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  1. Mdbracing

    Sun reflections

    Thanks Chris!
  2. Mdbracing

    Sun reflections

    Just like you say the problem is only in cockpit view its always to light or to dark, didnt noticed that before since i always play cockpit view, but all other views are ok. I really hope they fix it soon because in some light conditions its just imposible to play in cockpit view
  3. Mdbracing

    Sun reflections

    I am really enjoying the game, but i have problem with sun reflections, i tried messing around with brightness slider but nothing changes. At some tracks sun reflections are so bad i cant see anything, it almost hurts my eyes, at silverstone at maggots and becketts its just imposible the only thing i see is a screen full of bright light and there are a lot of tracks with same problem. I really hope you guys can solve this because at some moments it makes the game unplayable when you cant see where the track is. Ps i play on xbox one s
  4. Mdbracing

    GRID 2019 Looks AMAZING!

    The newest gameplays are definitely looking better, the rain looks awesome!
  5. Mdbracing


    Thanks for the answers, so lets hope CM can keap the leaderboards clean. It hasnt to be very dificult for them to remove cheated times. How does track limits work in grid?? It dirties your lap like in forza? They have mentioned e-sports so they will have to do something to keep it clean. Thanksss
  6. Mdbracing

    Skirmish ? NO thanks.

    P. S. I dont work for codemasters or have anything to do with them. Incognito??? LOLšŸ˜‚
  7. Mdbracing


    Hello there everybody, I am new here to the grid forums and had a question, i have seen on pics from the london grid event that there is a option for leaderboards. Is this similar as leaderboards in f1, fh4 or fm7(rivals)? Will there be leaderboards for every track, class and tier? Thanks
  8. Mdbracing

    Skirmish ? NO thanks.

    Keep dreaming, your advice is worth nothing. But dont worry will ignore you from now and will not reply to your post, thanks for creating such a toxic gaming comunity
  9. Mdbracing

    Skirmish ? NO thanks.

    Of course you can come here as much as you want, but if you want features to be added your actitude againts codemasters is not the way to go, you talk like you would do everything better then them, i dont work at codies but you should ask for a job maybe. Contructive criticism is the way to go, not saying that they dont know how to do it and telling people it will be a huge disappointment if they preorder and saying the game is dead before start, we can judge that ourselfs.
  10. Mdbracing

    Skirmish ? NO thanks.

    You are definitely whiner number 1, if you dont like the game dont buy it and dont play but dont come here to whine everyday