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  1. Did the full re-validation and had another full BSOD on the Argentina daily delta UPDATE: Tried the Oculus Store version of the game, did all the dailies operated flawlessly. Must be something to do with Steam
  2. Steam deluxe version in Oculus mode, Windows 10 GeForce 1080 Full BSOD in the middle of Scotland daily today (always sucks that this counts as a dnf). Rain and Ford F2 car selected. Sound balance was a little off before the crash.
  3. Steam version in Oculus mode, Windows 10 GeForce 1080 I lost head tracking, today. It has happened before and as is often the case it happened during a heavy rain section, this time on Wales
  4. Rumor has it, that Oculus Store buyers are finally going to get some DLC love with the Flat Out pack, is that actually going to happen on the 24 of March 2020?
  5. I would probably take the day off after launch day, so the server hamster can catch his breath and the hot patch can fix a couple of new critical bugs.
  6. I see it now, this is the official announcement for the DLCs on Oculus.
  7. If you play on the Oculus version there are like 3-6 people that show up in the Dailies, vs the thousands that show up on Steam.
  8. If you were wondering, the answer is no, the Oculus Store version does not have this challenge. Again "everyone" does not actually mean everyone. That version really is half the game. On the other hand I DNFed into fourth place.
  9. Is this available for Oculus store users or is this another thing they get neglected on?
  10. Maybe I am having an off night, but are the tires more fragile after the update? I have never needed more than one spare, but tonight I had limp in on a rim after already changing a tire.
  11. Next on the list should be a VR headset so you can see why those that have it, like it so much.
  12. Imagine my frustration at buying it for $59 on Oculus to discover that I had only half the game and no option to buy the DLCs at all. I had to buy the whole package again to get the other half the game from Steam. Oculus still has no DLC.
  13. Is Oculus getting this or is that store pretty much done?
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