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  1. First thing first, my xbox is offline (because of reasons I won't state to keep it short and to the point),and I would like to keep it that way, so if anyone is to help me, please let the solution not demand an internet connection. I recently downloaded XM360 on a usb, I wanted to install it on my xbox, I looked it up on google and it's suppose to appear in the "homebrew" folder in the main "Library" menu. I cannot find a path through "File Manager" though the foder exists and it contains "Dash launch3.10" and "Freestyle 3". I thought maybe I should setup a path in the path manager but since I am not sure about any of these stuff, and google is no help, I would realy appriciate it if someone could walk me through the process and help me install XM360 or at least make a path to "homebrew". Thanks in advance.