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  1. I experience a new control behaviour with controller steering (XBOX360). Was a patch made in this regard ? Now, I'd like to increase the steering sensitivity and the steering angle. Before, the steering behaviour was smoother in my view. Now, these have become too lazy for me, especially in F2 Championship.
  2. Thank you very much, mate.
  3. Regarding the Grand Prix mode / Event mode: How you can adjust the commentator's language to English? In the menu I have: - subtitle language: it is default and grayed out. Seems to be that it cant' be changed. Perhaps that is this issue?! - Radio language: English. When the commentator starts speaking (introduction to the Grand Prix at the beginning) it keeps the default language and NOT the English one. Even on Steam, I selected English as my preferred language. But I'm not sure if Steam has any impact on the commentator's language at F1 2019. Any help?
  4. simracer221

    How to change/rename player name

    yes for F1 2019. Where is customisation? In my home screen I have: START, SOLO, MULTIPLAYER, F1 ESPORTS, ADAPTION(only for clothing), SHOWROOM, KINO and other staff but I do not have customisation of my profile. Where is that? EDIT: I found it now in ADAPTION (the first spot is related to the profile) Thanks for the help.
  5. How you can: rename your player name change your player icon/badge change your nationality flag
  6. simracer221

    [Idea] F1 2019 - Timing showing in replays

    I bought F1 2017, 2018 and now 2019. I registered to reply to this post. I wonder either why Codemasters do not display times in replays! And not only the time, but also other data (e.g.: gear, revolution speed). The old Rfactor 1 makes it here better. It is in the nature of things that you need a reference to your replays. How else should you able to rate the individual driving? Every SimRacing app produces something like that. Only Codemasters not. Totally incomprehensible!