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  1. Hi guys just posting a little video i did of a replay, the trackside camera is selected but dosent always stay on trackside it cuts to interior a few times......Ive sped the video up to show.. ps4 pro Thanks..
  2. Didnt know untill i bought the dlc and it didnt show up anywhere in game, so sending it back, just bought another hopefully uk version... Actually the version i did buy brand new, was by a third party seller but fulfilled by amazon, i never realized, as it was brand new and came next day like usual...
  3. Update guys, in case anyone has the same trouble as me in the uk,Ive just been on to sony live chat help, and they said my game disc isnt a uk version... i bought dirt rally 2 from amazon uk brand new, , thats why the DLC wont work for me. as its region locked.......unbelievable...
  4. Fantastic pictures everyone, the game looks superb in all conditions, shame there is no actual photomode, as it would show of the game even better... A few screenshots from me, ps4 pro..
  5. Hello, I have the same issue on my ps4, I bought greece, two extra rally cross tracks, and extra cars but they are not showing up anywhere, on my PlayStation 4 it says they are installed. Ive tried the fixes above, and they still dont work... Also I noticed if I try to access the playstation store from the game it dosent work... I hope I dont have to delete the game and re install it, I have it on disc, so that part is quick to install, but the the update, was about 36 gig and took about 20 hours for me...:( Any other suggestions on what to do..apart from deleting and t
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