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  1. Still with several errors !!!!!!!!!!!!! Career mode. F1 2019. Sound failing; There is no Safet Car; When you start the race and go to the track presentation, the game simply closes; So Codemasters will have to ask my money back ??? What a bad thing guys. They hire people who pack things up and don't pach useless things.
  2. Serious problems in career mode. Look, I don't know what you are doing but with each update it gets worse. I bought the game and I can't play ... I will ask for a refund. I enter the circuit I go to race the game closes .... open again the game closes .... what the **** game is this ??????????? PIRATE ????? I bought it for STEAM ... STEAM is selling pirated game ????????? Warn me please... I will ask for my money back !!!
  3. Patch 1.12 barcelona track with loading problem when it starts taking time or any other activity in the barcelona circuit it does not load and causes the game to close and steam error the same cause with the new season of f2 2019 the game is having serious loading problems
  4. Mclaren when playing the sound tends to fail not only in practice but in racing. I play only Career. In Mclaren's cokpit there are 2 flying buttons, please fix it? Whenever I enter the game these buttons are visible.