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  1. You need to connect wheel to PC to update firmware. No driver update for Xbox. Anyway does not fix the problem.
  2. I have no controller connected. only using wheel.
  3. Will this help with save games that are corrupted cause of the bugs? Should I wait for the patch to fix my save game?
  4. This all happend in the same save in the following order: When confirming races => crash to Xbox dashboard. After resuming game from crash => team name gone. Selecting tile to change team colors => crash to Xbox dashboard. After resuming game from crash => no primary sponsor and was never asked to select new one (now I am advanced to race 1 with no sponsor) Still force feedback is lost during training, qualifying and race. My save game is corrupt now, cause without primary sponsor I will not be able to improve my team further. F1 2021 is a me
  5. I am on Xbox with newest patch and firmware and issue still exists, as mentioned in many threads before. Calm down guys. If issue is fixed for some or on PC... fine... lucky you. For me it is not fixes as for a bunch of other players.
  6. If you disconnect Wheel by pressing Xbox Button and reconnect it the same way, it will work a much longer time than only a few rounds. At least on my console.
  7. That does not relate to the issues on Xbox One / Series X/S and PS4/5? What about the FF problems on consoles? Any news?
  8. I realised pausing and resuming the game will lower ffb strength. Also going back to box/garage from menu instead finishing the current lap will lower ffb strength (so pausing is a trigger not resuming). And as said before, suddenly when driving ffb is totally disabled until disconnecting and reconnecting wheel.
  9. it is happening every 30 minutes or more. can not believe you could not replicate the issue. xbox series x + thrustmaster tmx is all you need. my system is German, 4k hdr, dolby atmos.
  10. No active controller only wheel. When resuming game with quick resume, ffb is always off. If turning on xbox before power on wheel also. Meanwhile I got fading ffb within the first minutes of playing myteam save.
  11. Same for me. Unfortunately I must repeat the race when this happens and that is the worst annoying part of the bug :-(
  12. Platform: Xbox Series X Wheel Used: Thrustmaster TMX Game-modes played, in order: My Team for about 90 minutes (totally 3 hours session) Details on when the fade happened? Fade of FFB in training session #2, and on around lap 20 of race in My Team. Firmware and Drivers version: Firmware 15 Does this happen in every session regardless: Happens in all sessions. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.
  13. Can not download the second file. Anyway I updated firmware according to Thrustmaster instructions. My TMX is now on firmware 15 and still FFB is gone regularly during game.
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