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  1. This failure is damaging Codemasters reputation now. Almost everyone in my club has messaged me to say they can’t get on now. Because it’s been failing during prime time since Sunday. Fortunately our rally is open until Monday. But for many others this failure will have shaped their results.
  2. Beefcote852

    Divisions in Clubs

    This was a recent idea from people in my club to keep it interesting. Several lose interest after a couple of stages when they are already out of the running for the win. However if they were racing for a promotion instead of the Championship, or racing to avoid relegation then that'd keep the desire alive through the whole month (as we have monthly championships) I recognise this is quite a lot of programming on the website to incorporate divisions within a club and promotions and relegations. But I have come up with alternative methods which allow users to set up divisions of their own. The method would mean that there are several clubs, for instance, if there were 3 divisions, then each division would have a club associated. The club owner would then be responsible for the right people being in the right club each month. Here's 2 methods of doing that conveniently. 1. In addition to the options of "promote" and "kick" for members, then include an option such as "suspend" or "block", which prevents that user from entering any championship within that club until they are unblocked. In this scenario, all members of the league ladder are invited to, and join, all the divisions, the person in control of the League then just ensures that each member is unblocked for the particular division they are competing in. 2. Allow players to accept invites to clubs from the racenet clubs page within game, this way, the owner of the league can kick the relegated/promoted players from the club division they were in, and invite them to their new club division. And it'll be sorted with the press of a button when they next play the game. (problem here is member points records would likely be lost, I prefer option 1) Obviously in an ideal world, this could be arranged automatically all within one club, it'd save on setting up the rally championship multiple times in different clubs, and also save on losing historical data for members (which I assume happens when members are "kicked") Another addition possibility that was recommended by members of my club, to up the interest, was to allow teams, of 2 or 3 or however many, so their times/points can get summed together for each event, that way the better racers can be paired with the lesser racers to up the competitiveness. I'm pretty sure that's been asked for on here previously though. Thanks for reading. Andy
  3. PlayStation user. If I have bought all the DLC on my PlayStation (my primary console) then shouldn’t other people using the same console be able to purchase the DLC cars from the garage in myteam?My father can race the DLC stages, but cannot race any stages which require a DLC vehicle as they never appear in the garage. Also he cannot race the stages with D+ written on them, not sure why this is.
  4. I currently have a preferred tuning for each location on my cars. That's 8 out of 8 on the gravel tuning. Can we get another save slot for the new location?
  5. Bigger things than mine and FarmerCee’s clubs! Surely there’s nothing more important ! 😄
  6. Beefcote852

    Something is coming closer...

    Pleased we seem to be getting a new rally, although if that was the title on youtube, then I doubt it's a whole new season
  7. Platform: All Heavy rain has been added as an option in Finland, however it is not selectable from the dropdown menu on the website for racenet clubs.
  8. Beefcote852

    Something is coming closer...

    Was hoping the S was going to be for "Season".
  9. Beefcote852

    "Event Details" should be more readily available?

    I have added this subject on the thread related to the latest patch. The more likes a comment gets on that thread then the more likely Codies are to take it seriously, so I'd much appreciate some likes on the below link from anyone who agrees. Thanks.
  10. Platform: ALL This is not a problem directly related to the latest patch, but rather an ongoing issue which many users here, and in my racenet club have raised. It is frustrating that we cannot see the "event details" (aside from the career rally/career rallycross events) before entering events, or during events, from the Events list page. In the case of monthly events in fact, where more than 1 location will be used, the player only finds out what locations are involved after fully completing the first rally! As this is the only opportunity to review the full event details. Every event, whether Daily/Weekly/Monthly, or AI/non AI, would benefit from having the event details tab, as shown in the below image for the Career Rally. Returning to an event after a while when you have no recollection of where you left off, all you can do is select the event and race blind until you finish the rally to even find out whether you were on the first or the last rally of the event. I realise that a list of locations and stages is available for some of the events on the official website, but this is simply long winded, not exhaustive, and doesn't tell a user what stage they are at.
  11. Beefcote852

    "Event Details" should be more readily available?

    Excellent effort on the website Bonxy! That's useful. Again another statement of how this is missing from the game interface however, when someone actually creates a website to show instead. I see you have the challenges that are detailed on www.dirtrally2.com, so everyone remains in the dark as to the locations in the other monthlies until they have played them for at least a whole event. I'm going to raise it as a point on the bug reports for the latest update. I know it's not relevant to the update itself, but if a message gets liked enough on that thread, then Codies are more likely to look into it.
  12. Platform: PS4 I've reported this before for career Rally, now the same thing happens on career Rallycross: If I load up Dirt Rally 2.0 using my profile on a different PS4 to my home PS4, and enter the Events section, I get a message saying "We found a discrepancy between a local save and Racenet on your career progress and are resetting you current championship." This has been happening for some time with career rally, but as of the last update I've also just had my career Rallycross championship reset following hours of effort. I can then return to my home PS4 and the first time I load up I will get the same message again. This is despite the fact I do not have a career rally in progress anymore. I play this game regularly across 2 consoles in 2 locations, and hence until this is solved then the career event options are unplayable.
  13. We’ve had the same issue and I’ve raised it here also. I can tell you why you have points in the 3rd column already. It’s because you had 3 events in your last championship. The points from those 3 events are still contributing to the your current championship (hence the totals column also doesn’t make sense). Basically your last championship, and your current championship have been crammed together as one. Because the standings never acknowledged that your last championship came to an end and hence never started over again. I’ve raised it here and explained to no avail, I’ve also emailed the address on the website and been advised to start another championship. Another complication is, that the scores on the leaderboard you can see, are overwriting the previous scores (visually only, the old points still contribute to the total) however if someone did not enter event 2 in your current championship, and did the previous, then those previous points will still be displayed. id imagine that if you attempted to look back to previous championship standings, then you can’t see the last one, because as I said above it’s been crammed in with your current one. I hope that makes sense. I can’t explain in any more detail what the issue is, and I wish our current and previous championship Leaderboards could be fixed although I don’t hold out much hope. Maybe somebody from IT who’s looking into the issue can read this and get a better idea of the problem?
  14. Absolutely agree, its a bizarre oversight. I've raised it myself I the past:
  15. Beefcote852


    They were just pre planned Season 4 content. I assume you are confusing with the “something is coming” thread.