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  1. NateFink

    Rally 2.0 Oculus DLC?

    I gave up on this and bought the full version on Steam during a sale, it was less than the DLCs are normally. The frame rates are identical but somehow the in game graphics (like segment time) are harder to read on the Steam version. The lesson here is to never buy off the Oculus store if you can buy it somewhere else. Not just Dirt, but any game.
  2. NateFink

    Does Body Damage Matter

    On My H1 and H2 cars I have stopped repairing body damage, and I have not noticed any performance drop. Other than broken windows and mirrors is there any downside to this? It is not about the money.
  3. NateFink

    How do I get faster?

    Slow down. Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast. Seriously, whenever I think I drove the stage like a grandmother, those are my fastest times.
  4. NateFink

    DiRTy Gossip

    Imagine my frustration at buying it for $59 on Oculus to discover that I had only half the game and no option to buy the DLCs at all. I had to buy the whole package again to get the other half the game from Steam. Oculus still has no DLC.
  5. NateFink

    Handbrake options G920 Xbox one

    H pattern for the shifter, flappy paddles for the hand brake.
  6. NateFink

    DiRTy Gossip

    Is Oculus getting this or is that store pretty much done?
  7. NateFink

    Steam version and VR

    I find I have fewer problems if I open the Oculus Ap first before start DR2 in Steam. Skipping that stem causes all sorts of weirdness.
  8. NateFink

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.10 VR Feedback

    You are not the only one by far. I am lucky to get three tracks in a row without this joy.
  9. Are Oculus users locked out here, or is there a bug stopping it from updating?
  10. NateFink

    Is DLC available in career?

    And if you happened to have bought from the Oculus store. There is no DLC, and likely there never will be.
  11. So, I saw the update hit my Steam install, but there has been no update to my Oculus install for 22 days. Am I going to be able to do this challenge on both accounts?
  12. NateFink

    DiRTy Gossip

    Slightly mad is a studio with some good VR skills so I hope for good things.
  13. Do you think that Oculus users are included in that everyone or will they be left out just like the world championship and the DLC access?
  14. Could be worse, you could have bought from Oculus only to discover that you only bought half the game and that the DLC is never coming, so you have to buy again from Steam if you want the other half.