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  1. Rik1919

    F1 2019 demo ps4

    I downloaded, partially, the demo to try out photomode etc...I say partially as it was going to take around 30 hours for the full download..:( no thanks.... Wow a fantastic photomode, why don`t we have this in the Dirt and Grid games....??????????????????? seriously what a shame... :( :( thanks....
  2. Rik1919

    Why is there no replay for DirtFish area?

    It was only a general remark, as in other games, project cars 2, gran turismo sport, assetto corsa, you can just have a quick blast and then have a view at your replay, it would be brilliant on the dirtfish part, proper drifting of the cars dust everywhere etc...
  3. Rik1919

    Why is there no replay for DirtFish area?

    Such a shame, im sure you can do replays in project cars 2 when you only have a quick mess about...oh well...
  4. Im on ps4 pro, I dont know if it`s different on pc, the one place where you can have fun and push the cars about, and no option to view a replay? huh, thats as bad as the game having no photomode....
  5. Thank you kaylos, Ive reinstalled the game again, did what you said....thank you thank you thank you.......Yes its playable again now..... I noticed on dirt 2 wheel friction and tyre friction where there as well, i don't know if they have always been, but that game felt weird yesterday so turned that off as well..... What weird settings they added, wonder why as it made the game rubbish, no control, horrible force feedback etc...
  6. Yep made it horrible, i knew things had changed, as i had to turn off proximity arrow things again, and speech and music, all them things i had turned off were back on.... Felt brilliant before driving, fantastic, racing was ace...oh well....ruined it, car uncontrollable. felt like you are not in control anymore...all over the place, force feedback absolutely horrible and rubbish...was perfect before.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr never been so cheesed off
  7. Basically this was my favorite racing game, the handling, the feedback, the racing, brilliant brilliant brilliant.... Playing on ps4 pro with racing seat, wheels and pedals, just fantastic, loved the way the cars handled etc.....Then I get the update last week, think nothing of it, I only got round to playing it again yesterday..... and...What the heck has happened to the handling, the steering, the force feedback the cars are uncontrollable now... It`s the most rubbish driving feeling now, hate it .......I was about to buy season 1 with no hesitation but i was 50p short in my wallet on ps4, so thought i`ll get it later, that's not happening now....I cant believe how awful the game feels ....So as i have it on disc, i deleted the game, and reinstalled from disc with out any updates..... and the game dosent even work without updates, you get to the start screen where it says press x to continue, and nothing........ At least i can sell it as its on disc...... Sorry but that was my day ruined yesterday, was going to have a great time playing it again all day yesterday.... but nope...
  8. Rik1919

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 Bug Reports

    Hi guys just posting a little video i did of a replay, the trackside camera is selected but dosent always stay on trackside it cuts to interior a few times......Ive sped the video up to show.. ps4 pro Thanks..
  9. This!!!!!!!, is what I want, even though it`s set to trackside, it still cuts to car interior exterior shots...nooooooooooooooooooo so annoying, gets to a good bit of the replay you want to see, switches to interior camera now...noooo
  10. Rik1919

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Such a good looking game... ps4 pro
  11. Rik1919

    DLC Entitlement FAQ (PS4)

    Didnt know untill i bought the dlc and it didnt show up anywhere in game, so sending it back, just bought another hopefully uk version... Actually the version i did buy brand new, was by a third party seller but fulfilled by amazon, i never realized, as it was brand new and came next day like usual...
  12. Rik1919

    DLC Entitlement FAQ (PS4)

    Update guys, in case anyone has the same trouble as me in the uk,Ive just been on to sony live chat help, and they said my game disc isnt a uk version... i bought dirt rally 2 from amazon uk brand new, , thats why the DLC wont work for me. as its region locked.......unbelievable...
  13. Rik1919

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Fantastic pictures everyone, the game looks superb in all conditions, shame there is no actual photomode, as it would show of the game even better... A few screenshots from me, ps4 pro..