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  1. I would rather start with Motorsport 7 😄
  2. Great, I will check your progress. Still, I hope you will come back to "real" racing controller 😉 I started to play on a controller with Horizon 4 and it was pretty hard at start too. W'll see, what will happen 😄
  3. Johnnnn

    dirt rally 3.0 ps5/xbox series x?

    Yeah, some hyper edition would be great. With a steelbook and book for me! The only problem is with the backward compatibility, we will have it. Every "new" edition could anger many old buyers. I don't care because I have several games for all consoles and PC. I have two different Motorsport 7 editions. If it's shiny I need to have it!
  4. Johnnnn

    dirt rally 3.0 ps5/xbox series x?

    Something is coming so we don't need DR3 yet!
  5. Johnnnn

    DiRTy Gossip

    They don't slide like mad on tarmac which looks real. I don't know why every video here was Block style which doesn't make sense in real racing. Still I don't know how to properly drive WRX in DR2, but this looks fine.
  6. Johnnnn

    Dirt Rally 2.0 France-Corsica Location

    I love this style of racing game editions. Steelbook is necessary for every fan. Book with real info (rally history?) for bookworms. Some special in-game stuff... and the game itself!
  7. Johnnnn

    Dirt Rally 2.0 France-Corsica Location

    Yeah, but I like current model. I would pay $100 per year for good DLC stuff. It's like Horizon 4. The game is awesome but it would be better to have another paid DLC. Ideal state for me is day 1 special edition with a book (tips, info, etc.), game, steelbook and some DLC for $150 and then every year new DLC for $100. For, I don't know, 2 years? It could work for me and racing games.
  8. Too late, too late. I don't care about any code, I need good reason only. I am a simple guy 😄
  9. No, current gen is normal weak NB APU. It was weak from start but it was pretty cheap. And you know what? That strategy worked like a charm. Mostly for PS4 but cheap and good enough is probably the most profitable way. Funny thing is the GPU in X1X is relatively OK but ancient CPU kills it.
  10. That's the reason why communication is so important. For the fog I wanted to know the reason. No reason for several weeks. Finland is fine for me but it's good to know what is going on.
  11. What if consoles are the reason why CM had money for DR2? It would be nice to do games for PC only but it was possible 20 years ago, not now for racing games. Current consoles are pretty weak. The standard models even more. Forza is the flag ship game for the console and even if MS lose money on it it's fine for them. I woudn't be so optimistic. Consoles could be the reason for the fog and it's OK.
  12. Johnnnn

    Dirt Rally 2.0 France-Corsica Location

    Or they will add McRae photo, 2 liveries and one car 😄
  13. I think he's right and lack of communication made it worse. I like Finland and imagine very bad weather every time I race there. But images weren't right at all.
  14. I don't know how other versions but X had some troubles in some situations so X is very near the edge. All current console are pretty weak so it's a miracle for me to have 4K with 60 FPS on third party game.
  15. Johnnnn

    DiRTy Gossip

    OK, thanks. I saw some picture of DR2 and was a bit confused.