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  1. Jellybeezy

    F1 2018 Gamepass missing multiplayer option

    The multiplayer will be added later. Don't know why but you'll get it eventually
  2. Jellybeezy

    F1 2018 Gamepass missing multiplayer option

    According to the website, the multiplayer will be added at a later moment https://www.microsoft.com/nl-nl/p/f1-2018-pc-gp/9ntzv7h85tw9?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  3. Jellybeezy

    How to config Hori apex wheel

    Have you looked at this? http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/06/f1-2019-compatible-wheels-and-controllers/ It seems that the Hori wheel is not supported by F1 2019
  4. Jellybeezy

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Of course we pay full price for the game and we should be able to expect a perfect game, but still they listen to the community a bit and fix some major issues which is great. Besides the big complaints from everywhere I still enjoy the game big time and want to give huge credits to codemasters because they still do a great job for this game. I know this is an opinion which will not be supported by a lot of people but I think codies really need some support because they made huge improvements the last years in the F1 games.
  5. You mean really like a guest account on the ps4? I'll have to try that. Because I usually login to the same account I have the wheel connected to and then it also becomes a headphone jack but also uses the wrong FFB settings I guess that may be the reason yeah. I already plug in the wheel before starting so that cannot be the problem.
  6. Jellybeezy

    Today, Wheel got worse after 1.12 Patch

    @senna94f1 In fact the second controller affects your FFB. It happens to me all the time if I connect a second controller for voice chat for example. If i dont turn off the force feedback of the controller, My wheel will feel horribly heavy and different then without the second controller.
  7. Jellybeezy

    Today, Wheel got worse after 1.12 Patch

    @ShelbyUSA Have you tried running it without the second controller? I appears to have influence to the FFB behaviour of the steering wheel.
  8. I have tried to disable it as an in-game control option, unfortunately with no succes. It just switches back on automatically. I will try your suggestion with turning it on before starting the game!
  9. Hi guys, The last weeks, i guess since 1.08 patch, I experience strange behaviour of my wheel when I have a second controller connected to use voice-chat on my PS4. At the moment I connect the second controller, i found out that my wheel uses the 'FFB' settings of my controller. Which means that all the FFB turns to 100%. Do more people happen to have this on their PS4? Thanks in advance for your replies!