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    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    Literally a pinned thread there with patch notes, not sure how you manage to not find that. Yeah it's pretty big for relatively meager updates but size of the patch does not necessarily correlate with the extensivity of the updates. Much of the game is packed into a tiny number of massive files so often even small changes require overwriting a big file.
  2. HoksuHoo

    your farvorite Imprezza?

    Legacy and Impreza WRC 98 are both great
  3. HoksuHoo

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Maybe the guys who are actually responsible for something, who can't pass the buck or claim ignorance, should come to the forum (or Twitter or something where they actually communicate with players) sometime for some Q&A, instead of hiding behind a community dude. The complete absence of any accountability or responsibility is just mind-boggling.
  4. So 2000cc is historically (whatever that means) the least popular class in the game since it's almost nonexistent in online events? Finding that a bit difficult to believe. R-GT and Group B RWD are not everyone's cup of tea since they are quite a lot more demanding to drive than R2 or H1 but does that really mean there should be almost no online events with them? R2 or H1 isn't really everyone's cup of tea either since some of us find those cars are quite dull compared to many other more exciting cars in the game. R2 isn't favored "a little bit more". From what I've seen R2 has several as many events as 2000cc, R-GT and Group B RWD combined. Just seems a waste to neglect such great cars. Surely the online events shouldn't be designed exclusively to newbies and players who want cars that are as easy to drive as possible
  5. 13 locations is already a massive amount but the amount of road per locations is low. Imo there's no need to add a lot of new locations, what they need to do is add more unique stages per location. There's only like 20-30km per location, the rest is short and reverse versions of the same road. More stages, and hopefully longer stages too. Also improve the visuals and weather options. Though if they're going to add another location then another snow location would be nice, only one full snow location as is. Arctic Lapland Rally for example. Assuming they can make Finland look decent this time. Tarmac physics in DR2.0 aren't particularly great so unless it can be vastly improved for DR3 then gravel and snow locations should be priority.
  6. There is a Group B RWD weekly going on now, but in the bigger picture the amount of Group B RWD and 2000cc events is painfully low. Also R-GT which has a weekly now but generally has very few events. I have played online events every week since September so really cannot help but notice how certain classes are woefully under-represented in online events while for example R2 and H1 have events all the time. It's something I kind of can't avoid noticing as a player who loves Group B RWD, 2000cc and R-GT and would like to race them online but can't since there are so few events with them.
  7. Had a puncture on SS5, I thought I was near the end so didn't change and kept going with just a rim. Lost a full minute anyway.
  8. It's a useless mechanic that would be better of removed. Unlikely to happen for DR2.0 at this point, but for future titles they should imo ditch this whole "car shop" make-believe. No "used" cars with random fake stats, no changing car selection where you must wait real-world hours to get a certain car, just a simple unlock system like in DR1 where you unlock cars in exchange for credits you earned. And no car upgrades either, starting with a gimped car and grinding for more horsepower isn't what sim racing is about.
  9. It wouldn't be "free extra", it would come at the cost of having less other content and having developer resources spent on hillclimb instead of rally. It's better to have more rally content instead of several completetely separate disciplines with a small amount of content each. A focused game that delivers a rally experience with as much fidelity and detail as possible, instead of a scattergun approach of having a bit of anything and everything. That's the kind of Dirt Rally 3.0 I want
  10. Both Porsches also have wrong UI images. They are rear-engined, not mid-engined. Also Fiesta OMSE Supercar Lite is mid-engined, which is even said in the description but still UI image is front-engine
  11. HoksuHoo

    Championship Reset

    No way to recover it unfortunately. Has happened to me once, a serious PITA that should not happen to anyone ever. This has been happening to a lot of players since the game was launched but it's not going to be fixed ever. For future titles CM really need to ditch this forced online thing for singleplayer that they can't get to work. Traditional local savegames ftw. They don't reset because of a Racenet/connection problem.
  12. One thing future Dirt titles seriously need is more testing and a more stable release. Both Dirt 4 and DR2.0 were severely unfinished at release, Dirt Rally was early access but these were supposed to be complete games which they really were not. If you won't release games on early access then at least do a large closed or open beta. And include beta testers who are not pro drivers on high-end rigs, maybe then you won't be surprised to learn many players are not happy with a nonexistent FFB. Even with post-launch additions the lack of testing has been obvious, many content additions include some glaring flaws, like gear indicators not working in Greece, not being able to repair M2 turbo, wrong UI information on lots of cars, Yas Marina allowing farcical corner cutting etc. One in a million bugs are one thing but blatant mistakes really should be noticed before it goes live. Maybe some kind of community test environment like some other games have? I mean, you are already outsourcing testing to paying customers so might as well do it in a better way. Also a thought: maybe rallycross should be made into a separate title and have Dirt Rally focusing entirely on rally and nothing else. Rallycross as a standalone title rather than a bit of side content in primarily rally game could allow making rallycross with a whole different level of fidelity and detail, and players who have no interest in rallycross could avoid it entirely.
  13. HoksuHoo

