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  1. eirikre

    way too much rain in career mode

    Hungary supposed to rain all race. Germany simmed because started with heavy rain and the whole thing was rainy. Was burned out on rain from Silverstone rain and Austria rain before it. I enjoyed those two but two in a row is plenty. Simmed Spain because it was hard rain and difficult because AI already so much faster than me there. That's what 5 of 12 on my first season? Spread them out and tone them down. Don't want four in a row, don't want multiple red flags, but do enjoy learning the rain. Just not exclusively learning heavy rain racing.!
  2. eirikre

    Career mode. (How's everyone getting on)

    I'm season one at Hungary weekend, race is forecast for rain. Germany was rain, Silverstone had rain, Austria had rain. Austria and Silverstone were good anyway, even with a bad alternative strategy proffered by Jeff et al where they put me on new softs as it started raining while I thought I'd be getting inters. Got to wait for straights and read closer. Anyway I've gotten some points here and there think I'm actually 7th in standings with Sauber's car. Beaten teammate Marcus averaging 10th place. Rivaling Alonso currently which is fun, we battled in Britain. Just renegotiated a pretty good contract too! But the rain is killing me and Simulate Session will screw you over so I'm not sure what course to take from here, I don't play to race in the rain half of all races. Ideally it doesn't rain and IRL it's not too common, so why in the world when you've designed an artificial world does it rain 5 times out of 12? I'm burned out on suffering through an unrealistic amount of rain, race after race : rain. I wanted to catch up to 2019 season and get to Italy but I'm putting it down for a bit, rain just isn't fun for me at all I race cockpit and 100% so I'm not doing rain after rain after rain, even if I had some dry races in between but four in a row? I simmed GER which took my P8 qualifying to a P17 race finish. I'd rather that than sweat through 1h + of improbable and unnecessary rain. IDK what to do here.
  3. I'm loving the game, it's awesome except for this excessive trolling rainfall. On top of that you can't use the 'Simulate Session' option because it will take your 8th place qualifying position and make it 17th. It wants me 17th everytime, just one spot behind my teammate I guess for the lulz. I wish simulate wasn't a worthless feature and more than that I wish it didn't rain for five races in a row! I'm playing with Game Pass so frankly I'll probably give up because it's literally robbing me of any reward I get from pouring stupid amounts of time into this otherwise fun driving game. IDK, I'm mad, maybe I'll play '20. Or just use other modes but career is so cool! The amount of rain is just so dumb though. If it didn't rain I wouldn't really sim sessions, if sim sessions worked I wouldn't be as upset about having to use it occasionally, but with this combination of the two features sticking it to me royally I'm defeated and my joy has been stolen. Why you do this to me Codemasters? W/e I vented...