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  1. That's a really informative video, thanks. Still not sure what the 5439 and 4327 are supposed to mean though? I mean in this pic you can see, battery is 12.5 volts and water is 83.5°C, that is understandable
  2. Question about Focus 2007. What do these numbers mean?
  3. Cannot have tobacco decals in a game with age limit of 3, it's why the Rothmans Porsche 911 SC RS isn't Rothmans. Peugeot also ran a censored version which looks pretty sad with those huge blank boxes, I'll take the silver-red Total livery
  4. When you say the track is boring, are you referring to the rallycross track that appears in the game, or the main tilkedrome? The latter definitely is boring, but it doesn't the rallycross track is.
  5. There is a clipping issue with Lancia Stratos. In cockpit view, with the narrowest FOV setting, the view clips through the roll cage. Adjusting position does not help since you can't move it enough. The default position should be moved backwards PC Steam, super deluxe edition. 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Sound Blaster Z, Windows 10. G920+shifter
  6. I cannot even. This time browsing My Team menu. I verified the files on Steam right before launching the game
  7. Constant crashing becuse of "access violation in dirtrally2.exe". Only happens in My Team, never happened in freeplay. PC Steam, super deluxe edition. I have sent several error reports. PC specs: 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, 512gb SSD, Windows 10, Sound Blaster Z, 1440p monitor. G920 steering wheel + shifter. Vat majority of games I play do not crash on my PC, ever Also the FAQ link does not work, invalid address.
  8. AGAIN! I managed to complete my RX event without further crashes, when I did the Germany Group A daily... What is going on????
  9. Again it happened. Again in My Team RX event. I still have no clue what that means or what to do about it. And FAQ link still does not work. Someone from CM ?
  10. With some cars (such as Ford RS200 Rallycross, Impreza 2001 and Peugeot 306 Maxi) the gear indicator has low contrast unless you turn the lights on. Could this be changed so it's always at the "lights on" setting? Having to turn on the lights in broad daylight, is a bit illogical, and with rallycross cars you can't even do that. And it's not just gear indicators, other instruments have the same problem with some cars.
  11. Not having AI drivers in RX online events where the point is to set a time, not compete against AI drivers, is a great decision. In DR1 I always found it annoying that the AI drivers were there in RX dailies. Drove the track for a while and seems like a really nice circuit. Technical and very unusual joker design, and is different other RX circuits. Like it a lot so far. Protip: don't leave your joker to last lap. In final lap you can take the last corner flat out. Protip #2: Careful with the orange corner-cutting-prevention-traps (I'm sure they have a real name too), they are q
  12. Focus 2001 is another DLC that is a bit lacking in the livery department so something for that would be nice. Overall the livery game in DR2.0 is pretty underwhelming, in DR1 many cars had great looking fantasy liveries, what happened to that? In DR2.0 for most rally cars there is one decent livery and the others are plain liveries with a couple of decals, or Dirt 4 livery generator stuff. Great cars deserve better Good to have one good livery for Focus 2007 though.
  13. Regarding the deluxe liveries... See how big a difference it makes when you add some details and contrasts instead of painting absolutely everything white? The liveries could be made a whole lot better with some details.
  14. The Steam store pages for all Group B rallycross cars have info that is severely wrong. " The Peugeot 205 T16 Rallycross can be used in all rally locations through My Team, Custom and Time Trial. " No it really cannot, because it is a rallycross car which means it is used in rallycross tracks. Not a bug but don't know of a better place to report it so here
  15. You get downgraded if you finish bottom three. There are 30 competitors.
  16. Seems kinda wasted effort seeing as the 2019 WRX cars are coming as official content.
  17. With the manual or sequential gearbox setting, Renault 5 Turbo is erroneously sequential. GUI shows it as manual but it is sequential when you drive it I could swear this was also reported in the earlier bug thread
  18. Lancer Evo IX is one particularly cool car that has been absent from rally games for a while. R4 class could maybe use one more car
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