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  1. The steering just isn't responsive at all. It's gone more towards F1 2012 where it takes an age for the steering to go from lock to lock and you can tell this by the in game steering wheel. F1 2013 was much faster and in my opinion, so much better. Because the steering is so unresponsive, it's near impossible to hit every apex when using a controller in fact sectors on tracks such as Silverstone maggots and becketts, Hungary middle sector, Circuit of the Americas first sector, Australia fast left right in the middle sector. I drove Monaco earlier and that track is awful to drive using a cont
  2. Is it just me who thinks that F1 2014 is understeer city? I play with a controller on PS3 with all assists off and in both slow and fast corners, any car that I drive does not want to turn! I've read a lot about controllers having "hidden assists" so I'm just wondering if this is contributing to the amount of understeer I'm getting. It's not down to setups either because I've tried various setups for different tracks and in each game mode, all I'm getting is loads of understeer. To me, it seems like the steering has gone back towards F1 2012 where it takes a lot longer to reach full steering l
  3. Hi guys, so I am currently in the process of designing a new website for Legend Racing League... a racing league that will run both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Now that we are getting closer to F1 2014 being released, I decided to spend time developing the website ready for a racing league for F1 2014 The website will feature in depth pages such as Teams & Drivers, Race Calendar, Race Results, Standings, Rules & Regulations as well as an in depth home page where drivers will be able to see how long until the next race  I am looking for drivers to take part in this racing league a
  4. Hi guys, so I am currently in the process of designing a new website for OnlineRacers... a racing league that is currently exclusive to PlayStation 3. Now that we are getting closer to F1 2014 being released, I decided to spend time developing the website ready for a racing league for F1 2014 unless there is still interest in racing leagues of F1 2013 then I can perhaps put something together a bit quicker and get the racing league underway ASAP.  I am looking for drivers to take part in this racing league and have set up a page where drivers can communicate with each other whilst the re
  5. So thought I'd make my Silverstone Track Updates post. I'm not saying Codemasters have done a bad job so far but I just feel that various aspects of tracks could be improved to make them look more like real life. I also know that there are other areas of the game that need improving but these have been mentioned in other posts so thought I'd make a post about something which hasn't been covered SILVERSTONE Silverstone Wing- I think a bit more time needs to be spent on the Silverstone Wing in F1 2014. Looks pretty plain and boring in F1 2013. Missing the scaffolding and the BRDC logo like s
  6. Yeah FOM do use DIN but not sure which type. I've always tried to find templates but never had any luck so I've just had to try and copy the colour scheme they use haha
  7. I use DinC @PeteTheDuck Been trying to find which is the best Din font to use without it looking blurry once zoomed out and this is the best I've found so far
  8. Sure, no problem @DanMac4569 I have twitter- @Keeno94 but because we're tweets are limited to a certain amount of characters, you can email me on keeno94@hotmail.co.uk which might be an easier option
  9. Like I've said before, I know there are many other things that need to be improved especially the AI and damage model but these have been covered before so I've just made this thread to cover track updates to make the game look a lot more lifelike. As for the bump going down into Mirabeau, it's there in real life so I'm glad it's on the game. I know it wasn't there in F1 2010. Maybe they should add a more defined bump coming out of the tunnel like there is in real life so if you take a wrong line or brake in the wrong place, you can lose the car like many drivers have in the past.  Just
  10. That's why I've said visual improvements. The kerbs are actually an important part in a racing game as it allows you to take the actual racing line. The bollard in the slow chicane is a big issue as you can't actually take a proper line without hitting it as it is right on the apex. Obviously there are other things such as the bump on the run up the hill but these are visual improvements that I think will make the game a lot more lifelike and show that CM will have spent a lot more time designing the tracks
  11. After playing Codemasters F1 series since F1 2010, I've noticed things that have and haven't changed visually. In my opinion, I feel like not a lot of time is being spent on particular tracks to make them look like real life as much as possible. The main two tracks I've noticed which have hardly changed since F1 2010 are Monaco and Silverstone. These are the two tracks which need a big visual improvement. I'll post examples of Monaco first what I think needs adding into F1 2014. I'll post the Silverstone improvements in a separate discussion MONACO Turn 1- Larger inside kerb than there is i
  12. If any leagues out there want clean looking league standings, then I will be able to help out. I like designing graphics and use Microsoft Excel a lot allowing me to put these standings together fairly quick. I have attached a few images of what the standings look like and previously used them for a small league which I used to race in and also career mode.  I'm open to any suggestions of changes to suit your league more and I am able to update and send these updated standings on the same day as I receive race results so you won't have to worry about standings taking too long to be upda
  13. I feel Codemasters haven't got a high attention to detail when it comes to tracks especially in F1 2013. I heard they had a new art director for this years game and you can really tell. In all, the graphics of the game look better but the attention to detail has dropped a lot.  If you've also noticed on this track, they have a lot of F1 2013 sponsor banners around the track as opposed to the real sponsors and in F1 2010 - F1 2012, they had most of the real life sponsors in the correct places apart from BetClic and Johnny Walker sponsors obviously because they're advertising gambling and
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