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  1. 40mmrideheight

    Difference between qualifying pace and race pace

    basically what i'm gathering is, CM can't make a game that works for all scenarios of race lengths. i don't understand how they can't get it right after so many years. geoff crammand got tyre wear and fuel loads right in 1991 with f1gp.
  2. 40mmrideheight

    car setup between qualy and race

    the oversteer continues throughout the entire stint, and into the next set of tyres. the entire race actually. I did a race only race using the same setup as i did with the oversteer problem and the car handled perfectly. my setups are similar to previous years. 1,1,1,1 for rideheight and springs. 11-11 for bars. all to the left for camber and toe-in. these setups don't actually have the real effect on the car as it would in real life. i've given up trying to do setups properly. CM physics not capable.
  3. 40mmrideheight

    car setup between qualy and race

    so i haven't had this problem before in 2010-2013. the car setup works well in qualy, but in the race i have so much oversteer. done this in austin and in sao paulo. anyone else have this happen to them? qualified 3rd as Daniel Ricciardo in Sáo Paulo 0.6 behind the mercs.
  4. 40mmrideheight

    Difference between qualifying pace and race pace

    the ai cars don't get affected by the fuel load. after 50% race, i've checked the race director and looked at the laptimes. they lap the same on the last laps as they do in the first laps. yet your own lap times get faster by around 3 sec/lap. it's been like this since the first edition of the game. it's pretty annoying.
  5. 40mmrideheight

    Thinking of picking up 2014...

    the game is actually no different from 2013 and 2012. and 2011...... and 2010. physics have changed a bit.... engine sound..... everything else the same. lucky i got to try this one. not buying it.
  6. 40mmrideheight

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    Geoff Crammonds GP4. sure, graphics aren't what they are today but the ai is better than any of the CM games by light years. everything else in the games happens in a much realler manner (other than slipstream). heavy fuel load affecting the ai, weather, strategy, damage, everything was just better.