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  1. TennisBoyGP


    Before and after summer break. Mercedes engine. Does anyone know if Aarava made the cosmos livery green with a mod?
  2. I'm looking for my first racing league. Something like twice a week (short calendar) around 4pm GMT. Preferably short quali and 25% race distance.
  3. TennisBoyGP

    R&D System 2019

    My problem is that I joined Haas in Season 3 and their car was maxed out (of course I couldn't have known that). So now I have picked up 15k resource points and I can use them to keep my car maxed out after the regulation changes without even doing practice programs. I just simulate them and go straight to quali. Other teams with higher potential are overtaking me slowly but steadily. Can someone at least let me know what the pecking order is when all cars are maxed out so that I can choose the right team for Season 4? Would really appreciate it.