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  1. In response to the OP. You can only really state wheel/controller on a per stage basis. Because it can change on a per stage basis for any individual racer.
  2. Looking further up the thread. This latest WRC game is a prime example. It's going to be popular. Once people have a rally game, do they need two? Codies are missing the bus on this one. (if they have a game to release) edit: Ok, I looked it up, DR2.0 was announced 5 months before release, WRC10 has announced a release of 5 months time. So if 5 months is a standard.... then will they release DR3.0 within 16 months of WRC license....
  3. Sadly, I feel that if they were releasing a game this year, we'd know about it by now. People move on, buy other racing games, other games all together, not everyone can afford to buy a game just because it's released, especially given the prices on these new console games. And if it's not out in the next 6 months or so, then suddenly 2023 is a year away, and you're thinking they're likely waiting for the rights to WRC. I really think that there'd have been some kind of announcement by now if it was coming out this year. I wonder how far in advance of release was DR2.0 announced.
  4. Has Dirt Rally 3.0 ever actually been properly confirmed? Other than a hint in a blog post, over a year ago, which was mainly about DIRT 5. I'm hoping of course, but I worry they'll wait until they get the rights to WRC now...
  5. If it's to do with stage time records, then I also have been opinionated on this in the past, and the lack of an easy access leaderboards section accessible in-game. I can't find the thread now, it appears it may be too old. But essentially, I created this as an idea...
  6. I would be very keen to join this beta. I have posted in the past my opinions on racenet improvements, and run several clubs with 100+ regular members. and probably about 500+ racenet friends in order to control invites to the various leagues Here's my previous post on the matter: This beta is made for me. But sadly I am only just aware of it. How do I get in on the fun? I've just completed the form above.
  7. How do you get the display shown at the bottom of the screen here (gears etc)? I’ve seen it once or twice on YouTube videos, but no idea how to get it. Is it available on PS4?
  8. I’ve become a bit of a pro on the operation of Racenet clubs in the last few months with a league tier system I’ve been operating. I have some recommendations for use in Racenet, I’d love to see them incorporated in future, maybe in time for DR3. Firstly, I think Racenet is fantastic, so I don’t want this to sound like moaning. But here's some ideas I've had to make it easier to use, or to expand the platform, what do you think? Firstly some minor faults/anomalies I have come across on the website. 1. For some reason, a user's console name is used on the latest results page
  9. PlayStation user. If I have bought all the DLC on my PlayStation (my primary console) then shouldn’t other people using the same console be able to purchase the DLC cars from the garage in myteam?My father can race the DLC stages, but cannot race any stages which require a DLC vehicle as they never appear in the garage. Also he cannot race the stages with D+ written on them, not sure why this is.
  10. Pleased we seem to be getting a new rally, although if that was the title on youtube, then I doubt it's a whole new season
  11. Platform: All Heavy rain has been added as an option in Finland, however it is not selectable from the dropdown menu on the website for racenet clubs.
  12. Was hoping the S was going to be for "Season".
  13. Platform: ALL This is not a problem directly related to the latest patch, but rather an ongoing issue which many users here, and in my racenet club have raised. It is frustrating that we cannot see the "event details" (aside from the career rally/career rallycross events) before entering events, or during events, from the Events list page. In the case of monthly events in fact, where more than 1 location will be used, the player only finds out what locations are involved after fully completing the first rally! As this is the only opportunity to review the full event details.
  14. Platform: PS4 I've reported this before for career Rally, now the same thing happens on career Rallycross: If I load up Dirt Rally 2.0 using my profile on a different PS4 to my home PS4, and enter the Events section, I get a message saying "We found a discrepancy between a local save and Racenet on your career progress and are resetting you current championship." This has been happening for some time with career rally, but as of the last update I've also just had my career Rallycross championship reset following hours of effort. I can then return to my home PS4 and the first tim
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