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    Official DiRT Clubs - 2020 Season

    I am looking for a way to compete against my fellow drivers. What I am not looking for is to wait a month to be able to do so. You know, it's entirely possible to not play Dirt Rally 2.0 without a club designed to prevent players from playing the club.
  2. HoksuHoo

    Official DiRT Clubs - Vote on 2020 Season

    28 days per event???? Dude. Way, way too long. Set it to like a week tops, even that is a lot of time for just one event. A waste of a club to not allow players to play but instead make them wait forever for the next event
  3. HoksuHoo

    Rallycross times & positions are off

    If you are as fast as the randomized times then semi-finals and finals will be a joke because the AI drivers are far slower than you. Also you will win every heat by a huge margin, for the very same reason. If you are as fast as the physical AI drivers then you are fast enough to win semi-finals and finals, but you will usually not get there because you will finish 16th in every qualifier since the randomized times are far faster than the physical AI opponents. It's not possible to have good offline racing on some levels because the difficulty is broken. The randomized times have to be around the same level as the physical AI opponents on the track.
  4. HoksuHoo

    Rallycross times & positions are off

    The way you keep lecturing and asserting while you refuse to understand the point is kind of irritating you know. It's not about being too slow for your level. The difficulty is broken since there is a huge difference in difficulty between the randomized times in qualifying and when the same drivers are on the track with you. I truly have no idea how to make you understand that. Same driver in your heat: 2:40 Same driver in other heats: 2:28 That is a huge discrepancy. OP won every heat by five seconds but finished 14th. He is way too fast for the AI drivers at that level, but at the same time he is way too slow against the randomized times on that level. You can't set the difficulty to suit you since the same difficulty is mismatched
  5. HoksuHoo

    Rallycross times & positions are off

    Facepalm. I can beat the AI drivers I race against. If I reach semi-finals or finals I win. My level isn't too high, the level of the random times is horribly mismatched compared to the AI drivers on the track. The same thing happens in every heat. Physical AI drivers do 2:40 while random times start from 2:28. Again that is not about one driver being faster than the other. Kevin Hansen in my heat does 2:40, Kevin Hansen in other heats does 2:28. Because the randomized times are not the same level as when they are on the track with you. Why is this so hard for you to understand? If I post 2:30 then AI drivers will still be 2:40. Meaning I will beat them by 15 seconds in semi-finals and finals. OP won every one of his heats by five secons and didn't even reach semi-finals. And you seriously cannot figure out what is wrong with that. Get rid of that delusion of knowledge.
  6. HoksuHoo

    Rallycross times & positions are off

    That is not how it works at all. You don't understand what you are talking about. If I manage to consistently post times that are 3-5 seconds per lap faster than the physical AI drivers, then imagine what happens in semi-finals and finals where I race against the physical AI drivers that are 3-5 seconds per lap slower than me. I can match the physical AI drivers just fine, like OP. The problem is the random times are nowhere near the same level as them. That is not about Kevin Hansen being faster than Pal Try, that is about the random times being far faster than when the same driver is on the track with you. Try to understand.
  7. HoksuHoo

    Rallycross times & positions are off

    The random times in rallycross qualifying are broken. There is often a staggering discrepancy between the level of the AI drivers in your heat and in semi-finals and finals, compared to the random times from the other heats. The random times should be around the same level as the AI opponents you race against but they are worlds apart. Here is one example. Fastest AI driver is 2:40 while random times start from 2:28. 3 seconds per lap is the gap between AI drivers and the random times. That is not even close to the worst I have seen. 7 or 8 seconds discrepancy for 4 laps is pretty common on most tracks and it can be as much as 20 seconds. I have been reporting this for months, this is a game-breaking problem that completely ruins offline rallycross but Codemasters don't care, I have never got an actual response regarding this issue, not even a "we are aware of the issue and looking into it".
  8. HoksuHoo

    Official photographer

    A real photo mode for replays would be way better. And preferably without some forced social media sharing feature like the nightmarish YO AMIGO THAT WAS RAD LET'S POST IT ON YOUTUBE stuff in Dirt 3, if you have something actually worth sharing then you can share them without such
  9. That Escudo is not a rally car, it's a hillclimb car. Celica ST185 would be a cool addition but it doesn't seem like we'll be seeing any Toyota in a Dirt Rally game anytime soon. License stuff can be a real PITA. Good thing they did just add a great Japanese Group A car from the early 90's
  10. Just took several minutes to upload a stage time in a weekly. Cannot connect to clubs at all. My Team being painfully slow. Offline play it is edit. It's just that even offline play is painfully slow since after every stage you have to upload your time to some leaderboard I could care less about which takes a long time when Racenet is being this slow. Just genius game design
  11. HoksuHoo

    Wipers issue

    Holding the wiper button down turns them off
  12. Not sure if it's the cause but there are several spectators there, crowd setting is a huge fps hog. Try decreasing that, makes no meaningful difference to graphics anyway
  13. HoksuHoo

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Nope. That is not how rallycross works. Winning final does not guarantee you win the event since it's decided on points. And since the random times in qualifying are often severely mismatched and way faster than the AI drivers in your heat you often lose lots of points in qualifying even if you drive well for your level. I usually win every heat but don't even qualify for semi-finals because the random times are 8-20 seconds faster than the AI drivers in my heat. Kinda made me stop bothering with offline rallycross
  14. HoksuHoo

    Starting fresh career - Reset doesn't reset

    You need to sell the cars, and then keep buying and selling cars to get rid of the money. I did that when I started playing career. Unbelievable that you have to jump through hoops to get rid of bonuses that are forced on you but at least that way you can actually start a career from the beginning
  15. HoksuHoo

