played Dirt rally 1 too much (too hard on a controller) but bought it day one for PS4 because of support (RBR fan) so I hope in the best with my support 😄
  8. Johnnnn

    DiRTy Gossip

    Hi! I read the forum for few weeks and finally created account because of M2. @PJTierney does a great job! I am really surprised of the quality because I came for Forza world where games are great but communication with fans is almost none. Currently I love Dirt rally 2 and the support on the forum is great. Good job!