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  1. HoksuHoo

    Opel Ascona Wheel on wrong side?

    Nope. Adjust or drive something else. Might be a good idea to learn to drive a car that has steering wheel on the wrong side, it's just a matter of adjusting. The car in the game is a a UK spec car. Hence it's RHD although it's a German car
  2. HoksuHoo

    Year One Pass - Unwanted 2.4 million credits

    That Codemasters developers don't even consider the possibility that someone might want to play their game, instead of progressing without playing, is just sad. These "credits drops" should never exist in the first place. The concept that paying real world money equals game progression needs to die. But if you do implement this kind of "bonus" garbage then the least you could do is implement them in a way that doesn't harm the game experience of those who would actually like to play the game. People who buy DLC for the content and not for gameplay bonuses. Why don't Codemasters believe we exist? How about cheat codes for singleplayer? You know, those things that games had back in the day before pay2win and microtransactions became the norm. With a cheat code you can get extra money without playing if that's what you want, but if you'd rather play the game then cheat codes are not forced on you like these "credits drops" and instant unlocks are. Everyone wins.
  3. With 100% difficulty maybe. With lower difficulty, or lower level than masters in career, nope. Randomized time are all over the place, and not only with 2019 cars. 2019 supercars seem to be where it's the worst, but the randomized times being way faster than the AI drivers is definitely not exclusive to them, I have seen it happen with all the other RX classes as well. Here is one example which I reported. Silverstone, 2018 supercars, elite championship in career. And yeah, the very same staggering 4 second per lap disparity. 4 seconds per lap on a very short 1km track. 4 seconds per kilometer would mean 28 seconds on Spa, 54 seconds on Le Mans, over a minute on the longest rally stages in DR2.0, 1 minute and 23 seconds on Nordschleife. Just to put to perspective how far off the mark the randomized times are.
  4. I have been playing since September and it has been happening the whole time. And yes, I have reported it in every bug report thread since September, and posted about it on various other threads concerning RX and RX AI, but Codies just don't give a toss. It's frustrating all right, completely ruins singleplayer rallycross. Just boggles the mind that they would include many fine RX cars and tracks but make them unplayble in singleplayer because of effing randomized times in qualifying. You'd think it wouldn't be nuclear science to make the randomized times somewhat same level as the AI drivers. Hell they could change the randomized times so that they are only ever as fast as the top driver in your heat. That would be a very crude, unsophisticated measure that definitely should not be necessary to professional game developers, but since they can't get the randomized times to work, that would at least make singleplayer RX playable so it would be a huge improvement. For Dirt Rally 3 I hope they leave rallycross out completely. A sad thing to say as someone who likes rallycross a lot, but it's just not worth including when you can't race it in singleplayer, and Codemasters don't care if it works or not
  5. 2000cc is one class where it's difficult to pick one car to commit to since there are so many great cars and I'd want to drive them all. That's a nice problem to have.
  6. HoksuHoo

    Dirt 5 will be amazing!

    This game isn't even out and you say it will be amazing. Maybe you should wait for some gameplay and for the release. Instead of being all hyped and calling the game amazing based of just an effing trailer
  7. Issue: Driver position in Lancia 037 and Porsche 911 SC RS is way too close to windshield. Since the driver position adjust bizarrely does not allow moving backwards from default position, it cannot be corrected manually Method of Reproduction: Set field of view to lowest value Select Lancia 037 or Porsche 911 SC RS Use cockpit view (the one which is affected by FOV) How cockpit view with lowest FOV should look like: Platform: Steam PC Build: 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z, 1440p 60Hz VR Headset used: Nope Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G920+shifter
  8. Issue: In rallycross qualifying the random times from the other heats are far faster than the AI drivers on track. This is a critical and/or game-breaking issue because it completely destroys singleplayer rallycross, you cannot have decent singleplayer racing because the difficulty is badly mismatched, difficulty level of the random times is far higher than that of the physical AI drivers. Being faster than the AI drivers but finishing 16th in every race is not good racing Method of Reproduction: Start singleplayer rallycross qualifier, set difficulty to say 80 It happens on many different tracks but Killarney is especially bad. Also Silverstone Complete the heat, compare the times of the drivers in your heat to the randomized times from other heats Here is one example. AI drivers are 2:45-2:47 level while random times are 2:29-2:34. They should be about the same level but there is a 4 second per lap disparity, which is enormous. Platform: Steam PC Build: 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z, 1440p 60Hz VR Headset used: Nope Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G920+shifter
  9. HoksuHoo

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    Literally a pinned thread there with patch notes, not sure how you manage to not find that. Yeah it's pretty big for relatively meager updates but size of the patch does not necessarily correlate with the extensivity of the updates. Much of the game is packed into a tiny number of massive files so often even small changes require overwriting a big file.
  10. HoksuHoo

    your farvorite Imprezza?

    Legacy and Impreza WRC 98 are both great
  11. Maybe the guys who are actually responsible for something, who can't pass the buck or claim ignorance, should come to the forum (or Twitter or something where they actually communicate with players) sometime for some Q&A, instead of hiding behind a community dude. The complete absence of any accountability or responsibility is just mind-boggling.
  12. So 2000cc is historically (whatever that means) the least popular class in the game since it's almost nonexistent in online events? Finding that a bit difficult to believe. R-GT and Group B RWD are not everyone's cup of tea since they are quite a lot more demanding to drive than R2 or H1 but does that really mean there should be almost no online events with them? R2 or H1 isn't really everyone's cup of tea either since some of us find those cars are quite dull compared to many other more exciting cars in the game. R2 isn't favored "a little bit more". From what I've seen R2 has several as many events as 2000cc, R-GT and Group B RWD combined. Just seems a waste to neglect such great cars. Surely the online events shouldn't be designed exclusively to newbies and players who want cars that are as easy to drive as possible
  13. 13 locations is already a massive amount but the amount of road per locations is low. Imo there's no need to add a lot of new locations, what they need to do is add more unique stages per location. There's only like 20-30km per location, the rest is short and reverse versions of the same road. More stages, and hopefully longer stages too. Also improve the visuals and weather options. Though if they're going to add another location then another snow location would be nice, only one full snow location as is. Arctic Lapland Rally for example. Assuming they can make Finland look decent this time. Tarmac physics in DR2.0 aren't particularly great so unless it can be vastly improved for DR3 then gravel and snow locations should be priority.