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  1. SDL_Quinto / PS4 / Polo R5 Petter Solberg livery
  2. SDL_Quinto / PS4 / Festive Livery + Monte Carlo
  3. Hi @PJTierney. I was wondering.. Why we can't do customs livery in DiRT Rally 2.0 ? I mean, I think that customs livery could attract more players but mainly the teams and sponsors so the World Championship will interest more teams so more players etc. Maybe I'm wrong but it's my opinion, I think that customs livery could be really cool in the game 🙂
  4. The question is not if you can be fast without cutting, the question is if you can qualify without cutting because according to you people did take cuts. You said it's sad that cutting isn't going to be penalised and that you can cut in RX as much as you can at Kopina. Did you have to cut to qualify? The only place for potential cuts I can think of is the downhill section after T1 Okay so I can answer correctly this time ^^ I'm qualified on PS4 in RX with the best time cross platform without cuts. But yes on Kopina I finished second without cuts when the first cut some corner
  5. Honestly, In RX with the S1600 you didn't need to cut in Hell to be fast But yeah it's gonna be a real problem for the next round like Montalegre for example
  6. Full attack with the SpeedCar on the mud of Montalegre PS4 / SDL_Quinto
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