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  1. HoksuHoo

    DiRTy Gossip

    So you posted about it a week ago, does not mean I read that post even if it's literally next to mine, or that I would remember it if I did. This is a completely pointless thing to argue about
  2. HoksuHoo

    DiRTy Gossip

    Take a chill pill dude. I want real sounds for the car as much as you so not much point raging at me. Didn't know you are talking about a "momentarily replacement" since you didn't say that, what you literally just said is that the Focus '01 sound is perfect for the car.
  3. HoksuHoo

    DiRTy Gossip

    Surely it deserves its own sound instead of a copy-paste from a different sounding car in the same class. This is the sound of Fabia WRC:
  4. HoksuHoo

    DiRTy Gossip

    Right, there is that. So the Ascona and 240Z are not quite as slow as the leaderboards would suggest.
  5. In the short term, until the daytime is fixed, it would be nice not to have every online event in daytime. So far every daily has been.
  6. Today's daily. "I didn't even notice it" "I didn't even notice it" "I didn't even notice it" This really needs to be fixed asap. The sooner they get rid of that fog/mist/whatever the better, it definitely is tragic as it is
  7. HoksuHoo

    2019 FIA World Rally Championship

    Certainly the right decision to cancel, would have been really wrong to have a race in the middle of a natural disaster. Try to tell drivers, spectators, organizers, staff to focus on the race in those circumstances, nope. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-50375407 So Hyundai win their first ever title.
  8. Unrealistic absolutely, it's not how Finland looks like at all in dry, clear daytime. In terms of graphical quality it looks far worse than it should. Clear daytime is a very basic weather option for any track and it's not available for Finland as is. That's plenty of reason to change it. Yes, it begs the question how a DLC gets released in this state. Not being able to repair BMW M2 turbo, gear indicators not working in Greece, Yas Marina allowing gross corner cutting were strange enough but this is a whole different level. And Finland also severely lacks weather options (no rain at all?) in addition to the botched daytime.
  9. Saying the mist is fine is an opinion, a few other things he said are not. You keep dismissing other people's opinions as "drama train", you keep spamming you didn't notice it as if that disproved it being there, you make grade school jibes at people you don't agree with, are you are actually trying to lecture me about respecting other people's opinions! You keep whining to me that I bring it up, as if me posting about it was the main problem. I somehow doubt you'll be out for very long tbh. Choo choo! Drama train! I didn't even notice it! Must be hard to resist posting something that constructive. btw you might want to work on your not-downplaying-anything skills. Someone could mistake "I didn't even notice the fog, which isn't even proper fog but just a slight layer hanging in the air""Yeah, it's so tragic that I didn't even notice at first. Is this some kind of 'drama train' people just jumped on?" " Choo choo! ^^ "" It really isn't that bad at all in my view, I didn't even notice until you kept posting the same thing again and again. ""The massive fog is terrible, we're all doomed! ""...whining all the time about an 'issue' that I didn't even notice..." for downplaying the issue.
  10. Imagine being so self-righteous that you try to dictate people are not allowed to post about a certain issue just because you didn't notice it, or don't think it's that bad. Imagine thinking that you are qualified to lecture about what people can or can't post, while posting excrement like this: " The massive fog is terrible, we're all doomed! " " Is this some kind of 'drama train' people just jumped on? Choo choo! ^^ "
  11. You didn't just disagree with me mate. You keep making patronizing, denialistic "just a slight layer" kind of posts, making assertions that have no basis on reality, you keep lecturing me about what my country looks like, you keep making pseudo-clever grade school jibes like that last line, you keep challenging me and then you whine when I dare to respond to that because it's my fault I keep bringing it up. A bit less self-righteousness and a bit more thinking about what you are saying might be a good idea. "promo pics always look better". That is actually your argument now? All that arguing that the fog is different in different spots, posting a screenshot that supposedly proves the promo pics were truthful, challenging me to make a comparison from the same spot, and all of that meant nothing because promo pics always look better. And I'm somehow over-dramatizing by claiming that the game looks worse than the promo pics (i.e. the promo pics look better). Fact is, daytime Finland looks far worse than it should because of the fog effect, and Finland also severely lacks weather options. Hard to imagine what could be a more worthy issue to bring up on Dirt Rally 2.0 forum. Posting excrement like that does not qualify to you to tell me what I can or can't post
  12. You keep making one assertion after another, assertion gets proven wrong, you don't about care that and keep making more assertions that contradict your previous assertions. What am I over-dramatizing? I am claiming the promotional images look nothing like the real game. You have made counter-arguments to that which I have disproven, you have challenged me to make a comparison from the same spot which I did. You just admitted that the promo pics look better, more colorful and clearer. I am also claiming Finland has an awful looking and unrealistic fog in dry daytime, with lots of photographic evidence. If the foggy pics are totally acceptable then why didn't Codemasters release the foggy pics? Riddle me that. This is kind of getting off-track, the main problem is that Finland should never look like that, the fake promo images showing what it should look like are just adding insult to injury. I keep bringing this up because you keep challenging me and making assertions that have no basis on reality. And also because there is no meaningful response from CM.
  13. So you said and then you proceeded to make a comparison with an entirely different kind of screenshot. Here is a comparison from the exact same spot
  14. The fog effect only appears at some distance. Close to your car it looks ok, but at distance it starts to look terrible because of the fog. That you are able to give one close-range screenshot where it's not visible proves absolutely nothing. Promotional shots are crystal clear even at long distances Whereas in the real game the fog becomes very visible some distance from your car. None of the CM screenshots show a tiniest bit of the fog, what a coincidence. Yeah, you totally can't blame them for disabling the fog for their beautiful pictures which look nothing like the actual product
  15. It's really not that there is no fog at all in any circumstances. You really might want to get rid of this delusion of knowledge and stop with the "clever" comebacks. I hope it goes better than the last time you said that. A hotfix to remove the fog-thing from daytime, and then adding more weather options in a patch, would be nice.