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  1. Hi. PC, Steam i5-4460, RX 570 8GB, 16 GB RAM. Season 1,2,3,4 Logitech DFGT Ford Fiesta R5. Headlights don't broken, but don't light the road.
  2. PC, Steam RX 570, i5-4460, 16 GB RAM Deluxe (1,2,3,4 seasons) DFGT Second bug what I found. In freeplay, if you finish event and after going to choose car immediately(or not), menu car may not appear and game will stuck without any response(I cannot exit to menu, but game is still alive, only Alt+F4). It's random.
  3. PC, Steam RX 570, i5-4460, 16 GB RAM Deluxe (1,2,3,4 seasons) DFGT Hi, I found the bug with tyres in freeplay. Steps: Choose soft tyres for stage. Run this stage and finish it. Drive to service area and you will see, that your "soft tires is used(it's ok)." Exit the game to Windows. Load the game with championship, when you played before. Go to menu where you can select tyres and you'll see - soft tyres is medium and used(it's not ok). And this bug will appear, when you exit from the stage to Windows and after load the
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