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  1. Ok I was able to fix it for anyone that has this problem. You have to calibrate your pedals again using Diview. That will make steam games recognize your pedals properly. If you have a 2 pedal setup like me (with no clutch pedal), you will have to set the throttle and brake pedal from inside the wheel control set up (not the heusinkveld pedal profile) because the pedal profile will not allow you to save just the throttle and brake by itself
  2. I just tried what you said but unfortunately, nothing happens after I remap the steering and then try and map the pedals. still nothing registers for throttle or brake. This is frustrating 😞
  3. I’m having the same issue with my heusinkveld ultimate pedals. I cannot get the throttle or the brake to map no matter what I do. I have a similar set up. DD1 with F1 wheel. The profile shows the HE Ultimates but when I try and push the brake or throttle to map it, nothing registers.
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