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  1. Some careless moron left this generator in my way
  2. This. Well said. Hit the nail on the head
  3. Nope. Fiat 131, Alpine and Kadett are base game cars. The "DLC" you are referring to is a microtransaction that instantly unlocks the cars in career
  4. HoksuHoo

    More online events with DLC cars and tracks

    Well I'll be. It has actually happened. Events that involve driving DLC cars on base game stages!
  5. Maybe you should patiently wait for next generation of consoles then, surely the gameplay will be improved in the next game. As per your own brilliant advice You don't seem to understand what the problem even is. "your effects of sun, fog, or others"
  6. That doesn't even compare and you know it. Stop talking about next console generation or future Dirt Rally games. Nothing to do with anything. Finland in daytime is far worse than it was in DR1, it's far worse than other locations, and it needs to be fixed
  7. Wha? That first question doesn't even make sense. You seem to have severely misunderstood some of my post. The existence of consoles does not mean Finland absolutely must have a horrible looking on it. Numerous games run just fine on consoles while looking decent, and other locations in DR2.0 do too. Dusk and sunset in Finland do. Codemasters have just done a shockingly bad job with the daytime weather. They added a horrible fog "for performance reasons" when what they should have done is increase performance in other ways. A DLC with a iconic and beloved real-life rally location is horrifically botched. I loved driving these stages in DR1 but the DR2.0 is so bad I avoid it in daytime since it's just painful to play as it looks so horrible and completely unrealistic, and you can barely see the road on what should be crystal clear weather. Fixing Finland really should be very high priority.
  8. Not rude no, just an extraordinarily out of touch with reality assertion. I'm sure it's entirely possible to give some information without sharing the entire game code.
  9. This is a very bizarre and nonsensical thing to say. They could explain it in far more depth and detail, they have told us very little. No one here is asking to see the entire game code. They could explain why, out of all the countless things developers can do to increase performance, they picked a horrible looking fog that make it look painfully bad. They could explain why and how their "visual upgrade" has resulted in Finland looking a hell of a lot worse than in DR1. To me it just says they have done an astonishingly awful job. They could explain why they think Finland DLC is in a condition fit for release in its current state. It's so awful Codies can't even show screenshots of it. They should have postponed release They could explain why they release fake screesnshots that look nothing like the real game. They could explain how they managed to get dusk and sunset to run ok without the horrible fog. They could explain why this fog is the same on all platforms and why PC has no option to adjust it. They could explain why it took them two months to give such a short and incomplete response. They could explain why they say they don't plan to fix it, when it's so far below standard and so bad some players are avoiding Finland. I could go on and on. Lots of questions, next to zero information. "clues as to how their tech works" oh dear. You are actually under some delusion that tech stuff in a video game that anyone can buy is some super-confidential high-level military secret that cannot even be hinted at. Try to get to touch with reality would you? Maybe then you would also understand that they can give us information without sharing the entire game code.
  10. Consoles and low-end PCs might be why they had to make changes "for performance reasons", but that doesn't excuse Codemasters making a shockingly poor job with the performance increase. Adding this kind of horrible looking fog to what should be clear weather with no fog is absolutely NOT the right way to increase performance. The impression I get is they were planning a fog-free good looking realistic Finland like you see in their screenshots but shortly before release they realized it doesn't run on consoles, so they make a 5-minute performance increase job that makes it look horrible. What they should have done is do the performance increase right, in a way that still looks decent, postpone release if need be, but instead what we get is this horrible foggy mess that they can't even bother to fix. How did they manage to get sunset and dusk to run ok without the fog though? That's something I'd really like to know. In the very least, give PC players options to adjust the severity of the fog effect. So those with decent hardware can make it look decent at the cost of some fps.
  11. Can't really see it clearly in the trees when you can't see the trees... Right, early fall instead of summer. Still dry and warm daytime though that should not have fog let alone this kind of thick, low-visibility fog. I live in Finland so I know a few things about what Finland looks like in real life. Believe me, DR2.0 Finland in daytime looks nothing at all like reality. Those promo screenshots are what it should look like. Besides Codies literally just admitted the fog is "for performance reasons". It's not there to look real, it's just an extremely shoddy job at making it run better.
  12. In addition to looking painfully awful, the fog is COMPLETELY unrealistic in what should be dry, clear, hot summer daytime weather with no fog at all. The game should attempt to realistically portray different weather conditions in real-world locations, no? This is a complete failure in that regard too. This is what daytime/clear should realistically look like. Crystal clear with no fog
  13. Just goes to show that graphical fidelity alone is utterly worthless (or rather, extremely counterproductive in this case) if you muck up the visual style and overall looks. Low fidelity with clear, realistic visuals is a hell of a lot more immersive and enjoyable to play than high fidelity that needs a horrible fog "for performance reasons". Heavily downgrading graphics in DR2.0 Finland would actually make it look far better.
  14. Dude, you seem to confuse me with someone else. I made a suggestion/question regarding the club, wasn't even looking to start an argument but for some reason people want to argue about things while claiming posting about it will change nothing.
  15. Wow really, why didn't I think of that. I don't suppose there's much point trying to explain to you that the fog should not be there in the first place. Who cares of such details when you can drive towards the part where there are no trees visible in the fog. Thanks for the helpful post