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    Hopefully for future titles the FOV and driver position adjust feature will be improved, it's pretty weak as it is. adjustable FOV on all platforms adjustable FOV in every view separate FOV and position settings for different views FOV adjustable per degrees, not in large chunks driver position adjust that allows movement in every direction limits on the driver position adjust far less restrictive
  14. HoksuHoo

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Scottish forest and blue sky
  15. It doesn't depend. Every single last digital speedometer in DR2.0, as in DR1, is in imperial units. Analog speedometers use mph or km/h depending on the car. For future titles this maybe should be changed so that either digital speedometers use the units that the real car uses, or it changes depending on your HUD setting. Forcing imperial units where they don't belong isn't very nice, or authentic. Also related, a huge amount of cars in DR2.0 use the same generic display instead of having it accurately modelled to match the kind of display the real car uses. Impreza S4 and Ibiza supercar some of the few to do it right. Another thing imo should change. Those of us who play in cockpit view look at the display quite a lot so it's not unimportant
  16. HoksuHoo

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Speaking of online events, what's the deal with bonus events using only base game content? Happening all the time now. I thought the idea with bonus events, as opposed to no-ribbon events, was that they involve DLC. Which has always been heavily under-represented in online events since we have no-ribbon events, AI events, and formerly D+ events all using exclusively base game content.
  17. No to adding sepate disciplines with a tiny bit of content. Game has a very finite amount of cars and tracks so it's just better to use it on rally. If they add a hillclimb discipline with like 1 track and 3 cars then it's still a large amount of work and licenses, which could be better used for rally, but the result is only a small hillclimb component that gets stale pretty quick as it's just driving the one same track with a few cars. Whereas with a rally car you don't just drive it on the one same track, you drive it on all rally stages in the game, in a variety of gamemodes. So leave hillclimb out entirely and focus on rally I say
  18. BMW M3 E36 and/or E46. E36's and E46's a a very common sight in national rally events Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. Imo one of the coolest rally Evo's. Or Evo VIII Classic Porsche 911 Porsche 959 Alpine A110 R-GT Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato. Left field choice as this is not a racing car but an off-road concept, but surely there can be a left field choice or few among the established rally cars, would certainly add some variety
  19. HoksuHoo

    Upcoming PS5, texture update possible?

    You started this thread to ask for a graphics update for PS5, no? You don't seem to understand that textures are not the only thing involved in a proper graphics update.
  20. HoksuHoo

    Upcoming PS5, texture update possible?

    You are just conjecturing, you don't even know what you are telling me to accept. The engine can do it in non-daytime, in rain, in other locations. So much that isn't explained and just doesn't add up. Don't you think this is kind of repetitive? You have repeated the same thing five times now, basically. It's almost like, you just won't accept my answer so you continue.
  21. HoksuHoo

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    There is an option to turn off the post-race comments, was added in an update after being requested a million times. So turn them off. Game is a lot better without those
  22. HoksuHoo

    Upcoming PS5, texture update possible?

    Maybe I just find their response a bit inadequate and unconvincing. Maybe I'm so stupid I believe there could be a minuscule chance they could come to their senses, I mean it's all too obvious it should not look like that. Maybe I'm just looking to rant and vent since I'm still angry about how they butchered my country. Maybe it's annoying to me, being annoyed seems like a good enough reason to post. Maybe you should take a moment to think about why it makes you so upset that I post about it. Or why you expect me to care about you being annoyed considering how you talk to me. Again, this is a thread about a possible visual update. Despite that Codies have said DR2.0 is wrapped up and will only get very minor updates. I pointed out the part that is the most strikingly in need of a visual update. Though, if it won't be changed as you assert then that kind of goes against the kind of huge visual update you ask.
  23. HoksuHoo

    Upcoming PS5, texture update possible?

    How can someone be so narcissistic as to think someone cannot post about a problem with the game because you are annoyed by such posts? You just listed half a dozen different graphics updates that YOU want, I state one I want and you call me narcissistic. Seriously. I'm not posting about some personal issue that affects only me and no one else. That you have no problem with it is just your personal opinion, does not mean I can't post about it. It's not meant for your amusement, and just FYI I don't particularly enjoy posting about it. This is literally a thread about a visual update. Which is what I posted about. You really need to calm down and take a moment to think about what you are saying, instead of making a personal attack for no logical reason. So my opinion is so meaningless to you that you just said you want a part of Dirt Rally 2.0 to remain looking terrible, in complete contrast to wanting a huge graphics update as you posted earlier, just for me. Now this has gone way off topic but that's usually what happens when someone wants to make it personal instead of sticking to the subject. Do you want to continue a personal argument that you know won't lead to anything good? Because I don't.
  24. HoksuHoo

    Upcoming PS5, texture update possible?

    Imagine having a mind so warped that you want a game to get a huge graphics update, but then actually you don't want it, but you actually want the game to look like puke because someone makes a post on the internet that you don't like. At least stop lying about how you want a long list of graphics updates will you? When what you really want is the game to look like garbage. Just for me.