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  1. NateFink

    DiRTy Gossip

    The one with the Pokemon Livery? This is how it popped up in my twitter feed.
  2. Is this coming to Oculus, or should I just give up?
  3. NateFink

    DiRTy Gossip

    At some point you might look at a BMW X3 or X5. Power, Space, and ground clearance. I think that is where I am going after my '14 WRX stops being right for me.
  4. NateFink

    DiRTy Gossip

    Think about how the folks who bought this on Oculus feel. They still get no DLCs.
  5. Steam (Oculus) If I wanted to change where the default head position is (say down and back about an inch) how would I do that?
  6. NateFink

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    The wheel software has been giving me problems lately. I was hoping this wasn't another problem associated with that.
  7. NateFink

    DLC Content for Oculus Store Version

    On a scale of Francisco Franco to Norwegian blue parrot, how dead is the DLC option for the Oculus Store version?
  8. One way I look at is that I have a pretty high end PC and I still can't run this game at maxed out settings. What improvements to DR3 would even be possible without a major jump in computing power. I would love a game with the soft-body dynamics of BeamNG, the terrain deformation of Spintires, the model fidelity of DR2, the car count of an early GT game but I would also like run it without melting my computer or spending Train Simulator $ on it. I will go ahead and vote for more DLC (even if it never gets released on Oculus*) *I got impatient and bought the game again on Steam,
  9. NateFink

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - RaceNet Connectivity Issues

    Can we get some notification somewhere so I don't discover that things are not working after setting up my rig? It is way better to know before I get started than to set up and then fail.
  10. NateFink

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - RaceNet Connectivity Issues

    It is down for me, which is a bit of a drag
  11. Would it be possible to have an automated display of Racenet's status on the website so we can know before we fire up the rig if it is worth the effort? Obviously it would be better if Racenet was reliable, but a flag on the website would be a nice alternative.
  12. NateFink

    Game of the Year edition on Oculus Home

    I am too busy this week to chase it down, but if there is no word by the end of the week I am going to pursue this path.
  13. NateFink

    Game of the Year edition on Oculus Home

    That is not a half bad idea. If a large portion of Oculus Home buyers did that maybe the DLC policy would start to make sense.
  14. NateFink

    Game of the Year edition on Oculus Home

    Even for the folks that got the "Game of the Year Edition", it doesn't let you do anything in career mode with any of the DLC. It only exists in freeplay mode.
  15. NateFink

    Daily M2 GT

    You my friend are a masochist. I feel like these cars are abusing me. On the other hand crossing the finish line at all in a Stratos feels amazing.