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  1. Thanks for this mate. I'm working away but I'll be sure to check it out when I get back! Much appreciated. I wish I could write programs out to help people!
  2. For anyone else out there I found my stutter was a usb device that needed disabled. Unfortunately this device was my thermal take fan controller for my radiator and disabling it made the system temp go up 10 degrees at least. ( The fans still run on low!) But at least it's a start. Hope it helps someone. I only just found this thread and I'll try disconnecting my wheel and pedals before starting the game next time to see what happens. I just hope that the game will then remember my wheel and pedal settings unlike dirt 1 where (unbeknown to me at the time) th
  3. I found an issue that caused crazy stuttering in my VR game. It was completely unplayable in VR and caused the VR environment background to fade in and out constantly, every 2 seconds. Nothing would allow me to play the game, even turning all settings to low on a 7700k and 2080ti. I did find the answer by looking through this thread: Dirt hitching issue My Thermaltake RGB usb device had to be disabled. The software would then not run (obviously) TT RGB plus. Thus my radiator fans ran at minimum speed and the system temperature went up by 10 degrees under game load. It is so far
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