    We need more slots for setups

    How about unlimited setups? I kind of fail to see the purpose of limiting the number of 3kb text files in a 106gb game. Someone is content with one setup per location, someone wants different setups for rain and dry, someone wants 20 setups per location just because. Why not just let players decide for themselves how many setups they want saved This is kind of illogical you know. "I want the amount of setups to be limited for no reason so players are forced to save/load them in a grossly archaic, cumbersome, user-unfriendly way"
  16. You can always quit at end of a stage, before proceeding to the next stage. Select the "quit to main menu" option. DO NOT pick any option that includes the word "retire", that means event over and DNF
  17. Interior lighting in Subaru Legacy does not work, no light at all other than shift light and gear indicator Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
  18. When using cockpit view with the lowest field of view, the driver position is far too much forward with many cars. The driver position adjust is very limited in DR2.0 and bizarrely does not allow moving backwards from default position. The default driver positions were changed with many cars in 1.12 update, and in many cars the update made the position worse than it was How a cockpit view with lowest FOV should look like (notice A-pillar and instruments well visible): How it looks like with most cars. See how much closer to the windshield this is than the Impreza NR4 above. A lot of room to move backwards but you can't Porsche 911 SC RS isn't even a cockpit view anymore, more like a dashboard view. Few other cars like 037, Stratos, 205 T16 with the same problem. Waaay too much forward Porsche 911 SC RS Lancia 037 Could you please fix the driver position adjust feature so players can properly adjust the driver position to preference? It's far too limited as is. Allow more movement, in any direction Or at least fix the default positions. 911 SC RS and 037 especially Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
  19. Ford RS200 has a very low-res and blurry texture between bonnet and dashboard. I have been reporting this since like September Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
  20. In rallycross qualifying the random times from other heats are often massively faster than the AI drivers in your heat. They should be around the same level but there can be a 7-20 second mismatch. I play career mode on elite level, or freeplay with 80-90 difficulty, and on most tracks there is a 7-8 second gap between the physical drivers you race against and the random AI times. On Killarney it's 16-20 which is just mind-boggling. 4-5 seconds per lap on a 1km track. That is a staggering mismatch. 7-8 seconds for 4 laps is huge and that is on most tracks. This makes offline racing impossible. I can't have the kind of race where I have good close racing in both qualifying (where I compete against the random times) and in semi-finals/finals (where I compete against physical AI opponents) because there is a huge gap in their levels. In freeplay if I set the difficulty so that physical AI drivers are around my level, then I will never get past qualifying since the random times are far faster. I could win semi-finals and finals on that difficulty but I will never get there. If I set the difficulty so that random times are around my level, then semi-finals and finals are laughable since the AI drivers are way too slow for me. To qualify for semi-finals and finals you need to set the difficulty so far below your level that you win semi-finals and finals by a huge margin. This kills offline rallycross. Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
  21. Finland in daytime/clear and daytime/overcast has a horrible looking thick fog on it. Completely unrealistic for the weather (I live in Finland so I would know, also every single Finnish player says this is not even close to how it looks like in reality), looks painfully awful, and you can barely see the road in what should be crystal clear weather with no fog at all. Scotland is almost as foggy, and Wales is pretty poor looking in daytime as well. I wouldn't know if it's realistic in those locations or not, but given the fog is "for performance reasons" then probably not. How come daytime looks so awful compared to other weathers? How come you can get other weathers to run ok without a thick fog and while looking good but not daytime? Boggles the mind. Yes, I know that you said it's "for performance reasons" but that just isn't a good enough answer. Adding this kind of horrible fog that makes it look awful is absolutely not the right way to increase performance. What you should do is get rid of the fog, or at least tone it down, and increase performance in other ways. The kind of ways the leave daytime Finland looking decent and at least somewhat like reality. Look at this. This is a comparison of Finland in Dirt Rally vs. Dirt Rally 2.0. You can see it looks FAR better in DR1, because low graphical fidelity without the fog is far better than high graphical fidelity with a horrible fog slapped on it that completely ruins its looks. Your "visual upgrade" has left daytime Finland looking far worse that it did in DR1. These fake promo screenshots, with no fog at all, are what the real game should look like. As it stands this might as well be from a completely different game. The fact that you can't show real screenshots of daytime Finland would kind of suggest even you at Codemasters are not too happy with how it looks like. Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
  22. HoksuHoo

    Improvements for next title

    Why have the engine upgrades at all? Engine upgrades, and all car upgrades, should be removed entirely. A fantasy mechanic that doesn't belong in a sim, and grinding more horsepower for your car isn't really what a sim racing game should be about. Implementing engine maps realistically with no unlock requirement like AC Competizione does would be one thing, but I really wouldn't expect that in a DR game as that is way more advanced simulation. Stop by marshal: this is what you actually do in a real rally, that's why it's there. Though an option to turn it off entirely wouldn't hurt. Time trial is a gamemode where the idea is to play the one stage/track over and over to improve your time. Not at all what you do in career. Which is why time trial has separate leaderboards from other gamemodes.
  23. I have DR2.0 super deluxe edition and I would like to start playing My Team, but I have 1400000 credits and a ton of cars unlocked despite not having touched career yet. That's not the start of a career, it's like starting halfway through the game and missing the first levels. How do I start the career with no unlocks and with whatever is the starting amount of credits? I bought the DLC for cars and tracks, not because I want to skip career.
  24. HoksuHoo

    How to play DR2.0 career with no bonuses?

    Facepalm. Stop trying to tell me what to do when you can't figure out the simplest of things. Yea, game progression really has no effect on your game experience, it's literally like it never happened if you start halfway through a game rather than from the start, just ignore it all Why the hell would you dig up some half a year old post to go on a self-righteous rant where you blame me for poor game design? Boggles the mind.