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  1. Lest we forget... promo screenshot: vs. real game: promo screenshot: vs. real game:
  2. HoksuHoo

    Offline Custom Championships

    Oh right, I actually forgot the "parts degradation" since it's so minimal and has little effect on gameplay that it's not much of a factor. In career mode you repair your car between events so you start the next event with your car in basically 100% condition. I would also like to see the game being harder, and having more depth.
  3. HoksuHoo

    Offline Custom Championships

    Damage and repairs are the same in custom championships as in my team. Spending some credits to upgrade your differential so wear becomes a bit more nonexistent is not depth. Don't get me wrong I'd love to have some extra depth for custom championships. It's just the my team car features isn't that.
  4. HoksuHoo

    Patch 1.13

    " Version 1.13 is in development, release date to be confirmed. "
  5. HoksuHoo

    Purchasing Cars

    Those are just random numbers which means absolutely nothing. "Used" car means you need to repair it, like you repair your car in every service, that's all. And that the stats are useless since they show meaningless random number instead of your stats. The car shop has two different sets of cars and it switches back and forth between them every 8 hours. It's no more complicated than that.
  6. HoksuHoo

    Dirt Rally 2.0 R5 Cars List ?

    No R5 cars in DLC. Here is a list sorted by class: https://dirt.fandom.com/wiki/DiRT_Rally_2.0
  7. From the screenshots it seemed like Finland would be crystal clear with no fog at all. Remains to be seen if the real DR2.0 Scotland looks like that. Could be a lot worse in the real game. IF it's that level then it's more than bad enough. The visual appearance of the upcoming Perth and Kinross does belong in this thread, and I for one am kind of concerned the fog will ruin its looks, since Codies have this bizarre mentality that adding a thick fog a short distance away from your car is a good way to increase performance in clear weather
  8. The "mist" is an undesired effect. Looks awful and nothing at all like reality. The mist isn't just at longer draw distances, in some places it appears like 10-20m from your car. Or 100m from your car which is not a long draw distance in 2020. In some places you can't see the road because of this "mist". Again at a very short draw distance. On dusk or sunset you can see pretty far, no mist. Then in daytime you can't see squat. REALLY does not add up.
  9. No fog/haze/mist effect for performance reasons. Clear and realistic visuals must not be compromised, only add as much eye candy as you can without sacrificing that. High graphical fidelity with the looks ruined by an ugly and unrealistic haze effect is completely bass-ackwards and counter-productive. If photorealistic visuals require less high-res textures or high-poly assets then so be it, overall it'll look far better A proper FOV and seat position adjust like in sims such as AC. The seat position adjust is way too limited, and FOV changes in large steps rather than in degrees, and FOV only affects some views Rallycross AI needs massive improvements. The random AI times from qualifiers are way off (they should be around the same as the drivers in your heat but they can be even 20 seconds faster), the AI difficulty is very inconsistent across tracks and weathers, the AI drivers will ram you as if you weren't there and behave very bizarrely sometimes (such as always taking joker on first lap if they lead). If you can't make the AI work then leave rallycross out entirely, it's not even worth including if you can't race in singleplayer Online and career separated entirely. Fully offline career (especially when you can't get Racenet to work reliably, and your progress can be wiped anytime), leaderboards can be left out of singleplayer completely (only upload your times when plaing online-based modes). Online events shouldn't require having the car in career mode For career mode, keep the open-ended infinitely replayable type of career but maybe think of some ways to add some details and depth to it. Do not go the Dirt 1-4 route of having a completely pre-defined career mode that you complete in 10 hours and has zero replay value. A racing sim is about depth, these are games that you can play for hundreds of hours Improve the way career difficulty works. Beating masters requires damn near world record times on every stage, not a realistic possibility for overwhelming majority of players. Add an optional world record difficulty for career or something. Also everyone should not have to start on open difficulty that is way too easy for many players Car upgrades removed completely. An unrealistic feature that does not belong in a sim, and grinding extra horsepower for your cars adds nothing positive to a game. These are homologated racing cars, not some homemade tuners Better integration of DLC into online events. The current system suits no one, DLC players can't play their DLC since most events are base game content only, and vanilla players are locked out of most events. No one benefits. Needs a serious rethink More unique stages per location. 