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  1. Beefcote852

    Wheels Vs Controllers

    In response to the OP. You can only really state wheel/controller on a per stage basis. Because it can change on a per stage basis for any individual racer.
  2. Beefcote852

    DiRTy Gossip

    Looking further up the thread. This latest WRC game is a prime example. It's going to be popular. Once people have a rally game, do they need two? Codies are missing the bus on this one. (if they have a game to release) edit: Ok, I looked it up, DR2.0 was announced 5 months before release, WRC10 has announced a release of 5 months time. So if 5 months is a standard.... then will they release DR3.0 within 16 months of WRC license....
  3. Beefcote852

    DiRTy Gossip

    Sadly, I feel that if they were releasing a game this year, we'd know about it by now. People move on, buy other racing games, other games all together, not everyone can afford to buy a game just because it's released, especially given the prices on these new console games. And if it's not out in the next 6 months or so, then suddenly 2023 is a year away, and you're thinking they're likely waiting for the rights to WRC. I really think that there'd have been some kind of announcement by now if it was coming out this year. I wonder how far in advance of release was DR2.0 announced.
  4. Beefcote852

    DiRTy Gossip

    Has Dirt Rally 3.0 ever actually been properly confirmed? Other than a hint in a blog post, over a year ago, which was mainly about DIRT 5. I'm hoping of course, but I worry they'll wait until they get the rights to WRC now...
  5. Beefcote852

    RaceNet Beta (DiRT Rally Stat Tracking Website).

    If it's to do with stage time records, then I also have been opinionated on this in the past, and the lack of an easy access leaderboards section accessible in-game. I can't find the thread now, it appears it may be too old. But essentially, I created this as an idea...
  6. Beefcote852

    RaceNet Beta (DiRT Rally Stat Tracking Website).

    I would be very keen to join this beta. I have posted in the past my opinions on racenet improvements, and run several clubs with 100+ regular members. and probably about 500+ racenet friends in order to control invites to the various leagues Here's my previous post on the matter: This beta is made for me. But sadly I am only just aware of it. How do I get in on the fun? I've just completed the form above.
  7. Beefcote852

    Display question

    Ok. Thanks.
  8. Beefcote852

    Display question

    How do you get the display shown at the bottom of the screen here (gears etc)? I’ve seen it once or twice on YouTube videos, but no idea how to get it. Is it available on PS4?
  9. I’ve become a bit of a pro on the operation of Racenet clubs in the last few months with a league tier system I’ve been operating. I have some recommendations for use in Racenet, I’d love to see them incorporated in future, maybe in time for DR3. Firstly, I think Racenet is fantastic, so I don’t want this to sound like moaning. But here's some ideas I've had to make it easier to use, or to expand the platform, what do you think? Firstly some minor faults/anomalies I have come across on the website. 1. For some reason, a user's console name is used on the latest results page on the website, despite the racenet name being used on all other tables and menus, on website and in game. The same users name can even change from stage to stage if they moved from their games console to steam for instance, and it won't match their racenet name which is quoted on the championship standings page. 2. When opening a club and viewing the latest results page, the default page should be the current championship, and if possible the current event. Not the earliest championship available. Which could be months ago. Needless time wasted on every visit to a results page 3. Clubs filter sorting: After filtering a leaderboard on the website to show your racenet friends (or any other filter, steering wheel/control pad for instance), the option to arrange by "total" time does not work, even after selecting it, it continues to sort by the individual stage time. 4. The ability to change your Racenet name?? 5. The ability to rescind an invite to a club, may seem like this would not be needed, but in the scenario I have of inviting people to a league tier, then once that season has expired, I need to rescind the invites that weren’t taken up. And some useful additions to grow the system. 1. An App: A phone App for this game would be great, log in with your Racenet ID and have 3 main sections: Leaderboards, Challenges, Clubs, a quick direct link to these on the homepage of the app would not only make things far easier for the user, but I'd assume not surfing a website each time to arrive at your desired page will save on bandwidth requirements which there's been issues with. (I think this would see a rise in regular users of the site/app, due to the convenience, and the advertising potential from that would be significant maybe?) . Also, having all the timetrial leaderboards, on the website/app, where you could filter to see your Racenet friends, would remove a major flaw in the game currently, which is easy access to leaderboards. 2. The ability to click on another Racenet members name (One who you've already friended maybe), and see what clubs they belong to, what console and console username they use, maybe a list of codemasters games the Racenet member has registered in. This would all be useful for building a Racenet community, maybe an option for messaging between members. 3. The capability to search for, and join clubs "in game" from the clubs menu, instead of using the website? Or at least if invited to a club via the website, then have the invite appear in game, and the option to accept/decline from the in game clubs menu screen?
  10. Beefcote852

    Another clear error on leaderboards

    As mentioned previously, a time should really flag up as Suspect if it’s say, 10% quicker than 2nd best. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Then these things won’t happen?
  11. This time it’s Noorinbee Ridge Ascent - Dry - Non time trial.
  12. Beefcote852

    Dirt Rally Leagues!

    @UnderclassGDfan, I see you have joined the qualifiers. I'm afraid you missed the August qualifying window, so won't be joining the leagues now until October. You'll understand we can't just put newcomers in League D, or the top end of League D would be too high a quality for the actual League D level racers to compete. Also we can't put people in at League A without them proving themselves to be at that level. Judging by your USA time, then you are definitely looking at League A, but as I said, not until October.
  13. Beefcote852

    Dirt Rally Leagues!

    Join the Dirt Rally Leagues here, we have 4 tiers, with promotion and relegation each month after 4 events. It's a great way to compete with opponents and times within your reach, and aim to improve. All information is here on our website: https://dirtrally2-0leagues.webflow.io/dr2-results In order to join the leagues, you first have to set a time in a qualifying group, so that you can be placed into a tier at your approximate pace level the following month. That gives you 48 hours from posting this message, if you want to be in a league for the September season. (Be careful however, if you only set one qualifying time, and it's a DNF, then you're destined to join League D) We have a facebook page and group for the leagues. Everybody is welcome to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/890453004800381
  14. Beefcote852

    Clubs website functionality

    I have also found this in the leagues I organise. Direct links to the leagues no longer work, you just get a blank white screen. The need to go back to the homepage, or at least the clubs homepage every time to check a league is quite frustrating. The early log outs have also been frustrating for a long time, but now when you log out a refresh brings up the blank white screen instead of the log in screen.
  15. Beefcote852

    Question regarding surface degredation.

    Thanks both.