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  1. Yeah, having club events restricted to a single car would be a great feature, would bring a whole new addition to clubs and would bring a whole new life to fun-but-uncompetitive cars like 240Z, RS200, Escort Cosworth, Camaro, 911 SC RS, Impreza S4 etc. A lot of clubs are doing that sort of thing nominally but since it's not actually enforced it's a suggestion rather than a real restriction. Not a whole lot of options unfortunately unless you are going to kick everyone who doesn't use the one car, which doesn't work so well for several reasons. We could do an agreement with those who are o
  2. A full 24 hours from car release to a top quality mod skin?
  3. Livery mods were perfectly safe before and could be used in online and career. But now I wonder if we will all get VAC banned for using skins
  4. Whole New England run I though Codies forgot the shift lights again. Instead, they placed them behind the steering wheel so you can't see them, except in VR when there's a jump. Classic Notice how in the real car they are well _above_ the steering wheel. Not behind it. Because the shift lights aren't much use if the driver can't see them, in the real world where you can't turn the steering wheel off or have HUD floating in the air Hate to be so negative about what otherwise looks like a really nice car, but it's just baffling how time and time again content additions contain su
  5. I'd rather not argue semantics, but in my view it's entirely justified to call it broken. Because this inconsistency is so enormous that it makes singleplayer rallycross completely impossible on my level. Hence I call it broken since it doesn't work anywhere near well enough to enable decent singleplayer racing. I mean, the sheer degree of this inconsistency is something astonishing, at least on my level, maybe it's different if you play on 100%/masters. It's completely random which level AI drivers turn up, depending on the track and weather they can be crazy fast or drive at snail's pace. An
  6. So rallycross AI will most likely remain broken permanently, and singleplayer rallycross will remain broken permanently. Effing great, thanks for the info. You know, I have been reporting this game-breaking issue about the broken rallycross AI for A YEAR. I started playing in September 2019, didn't take me long to realize there is something very badly wrong with rallycross AI, didn't take me long to figure out exactly what that is, and every single last bug report thread since then I have reported it, hoping it would be fixed. And as far as I can tell no one working for Codemasters ever g
  7. I bought DR2.0 for rally first and foremost, but since rallycross is there I thought I might as well give it a try. I might actually play it quite a lot if not for the broken AI which ruins singeplayer rallycross racing. Lots of fine rallycross tracks and cars, a shame they aren't good for much more than hotlapping, in a game that offers an infinitely superior discipline for driving against the clock.
  8. Each their own. I play quite a lot of singleplayer in AC and I usually have as good racing as any singleplayer racing I have had. Hell of a lot better singleplayer racing than the rallycross in DR2.0, let me tell you. The AI in AC can require some trial and error to get difficulty (and/or BoP if you use those) right but 99 times out of 100 I am able to do that. Whereas with the rallycross AI in DR2.0, what am I supposed to do about being way faster than AI drivers but way slower than the randomized qualifier times? Neither decreasing nor increasing difficulty works there since the same difficu
  9. In games with little or no modding you have to deal with the whims of the developers. Who might make up the numbers because they don't have all the details, or maybe they just don't know what they're doing, or maybe they are just incredibly sloppy and careless. Official content as opposed to an unofficial mod does not inherently guarantee it's of super high quality and accuracy, there are various games with official licensed content I wouldn't bother downloading as grid fillers for singleplayer racing in AC. As for details, let me tell you, one does not have to be a god-tier AC car modder
  10. In theory Evo VI should run rings around the Integrale, which was a brutally dominant car in the late 80s and early 90s but would have been long obsolete during the twilight years of GrA spec in top level rallying. Not quite like that in DR2.0, however. Also one detail I truly hope devs will get right is the display. You know the one that is constantly in view for those of us who play in cockpit view and which contains important information regarding the car. It should look like this: White text on black background. You know, high contrast that makes it easy to see without taki
  11. Hopefully the Fiesta won't be the kind of obvious class-topper car like the BMW M2 is. R5 is the one class that is quite well balanced with several equally competitive options whereas just about any other has one or two obvious picks that you choose if you want to be as fast as you possibly can. I also hope it will feel genuinely different from the current Fiesta, so it will bring something actually new to the game. Instead of feeling like a purely visual update, or worse, a direct upgrade over the older Fiesta. Wouldn't want that. Hoping it's a cool car though. Also the M-Sport WRC
  12. This. It's completely out of place in a serious sim-focused racing game that when players compete online some players have more horsepower for the same car than others, some players can change setups while some can't, some players have far smaller penalties for resets and punctures than others etc. This isn't some MMORPG where your character become more powerful by leveling up. Career mode can and should feature some kind of progression, but this should not give advantages in online racing, and even for career it needs to be done in a more logical way than "mileage increases your car horsepowe
  13. I'll make a counter-suggestion: I'd really like hillclimb to be left out completely. I'd also really like rallycross to be left out completely. No land rush, and absolutely positively definitely no effing gymkhana whatsoever. Rally, and nothing other than rally. So that all developer resources are spent on fine-tuning and perfecting rally and making rally content, what is most certainly the top priority of the game, where the resources are best used. Instead of spending resources on petty side content that only a minuscule amount of players are interested in compared to rally, and that is subs
  14. Right, that's one thing you can do, but it's an awful lot of completely pointless grinding as you would have to do the same thing with every car you intend to compete with and the game has quite a lot of cars. My Team mode would be far better without the need to grind extra performance at all
  15. Imo the reliability upgrades are pointless at best since reliability is a non-issue in My Team due to the overly forgiving damage model (even with the so-called hardcore damage mode on. Why they would implement an optional damage model literally called hardcore but make it the opposite of hardcore, I have no idea) and service every 2/3 stages so you will never ever not be able to fully repair your car unless you do the kind of crashing that should result in multiple DNF's. But yeah. The performance upgrades are completely nonsensical. So is having to unlock setups, but at least that has n
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