30km per location is really not a whole lot Longer stages Longer intervals between services, having it every 2-3 stages is too frequent especially with short stages Damage in DR2.0 is too pansy even with the so-called hardcore damage on, needs to be more realistic and punishing. If you really want to cater to players who can't avoid crashing then implement a singleplayer-only option to turn damage off Events that don't involve driving the same stages in short and long versions (at least not in the same direction) Make tyres choices more meaningful. It's a pretty underdeveloped and half-baked feature as is, basically softs most of the time and that's it Guides, in-game explanations, detailed online postings that explain stuff about the game in great detail. It's very odd that a sim has advanced features and players don't have a clue how they work since Codies don't care to give any real information. This needs to change in the future Better liveries for cars. In DR1 many cars had good-looking fantasy liveries, way better than the awful Dirt 4 livery generator stuff in DR2.0 More consistent and reliable pacenotes. There are some places in DR2.0 (as in DR1) where the pacenotes are just plain wrong, or doesn't properly warn of danger spots, or calls tight corners after high-speed areas way too late. Basically the only way you get good is you memorize the spots where the pacenotes are off. That's not how rallying should work More powerful and realistic headlights, in DR2.0 they are too weak Adjustable post-process filters (saturation, sharpness, contrast etc.) In-game framerate limiter (where you can set the value) Detailed driver stats. Stats that are tracked across all gamemodes. How much you have driven with each car, location, etc. Car showroom
  10. This example here isn't 80-100m away. The distance varies, but in some places (Finland especially) it does appear a very short distance from your car. Besides 80-100m isn't really an unthinkably huge draw distance at this day and age, not even for PS4 and Xbone I'm from a part of the world that appears in DR2.0 with a daytime weather that looks nothing at all like reality. Try to guess.
  11. Yep, blue fog all over the forest again "for performance reasons". At leat they are showing it in screenshots this time, though it remains to be seen if the real game looks like that or if they will make the fog effect even worse. Imagine if there were other ways to ensure good performance than having a thick blue fog a stone's throw away from your car. They could at least give PC options to adjust the severity of the fog effect
  12. In Finland you can barely see the road in what should be crystal clear weather with no fog at all, looks utterly horrible (so bad that Codies can't show screenshots of it), and completely unrealistic and that is coming from someone who lives in Finland. Foggy weather is one thing, but this isn't that. They added a thick fog to clear weather "for performance reasons", they couldn't bother to make it run well on consoles and low-end pc's while looking decent so they downgraded it in the absolute worst way possible that completely ruins daytime Finland. And to add insult to injury they promote it with fake screenshots that look nothing at all like the real game since they don't have the fog. The fog is also very awful looking in other locations like Wales and some RX tracks but daytime Finland is entirely different level. Adding fog to increase performance is just a completely wrong mentality, clear and realistic visuals should be the basis of a racing sim's graphics.
  13. HoksuHoo

    DiRTy Gossip

    You seem to be confusing a remaster and a new game. A slightly updated DR2.0 would be the former. The idea with rally as opposed to circuit racing is that you don't memorize every millimeter of the stage but you rely on co-driver pacenotes. That's kind of why you'd want new stages, and a decent amount of unique stages, in a rally game because when you keep driving the same ones enough times then you start to know them from memory
  14. HoksuHoo

    DiRTy Gossip

    More stages per location, yes. I know many players will demand 50 locations but imo more stages per location would be preferable to having lots of locations with a mere 30km each. Which really is not all that much when you think of it.
  15. There is a middle ground between recording the real car and using the sounds of another car in the same class that sounds nothing like it. For Fabia WRC they could at least use the sounds of something that isn't in the same class. Use the sounds of one of the supercars or something. Wouldn't be super authentic of course but a lot less blatantly "this sound does not belong in this car" feeling than currently. Sure this is a great sounding game overall, which is why Fabia kind of sticks out. A shame since it's a nice car otherwise.